Nicotine Salt 101: What You Need To Know…

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If you’re new to vaping, you probably have a million and one questions about nicotine salt. Here’s everything you need to know…

VapeBeat’s 101 Guide To Nic Salts…

For Pods, MTL Tanks & Disposables, Nicotine Salt is The New Normal…

Nicotine salts were developed to mimic the nicotine absorption rate of traditional cigarettes. Popularized by JUUL, nic salts have become a staple in pod vapes and disposables.

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I used to be a freebase nicotine man. I used sub-ohm tanks and rebuildables. But for the last several years, all I’ve used is nicotine salt vape juice because I tend to favor pods and MTL tanks nowadays. 

— Drake Equation, VapeBeat Founder

Nic Salt: Key Points & Considerations

Allow for higher nicotine concentrations without harsh throat hits

Absorbed into the bloodstream faster than traditional e-liquids

Despite high nicotine levels, nic salts offer a smoother inhalation

Best with low-wattage, mouth-to-lung devices (pod vapes, disposables)

Deliver a cleaner, more pronounced flavor profile

Understanding Salt Nicotine 🧪

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  • Salt Nicotine or Nicotine Salt: There’s no difference; it means the same thing. Salt nicotine is a smoother form of nicotine that allows for higher concentrations without harshness.
  • Difference Between Salt Nicotine & Regular Nicotine: Salt nicotine delivers a smoother throat hit at higher doses. Salt Nicotine is used in disposable vapes and pod vapes, while freebase is used in sub-ohm vapes.
  • Effects on the Body: Salt nicotine can deliver nicotine to the bloodstream faster, mimicking the nicotine absorption rate of traditional cigarettes.
  • Manufacturing: Made by adding benzoic acid to nicotine, which lowers its pH level, making it smoother to inhale.
  • Salt Nicotine Vapes: E-cigarettes designed to use juice containing nicotine salt, suitable for smooth and high-nicotine vaping.
  • Used In JUUL & Products Like Zyn: Nicotine salt is used in various nicotine pouches and alternatives to provide a satisfying nicotine hit without smoking.
  • Synthetic Nicotine Salt: Manufactured using chemical processes, it doesn’t come from tobacco plants, offering a tobacco-free nicotine option.

Concentrations and Comparisons 🔍

  • 5 Percent Salt Nicotine: Equivalent to 50mg/ml, a high nicotine concentration used in many pod systems and disposables.
  • Nicotine Content in Salt Nic: Ranges widely, from low doses around 10mg/ml to high doses like 50mg/ml.
  • 5 Salt Nicotine Meaning: Another way of saying 5% or 50mg/ml nicotine concentration.
  • Lowest Nicotine Salt Nic: Products can go as low as 2% or 20mg/ml, designed for lighter smokers or those reducing nicotine intake.
  • Comparison to Cigarettes: 50mg/ml salt nicotine is often equated to the nicotine delivery of about one pack of cigarettes, but experiences vary.

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Health Implications 🚑

  • System Retention: Nicotine salt can stay in your system from 1 to 3 days, though this can vary based on usage patterns and individual metabolism.
  • Health Risks: Vaping is less harmful than smoking, salt nicotine still poses risks, including nicotine addiction and cardiovascular stress.
  • Juul’s Combination Concern: The efficient delivery system of nicotine salt in products like JUUL raises concerns about higher addiction rates, especially among youths.

Product Specifics 🛠️

  • Salt Nicotine Vapes: If you want to use nicotine salt e-juice, you’ll want to stick to pod vapes, disposable vapes, and MTL tanks.
  • Appearance: Nicotine salt e-liquid looks similar to regular e-juice, though the nicotine content is higher.
  • Origin: Derived from tobacco leaves or synthetically produced (TFN), providing the addictive quality of cigarettes in a potentially less harmful form.

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