The #1 Best MTL Vape Tanks For 2021 (Beginner & Advanced)

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 07/13/21 •  10 min read

MTL vaping – AKA mouth to lung – is making something of a comeback. But what are the best MTL vape tanks as of right now?

What is MTL vaping? Unlike sub-ohm vaping, where your tank produces PLUMES of vapor, MTL tanks run at higher resistances – usually 1.0 ohms and above – and are closer to smoking.

I say, closer to smoking, because with an MTL vape, the draw is tighter – like the type you get when smoking a cigarette – and you use different types of vape juice, either Nic Salts or 50/50 freebase vape juice.

The pros of using an MTL vape tank are threefold:

I’ve used plenty of MTL tanks over the past couple of years. I tend to MTL vape 99% of the time, so I know what’s good and what isn’t.

Right now, these are my current favorite MTL tanks. The Kayfun Lite has been my daily driver since 2019 too – it is a phenomenal MTL tank. But, sadly, it is literally sold out EVERYWHERE.

My advice? Get the Ambition Mods Gate 22mm RTA – it is freakin’ brilliant (and A LOT cheaper).

My #1 Pick For The Best MTL Vape Tanks Right Now

Ambition Mods Gate 22mm RTA★★★★VIEW PRICES
Steam Crave Glaz Mini★★★VIEW PRICES
Overview of The Best MTL Vape Tanks (RTAs)

#1) Kayfun Lite MTL RTA

You cannot talk about single coil MTL RTA tanks without mentioning Kayfun; the company, Svoe Mesto, makes what are perhaps the ultimate MTL RTA tanks for overall flavor and performance.

The Kayfun Lite MTL RTA is no exception. I have one and I have used it for a solid 8+ months. It’s simple to set up, it wicks great, and it kicks out amazing flavor. For me, it is the perfect single coil RTA tank.

Sadly, it is now sold out everywhere, so I’d go with the Ambition Mods Gate instead – it is the next best thing.


#2) Ambition Mods Gate 22mm RTA 

Ambition Mods Gate 22mm RTAPin

The Ambition Mods Gate 22mm RTA is an MTL RTA and it delivers a killer mouth to lung vape experience. It’s not quite as good as the Kayfun Lite but, for the price, it is still damn good.

Featuring a dual post single terminal build deck and an adjustable airflow slot located at the bottom, the Ambition Mods Gate RTA is a near-perfect single coil RTA that’s easy to work with, it doesn’t leak, and it kicks out immense flavor.


#3) Steam Crave Glaz Mini 

Steam Crave Glaz MiniPin

The Steam Crave Glaz Mini is another absolute banger. It looks gorgeous with its squat design, and its deck, which is insanely simple to build on, features a novel knurled airflow control ring, so you can really dial in the draw, setting it to your exact requirements.

Available in either 2ml or 5ml, the Steam Crave Glaz Mini is a solid single coil RTA that will more than impress you. We had an awesome time testing this vape tank out. The flavor is bonkers!


#4) DotMod DOTMTL


DotMod is a premium US vape company. It makes gorgeous hardware that not only looks ultra-premium but also performs exceptionally well too. The DotMod DOTMTL is no exception.

It is rather pricey, and I’d be more inclined to go with the Kayfun Lite over this tank, but if you want something truly unique looking that is great for single coil builds and looks unlike anything else, the DotMod DOTMTL comes highly recommended. 


Best MTL Vape Tanks UK 

If you’re in the UK and you’re looking for the best MTL vape tank options, the following MTL tanks are the ones our UK team recommend the most. All of the tanks listed below use pre-made coils, so you do not need to build your own coils with cotton and tools.

My advice? Get an Aspire Nautilus tank – they’re amazing. Check this post out to find out what the best Aspire Nautilus tank is right now. 

This means they’re ideal for beginners. You also get all the benefits normally associated with MTL vaping, just without the hassle of building and installing your own coils. The MTL tanks listed below are listed in order, so the top option – in this case, the Aspire Nautilus XS – is our #1 pick for right now.

Aspire Nautilus XS Tank

Ideal for beginners, the Aspire Nautilus XS Tank is designed to be simple to operate, great to vape, and provide a vaping experience that is as close to smoking as possible.

The #1 Best MTL Vape Tanks For 2020 (Beginner & Advanced)Pin

You don’t need to worry about building your own coils, it never leaks, and spare coils are available at most decent online vape stores. If you want hassle-free vaping and great flavor, the Aspire Nautilus XS Tank is the vape tank to go for.

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Innokin Zlide Tank

The Innokin Zlide Tank has been long regarded as one of the best MTL tanks on the market. I really like this tank too, but I think its draw could be tighter which is why it places second behind the Aspire Nautilus XS Tank.

The #1 Best MTL Vape Tanks For 2020 (Beginner & Advanced)Pin

The Zlide tank is beautifully designed and will look and function great on all styles of vape mod. You can get coils for it in most places online, and the coils themselves last a good week or two in between changes.

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Aspire Nautilus 2S Vape Tank

The Aspire Nautilus 2S Vape Tank is a little more expensive than the Nautilus XS Tank and, for the life of me, I cannot figure out why. It’s a great tank, sure, and it runs on the same coils as the Nautilus XS Tank.

The #1 Best MTL Vape Tanks For 2021 (Beginner & Advanced)Pin

But I don’t think it is a better tank; in fact, I’d always recommend the Nautilus XS Tank over the more expensive Nautilus 2S Vape Tank. The flavor and MTL draw here is still great but I do prefer the way the Aspire Nautilus XS looks; it’s just a more accomplished looking setup.

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AuroVapor MTL Salt Tank

Vaping on a budget? Don’t want to spend a lot of money? The AuroVapor MTL Salt Tank could be just what you’ve been looking for. This tank retails for just £13.99 and, to my eyes, it looks to be something of a Kayfun clone (and Kayfun tanks retail for over £100).

The #1 Best MTL Vape Tanks For 2020 (Beginner & Advanced)Pin

This tank, like all the MTL tanks on this list, is designed to be used with Nic Salts vape juice. Is it as good as the Aspire Nautilus XS Tank? No. But it’s a damn sight cheaper and if you’re on a tight budget a tank like this will deliver all the performance you need.

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Best Rebuildable MTL Tank – The #1 Rebuildable Options

best advanced mtl tanksPin

When you test as many vapes as I do, you learn pretty fast that finding a good quality MTL tank is very tricky. There are good options out there, but for the truly great performance, you have to stump up A LOT of cash.

If you can afford it, the Kayfun Lite is the best MTL tank on the market right now. Bar none.

At least, that used to be the case. Nowadays, however, you can pick up a killer MTL tank in the form of the Ambition Mods Gate RTA which is around 60% cheaper than a Kayfun and just as good.

I own a ton of additional single-coil RTAs that are designed for MTL vaping. They’re all decent. But the Ambition Mods Gate RTA kind of came in and took over completely.

The Kayfun Lite is still better, but it is quite a bit more expensive. So, to recap: go with the Kayfun Lite if you can afford it. If you can’t, the next best option would be either the Ambition Mods Gate RTA or the Steam Crave GLAZ Mini.

What Is MTL Vaping?


MTL (Mouth-to-Lung) vaping is where vaping actually started. But then tanks got bigger and more powerful and DTL (direct to lung) vaping kind of took over.

MTL is coming back though and, for around the last 12 months, it is the ONLY style of vaping I have done. And the reason? It’s kinder to my vape mod’s battery life, it uses less juice, you can use stronger vape juice (Nic Salts) which means you vape less, and I prefer the sensation versus cloud-throwing sub-ohm vape tanks.

MTL Vape Tank Pros

  1. Battery Life – MTL tanks require less power. I run my Kayfun Lite at 13W, so when I’m running it on a dual-18650 vape mod I will get anywhere from two to three days of battery life. With a sub-ohm tank at 50W, I’d get less than a day’s worth of usage before a recharge is required.
  2. Nic Salts & High PG Juice – MTL tanks produce less vapor, so you can use stronger vape juice like Nic Salts. You can also use higher-PG vape juices too, as MTL tanks are designed to be throaty on the hit. Higher PG juices tend to deliver more flavor too. And MTL vaping is much closer to the sensation of smoking, unlike sub-ohm tanks which feel more like an inhaler!
  3. Saves You Money – use less vape juice because you’re running the MTL tank at much lower wattages (just don’t use a clone vape tank; they’re terrible).. For this reason, each tank of vape juice lasts longer and, over the weeks and months you use it, this saves you a ton of money on vape juice.
  4. You’ll Vape Less – If you decide to use Nic Salts vape juice in your MTL tank, you will not want to chain-vape. In fact, you won’t be able too – Nic Salts vape juice is too strong. It’ll make you feel sick. For those looking to cut down on their vaping, an MTL tank combined with Nic Salts vape juice is the #1 way to do this.

Through advanced design, intricate airflow, and innovative deck and airflow design, Kayfun tanks deliver monumental flavor at VERY low power outputs – I’m talking anywhere from 12-20W.

If you cannot stretch to “Kayfun money”, the Steam Crave GLAZ Mini RTA is your next best option.

Benefits of Mouth To Lung Vaping

MTL vaping is often considered a “beginner” style of vaping, but this just isn’t true – there are plenty of RTA (and RDA setups) for MTL vaping as well.

And they all share the same, key benefits:

  1. Intense Flavor
  2. Similar Style of Draw To Cigarette (Great For New Vapers)
  3. Less Power = Way More Battery Life
  4. Conserves E Juice – Less Power Means You Use Less
  5. Using Own Coils Means Less Spent on Expensive Pre-Made Coil Heads

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