Best MTL Tanks 2024: My #1 Picks For Mouth To Lung Tanks

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MTL vaping – AKA mouth to lung vaping – is making something of a comeback. But what are the best MTL vape tanks as of right now?

Editor’s Pick For 2024

I love MTL tanks. Rebuildables, especially. They’re economical, pack in a ton of flavor, and they’re great for battery life on your vape mod. For me, the best MTL tank you can buy right now is the BP MODS Labs MTL RTA.

2024’s MVP For MTL Tanks
BP MODS Labs MTL RTA 22mm 2.7ml
It looks amazing, it vapes amazing, and it is 100% beginner-friendly ✅
  • Excellent flavor, beginner-friendly deck, zero leaking, near-perfect MTL draw
  • 2.7ml vape juice capacity, Gravity feed, Quarter Turn Top Fill, Postless Build Deck
VapeBeat Verdict:
Pair With:: Nic Salts Vape Juice, High PG E-Liquids

Why? Four rock-solid reasons, mainly:

The design is exquisite, the deck is simple to build and completely beginner-friendly, it never leaks (in my 8+ months of using it), and the flavor and MTL draw is as good as my Kayfun tanks. 

If you want the best, most reliable MTL RTA right now, go with the BP MODS Labs MTL RTA – it is a cut above the rest (and it’s significantly cheaper than a Kayfun too)

Best MTL Vape Tanks

Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA 23mm

Best MTL Tanks 2024: My #1 Picks For Mouth To Lung TanksPin

Overview: The Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA is a meticulously crafted tank designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping enthusiasts. It offers a blend of classic design and modern vaping technology, catering to vapers who seek a refined MTL experience.

Core Features and Specs:

  • Diameter: 23mm, making it compatible with a wide range of mods.
  • MTL Focused: Specifically designed for mouth-to-lung vaping.
  • Build Deck: User-friendly build deck suitable for single coil configurations.
  • E-Liquid Capacity: Adequate e-liquid capacity for extended vaping sessions.
  • Airflow Control: Precise airflow control for a customizable MTL draw.


  1. Ideal size for compatibility
  2. Dedicated MTL design
  3. Easy-to-use build deck
  4. Sufficient e-liquid capacity
  5. Customizable airflow

Best Suited For: Perfect for MTL vapers who appreciate a classic design with modern features, and those who prefer a customizable and straightforward building experience.

BP MODS Labs MTL RTA 22mm 2.7ml

Best MTL Tanks 2024: My #1 Picks For Mouth To Lung TanksPin

Overview: The BP MODS Labs MTL RTA is a compact and efficient tank designed for flavor-focused vapers. Its 22mm diameter and 2.7ml e-liquid capacity make it an excellent choice for those who prefer a more discreet and flavor-intensive vaping experience.

Core Features and Specs:

  • Size: 22mm diameter, ideal for smaller mods.
  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2.7ml, suitable for MTL vaping.
  • MTL Optimization: Designed specifically for mouth-to-lung vaping.
  • Build Deck: Simplified build deck for easy coil installation.
  • Airflow System: Adjustable airflow for fine-tuning the MTL draw.


  1. Compact design
  2. Optimal e-liquid capacity for MTL
  3. MTL specific features
  4. User-friendly build deck
  5. Precise airflow adjustment

Best Suited For: Great for vapers who prefer a compact MTL RTA with a focus on flavor and a simple yet effective building and refilling system.

Vandy Vape BSKR Mini V3 MTL RTA 22mm

Best MTL Tanks 2024: My #1 Picks For Mouth To Lung TanksPin

Overview: The Vandy Vape BSKR Mini V3 MTL RTA is a modern and innovative tank, tailored for mouth-to-lung vaping enthusiasts. With its sleek design and advanced features, it stands out as a top choice for those seeking a premium MTL vaping experience.

Core Features and Specs:

  • Diameter: 22mm, suitable for a wide range of devices.
  • MTL Design: Engineered for an optimal mouth-to-lung experience.
  • Innovative Airflow: Advanced airflow system for a smooth and customizable draw.
  • Build Quality: Made with high-grade materials for durability.
  • Ease of Use: Designed for straightforward coil installation and maintenance.


  1. Compatible size
  2. Enhanced MTL vaping
  3. Advanced airflow system
  4. Durable construction
  5. Easy setup and maintenance

Best Suited For: Ideal for vapers who value a high-quality MTL RTA with advanced airflow control and a focus on ease of use and maintenance.

What is MTL Vaping?


What is MTL vaping? Unlike sub-ohm vaping, where your tank produces PLUMES of vapor, MTL tanks run at higher resistances – usually 1.0 ohms and above – and are closer to smoking.

I say, closer to smoking, because with an MTL vape, the draw is tighter – like the type you get when smoking a cigarette – and you use different types of vape juice, either Nic Salts or 50/50 freebase vape juice.

I’ve used plenty of MTL tanks over the past couple of years. I tend to MTL vape 99% of the time, so I know what’s good and what isn’t.

As of right now, the MTL tank that I’m using most – meaning, I literally ONLY use this tank – is the BP MODS Labs MTL RTA.

But if you’re after something that is a little cheaper, the BP MODS Labs MTL RTA costs the best part of 70 bucks, I’d go with the Steam Crave Aromamizer Classic MTL RTA 23mm.

For flavor, it is almost as good as the BP MODS. The deck is slightly trickier to build on but once you’ve got one build under your belt, you’ll be fine.

As of right now, these are the only MTL tanks worth looking at. Of course, if you don’t like the idea of installing coils and wicking them, you could always go with a pod vape (they’re mostly MTL devices as well).

If you do go the pod vape route, go with the Vaporesso XROS 3 – it is absolutely outstanding and the flavor and MTL draw are to die for.

MTL Vape Tank Pros

  1. Battery Life – MTL tanks require less power. I run my Kayfun Lite at 13W, so when I’m running it on a dual-18650 vape mod I will get anywhere from two to three days of battery life. With a sub-ohm tank at 50W, I’d get less than a day’s worth of usage before a recharge is required.
  2. Nic Salts & High PG Juice – MTL tanks produce less vapor, so you can use stronger vape juice like Nic Salts. You can also use higher-PG vape juices too, as MTL tanks are designed to be throaty on the hit. Higher PG juices tend to deliver more flavor too. And MTL vaping is much closer to the sensation of smoking, unlike sub-ohm tanks which feel more like an inhaler!
  3. Saves You Money – use less vape juice because you’re running the MTL tank at much lower wattages (just don’t use a clone vape tank; they’re terrible).. For this reason, each tank of vape juice lasts longer and, over the weeks and months you use it, this saves you a ton of money on vape juice.
  4. You’ll Vape Less – If you decide to use Nic Salts vape juice in your MTL tank, you will not want to chain-vape. In fact, you won’t be able too – Nic Salts vape juice is too strong. It’ll make you feel sick. For those looking to cut down on their vaping, an MTL tank combined with Nic Salts vape juice is the #1 way to do this.

Benefits of Mouth To Lung Vaping

MTL vaping is often considered a “beginner” style of vaping, but this just isn’t true – there are plenty of RTA (and RDA setups) for MTL vaping as well.

And they all share the same, key benefits:

  1. Intense Flavor
  2. Similar Style of Draw To Cigarette (Great For New Vapers)
  3. Less Power = Way More Battery Life
  4. Conserves E Juice – Less Power Means You Use Less
  5. Using Own Coils Means Less Spent on Expensive Pre-Made Coil Heads

Need Help? No problem.

We’ve helped millions of people get started with vaping. If you have any questions or just want plenty of actionable advice, hit the button below – it’s a direct line to Drake.

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