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VapeBeat has been helping vapers buy and figure out how to use vape products since 2016…

Our team of expert writers has over 30+ years of experience in the vape market – from running stores and working in distribution, to research and testing. Whatever you’re looking for, our team will have you covered

Looking for expert user guides? No problem. Want to know what the best vapes are right now? Our team tests hundreds of products every year – and the best are noted down inside our best list posts. We also have a crack team of experts covering all the latest research and regulatory policies.

Our mission is to help people Transition from smoking to healthier alternatives – and then stop completely!



Drake Equation

Drake is the founder and editor of VapeBeat. He started the blog WAY back in 2015 when, upon quitting smoking, he struggled to find any useful information about vaping online. With a background in journalism and a newfound hobby on his hands, he set about creating VapeBeat – a blog all about making vaping simple to understand for new users.

Chris Horton

Chris worked in the Vape Industry for almost 5 years, working for Distros and Shops in Georgia. He started vaping in 2012 and has never looked back! Chris covers all manner of topics on VapeBeat – from advanced tutorials to reviews of products and industry news.

Anco Baard (Red)

Anco Baard (AKA Red) is VapeBeat’s main reviews guy. Based in sunny South Africa, Red is one of the most knowledgeable vape reviewers in the game. Covering everything from vape mods to pod mods and mech mods, if it vapes Red can and will review it. Often blunt but always fair, Red’s reviews have helped hundreds of thousands of vapers make better-informed decisions about what gear to buy and what to avoid.

Dr. Marewa Glover

Marewa is Director of the Centre of Research Excellence: Indigenous Sovereignty & Smoking, based in New Zealand. She is an internationally recognized expert in tobacco harm reduction and in June 2018, she received the Outstanding Advocate Award from the International Network of Nicotine Consumer Organisations (INNCO) at the Global Forum on Nicotine in Warsaw.

She was subsequently appointed as an INNCO scientific advisor and is an associate member of the New Nicotine Alliance UK. Until recently Marewa was a Professor of Public Health at Massey University, New Zealand, and Chair of End Smoking NZ.  In 2017, she was a Finalist in the annual Women of Influence Awards. Marewa has focused on reducing tobacco smoking harm for over 25 years and in that time has led and collaborated on many studies resulting in over 100 scientific publications to date.

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VooPoo Argus GT 160W

Best Vape Mods

This is where we collect all the best vape mods we test. In any given year, we’ll test 60 or more vape mods. The ones included in this list are the best vape mods on the market right now. 

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Best RTA Tanks

An RTA is like an RDA, only it has built-in juice storage. An RTA is a “best of both worlds” kinda vape tank. You get all the flavor of an RDA with the juice capacity of a standard vape tank. But they can be tricky to set up. Unless you go with one of the best RTA tanks listed below – they’re all simple to wick and build and none of them leak. 

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Best Vape Tanks (Sub Ohm & Mesh)

A good vape tank not only provides excellent flavor but will also save you money by not burning through coils. In this guide, we give you an overview of the best vape tanks on the market right now. 

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Best RDA Tanks

RDA tanks are unbeatable when it comes to flavor. Nothing else comes close. You’ll also save a fortune on coils when you switch to an RDA. Here’s a breakdown of all the best RDAs on the market right now, according to our team of reviewers. 

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best disposable vape

Best Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes have become massively popular with new vapers or those looking to quit cigarettes. Disposables are no way near as complicated as traditional vape mods, so they’re great for beginners. And right now these are the best disposable vapes you can buy. 

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New Juice Recommendations

I get through plenty of vape juice each month, testing loads of different brands. If you’re interested in trying some new flavors, right now these are my current favorite vape juices: 

TRAILBLAZER – I used to hate tobacco-flavored vape juices. But then I tried Trailblazer which is a tobacco flavored juice that combines butterscotch and peanut butter. It’s rich, sumptuous, and very much an all-day vape and personal favorite of mine. I highly recommend this juice. 

1885 – I love a good milkshake, a classic American milkshake that’s made up of vanilla ice cream and milk. This just basically takes that classic American milkshake flavor and packs it into your vape tank. It tastes incredible and it comes highly recommended. 

Jungle King – If you like smooth, fruity vape juices, Jungle King is well worth a look with its amazing blend of strawberries and bananas. It tastes unlike anything I have ever vaped before (in a good way, don’t worry) and it quickly went on to become one of my all-time favorite juices. If you like exotic, sweet vape juices, be sure to check this juice out

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