What Are Vape Mods: An Expert’s Guide (Beginner Friendly)

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Want to find out more about vape mods? You’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll detail all the different kinds of vape mods and what they’re used for…

What is a Vape Mod? A Quick Definition…

Traditional ecigs are small, pen-style devices. They do not have any controls and you cannot control any aspects of how it outputs power. A vape mod, on the other hand, is a much larger and more complex device. With a vape mod, you can control a myriad of settings associated with vapor production – from things like the wattage output to temperature control.
What Are Vape Mods: An Expert’s Guide (Beginner Friendly)

If you want a modern analogy: an ecig is like an old mobile phone, like the Nokia 3310 from back in the day, whereas a modern vape mod is more like an iPhone – it has way more features and a raft of technology inside it.

The main point here, however, is this: vape mods are bigger than pen-style ecigs, give you more control, and feature things like a display and buttons to adjust power and settings inside the device.

How Vape Mods Came To Be – A Brief History…

Vaporizers have been around in one form or another going all the way back to the 1960s when the first ecig was invented. Over the years, however, the technology has changed massively, adding in things like system processors and things like temperature control and other vaping modes.

All vaporizer devices have a few things in common, however. All vape mods (and ecigs) have a battery. This battery can be internally mounted or external, as is the case with most modern vape mods that use 18650 batteries (mostly). The OG vapers back in the day began making the first vape mods using torches; they’d hack the torch in order to send current to a tank attached to it – this is basically how everything got started.


The term “mod” comes from the fact that these vape devices have been modified for different uses and run a range of different vaping modes. Back in the day, however, nearly all vape mods were completely unregulated – these types of vape mods are still around and they’re known as mech mods (or mechanical mods). And they’re not designed for beginner vapers.

In and around 2015, vape mods started getting very clever. Like smartphones, vape mods are constantly evolving, adding new technology and abilities.

Most advances are geared towards safety, though you do get some crazy innovation once in a while. SMOK, for instance, released a vape mod with a voice assistant inside it.

Mostly though updates to vape mods focus on performance, the accuracy of power delivery, and new vaping modes – things like Bypass Mode, for instance.

Benefits of Vape Mods

Why do people use vape mods? Simple: there is a raft of benefits associated with vape mods over, say, smaller, traditional ecig-style vape devices. Here’s a list of some of the reasons why people use vape mods:

Different Types of Vape Mod

Box Mods, Squonk Mods & Mech Mods…

Wrapping Up….

Should you get a vape mod? Obviously, this depends on the style of vaping you want to do. Me personally? I always use vape mods. They’re safe, completely regulated, so you don’t need to worry about things like resistance and settings on your tank, and they provide the best battery life of any vape device.

If you’re new to vaping, I’d stay clear of mech mods and mechanical mods for now; they are not regulated, so if you mess up your tank’s build (meaning you do not get the coil’s resistance correct, it could cause the battery to overheat and explode, which you obviously do not want – this is why vapes explode).


A box mod – as they’re sometimes called – is a vape mod that is designed for use by all types of vapers, from beginners to advanced users. They come packed with settings, the ability to adjust the power output, screens that display all the information you need to know about your device, and will run every kind of vape tank you can buy.

For this reason, a vape mod is an essential piece of kit for anyone that wants to get the best possible vaping experience. Convinced? Check out our guide to the best vape mods from the last 12 months and get yourself one today!


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