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They’re called weed vapes. Dry herb vaporizers. Vaporizers. Dab pens. Weed Pens. Whatever you call them, these types of vaporizers are now massively popular, thanks to relaxation in the laws surrounding cannabis.

This page is dedicated to ALL things related to vaping weed, weed vaporizers, and all the different types of vaporizers you can buy. From cheap to insanely expensive, we cover them all – from reviews to user guides, to buying advice about the best news products and the team’s favorite gear, you’ll find everything you’re looking for below…

Latest Weed Vapes News, Reviews & User Guides

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Weed Vapes FAQ

Top Rated Weed Vapes 2021

Whether you’re looking for the most expensive weed vape on the market or something that costs less than $150, you do have plenty of solid options. Of all the vaporizers we’ve tested in the past six years – there have been hundreds – the weed vapes listed below are our current top picks. 

With the weed vapes below, you have all the bases covered – from cheap weed vapes to performance-focused weed vapes, to the best of the best weed vapes. They’re all amazing, so which one you go for will depend entirely on your budget… 

Best Affordable Weed Vape

For the price and its features, the PAX 2 at $149 is more or less unbeatable. It delivers amazing vapor, heats up rapidly, and has great battery life. You literally couldn't ask for more.

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