Welcome To The 30,000 Puff Club…

The SWFT META 30000: It’s In A Different League…

The Ultimate Disposable Vape

With 30,000 puffs per unit and the best flavors on the market, SWFT is truly the market leader right now with its META 30000. Nothing else comes even remotely close. This thing is 100% legit. 


“Incredibly simple to use, nice and compact, and market-leading flavors. And it’ll do 30,000 puffs! Literally, what more could you want?”

It’ll do 30,000 puffs which is enough to get you through a solid week or two, depending on your usage. 

The flavors (there’s loads to choose from) are incredible. Even by 2024 disposable standards. And that’s saying something. 

It’s fully rechargeable via USB C, so you’ll get every last drop of juice from it. 

Perfectly Engineered

SWFT META 30000 Design, Features

The Ultimate Disposable Vape

It’s slim, svelte, perfect to carry anywhere and every inch of it is designed to perfection – oh, and it’ll do 30K puffs, it’s fully rechargeable, and the flavors are utterly badass.

The Ultimate Disposable Vape

Compact, Easy To Use Design

Ideal For Beginners


Market-Leading Flavors

Each One Lasts For Weeks

The Ultimate Disposable Vape

It Even Has A Display

Handy for battery life data

swft meta 30000 price

Why We Choose The SWFT META 30000

If you’re going to use a disposable vape, you might as well get the one that does the most puffs and has the best flavor. 

Out of ALL the disposables the team has tested in 2024, the SWFT META 3000 is by far and away the most impressive

It looks amazing, it has a display, it is fully rechargeable and it’ll do 30,000 puffs. No other disposable on the market can make these same claims. 

If you’re after something that is simple to use, comes in a range of mouth-watering flavors, and is built to exactly standards, meaning it won’t fall apart, this is the one to go for. 

What SWFT has done with this vape is incredible. For me, it is by far and away the best option on the market right now for anyone that uses disposables. 

Perfect Beginner’s Vape ✅

It’s so, so simple to use. Just take it out of its wrapper, switch it on and you’re off to the races. Perfect for experienced and beginners alike. 

Great Battery Life 🔋

The SWFT META 30000 packs in a pretty large battery. It’ll go most of the day on a single charge. But it also has fast-charging via USB C too, so you can top it up in like 5 minutes and it’s good to go for hours.

Market-Leading Flavor 💯

The flavor you get is incredible, it runs rings around everything else on the market. If you’ve used an disposables before, this one is different – it’ll blow your socks off. 

It Lasts For Weeks 📆

With 30,000 puffs at your disposal, this vape could last you anywhere from 7 days to 2 weeks. Obviously, this will depend on how much you use it. Me? I tend to get a solid week and a bit outta mine.

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