Best Vape Juice Guide [2024]: All The Flavors

best menthol vape juice

If you’re looking to find the best vape juice flavors to try, here’s some of our favorites from over the years

The Best Vape Juices We’ve Tested Over The Last 10+ Years

Over the years, we’ve tried and tested hundreds of a gallons of vape juice. From tobacco flavors to dessert and fruit based, the best vape juice brands are detailed below…

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I get it. Finding vape juice is frickin’ hard – there’s so many brands competing for your eyeballs. I’ve built out this page to showcase my favorite brands based on 15+ years of vaping.

— Drake Equation, VapeBeat Editor

Flavors & Types


High VG / Nic Salt


High VG / Nic Salt


High VG / Nic Salt


High VG / Nic Salt


High VG / Nic Salt

Best Fruit Vape Juices 🍎

Fruit vape juices, featuring flavors like strawberries and citrus blends.


Yami Vapor Juusu

A luscious blend of crisp apples, sweet peaches, and juicy lychee with a smooth exhale.

Pachamama Apple Strawberry Nectarine

A delicious mix of ripe apples, succulent strawberries, and tangy nectarines.

Tropical Pucker Punch

A tropical explosion of flavors featuring pineapple, mango, and citrus fruits.

7 Daze Reds Watermelon Ice

A refreshing watermelon flavor with a cool menthol twist.

7 Daze Reds Apple

Finest E-Liquids Strawmelon Sour on Ice

A chilly fusion of ripe strawberries, juicy watermelon, and sour candy

Nic Salts

Glas Basix Cool Melon

A cool and refreshing blend of sweet melon flavors.

NKD 100 Brain Freeze

A fruity concoction of strawberries, kiwi, and pomegranate with a menthol kick.

NKD 100 Lavaflow

A mix of fresh blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries with a hint of menthol.

Mad Hatter Juicy Apple

Juicy red apples with a hint of sweetness.

7 Daze Reds Apple Salts

The original apple flavor with a cool menthol finish.

Finest E-liquid Strawberry Chew

Sweet and tangy strawberry candy flavor in a smooth nicotine salt formula.

Best Tobacco Vape Juices 🌿

From straight up tobacco flavors to RY4 blends, here’s some of the finest tobacco vape juices we’ve tested since 2015

High VG

Five Pawns Black Flag Risen

Rich and robust tobacco flavor infused with subtle notes of coffee, cocoa, and truffle cream.

Yogi E-Liquid Vanilla Tobacco Granola

Smooth tobacco blended with creamy vanilla and crunchy granola clusters.

Finest Russian Cream

A decadent blend of smooth tobacco with hints of sweet vanilla and rich custard.

Naked 100 Cuban Blend

A classic Cuban cigar flavor with hints of earthy tobacco and subtle sweetness.

Villain Vapors Capone

Bold tobacco flavor infused with hints of caramel and vanilla.

Twist E-Liquids Tobacco Silver No.1

A refined tobacco blend with subtle hints of caramel and honey

Nic Salts

Halo E-Liquid Turkish Tobacco

A robust blend of Turkish tobacco leaves with hints of spice and sweetness.

Mad Hatter I Love Salts Sweet Tobacco

Smooth tobacco flavor with a touch of sweetness for a satisfying vape

Glas Basix Salt Nic Blue Tobacco

Rich tobacco flavor with a hint of sweet blueberry.

Four Seasons Salt Nicotine American Tobacco

Authentic American tobacco flavor for a classic vaping experience.

Pod Juice Salt Vanilla Custard Tobacco

Creamy vanilla custard blended with rich tobacco for a smooth and satisfying vape.

Four Seasons Salt Nicotine RY4 Tobacco

A timeless blend of tobacco, caramel, and vanilla for a sweet and smooth vape.

Best Dessert Vape Juices 🍩

Enjoy our Dessert vape juices, with flavors based on cakes and custards.

High VG

Yogi E-Liquid Grape Jam Granola Bar

A delicious blend of sweet grape jam and crunchy granola bars.

Mad Hatter Juice Caramel Creme

Rich and creamy caramel flavor with a smooth, velvety finish.

One Hit Wonder E-Liquid Mini Muffin Man

A delightful blend of warm cinnamon muffins topped with sweet strawberries.

Custard Monster Blueberry Custard

Creamy custard infused with ripe blueberries for a sweet and smooth vaping experience.

The Plume Room Strawberries & Cream

Fresh strawberries blended with rich cream for a luscious and indulgent vape

Vinyl and Vapor Deep Cuts Side C.P.B Party

Creamy peanut butter mixed with sweet chocolate and bananas for a decadent dessert vape.

Nic Salts

One Hit Wonder Salts Rocket Man

Tangy blueberry, tart Greek yogurt, and crunchy granola for a satisfying vape.

One Hit Wonder Muffin Man

Warm cinnamon muffins sprinkled with sweet red apples.

Jam Monster Salts Blackberry

Sweet blackberry jam spread over buttery toast for a comforting vape

Custard Monster Salts Butterscotch Custard

Smooth custard infused with rich butterscotch flavor.

Custard Monster Salts Strawberry Custard

Creamy custard blended with ripe strawberries for a delightful vape

The Milk E-Liquid TFN Salts Berry Crunch

Crunchy cereal flakes coated in creamy milk and mixed berries.

Best Sweet Vape Juices 🍫

From candy-infused flavors to sweet mixes with sour and tangy edges, here’s our #1 picks for sweet vape juices

High VG

Finest E-Liquid Lemon Lush

A zesty and refreshing lemon flavor blended with sweet notes for a delightful vape.

The Finest E-Liquid Sweet & Sour Green Apple Citrus

Tart green apples blended with citrus fruits for a perfect balance of sweet and sour.

Vinyl and Vapor Deep Cuts Strawberry Something

Juicy strawberries mixed with other fruits for a sweet and satisfying vape.

TWST Salt E-Liquid White Grape

Crisp white grape flavor with a hint of sweetness for a refreshing vaping experience.

Candy King Berry Dweebz

Mixed berry candy flavor that’s sweet and tangy.

Candy King Cola Gummies

Classic cola flavor infused with gummy candy sweetness for a nostalgic vape.

Nic Salts

Candy King On Salt Gush

Bursting with fruity gummy candy flavor for a mouthwatering vape.

Candy King On Salt Peachy Rings

Juicy peach candy rings coated in sugar for a sweet and tangy vape.

Pod Juice Smooth Salt Hawaiian

A tropical blend of pineapple, mango, and guava for a smooth vaping experience.

Pachamama Salts Fuji

Crisp apple flavor blended with strawberries and nectarines for a refreshing vape.

Yami Salt by Yami Vapor Taruto

Creamy custard dessert flavor with hints of flaky pastry crust.

7 Daze Fusion TFN Salt Watermelon Apple Pear

A fusion of ripe watermelon, crisp apple, and juicy pear flavors for a refreshing vape.

Best Menthol Vape Juices 🥶

Menthol is more than just mintiness. It is used in a range of flavors, from fruit-based to sweet vape juices to add an icy, fresh blast. Here’s some of our all-time favorites

High VG

Yami Vapor Icy Trio

A refreshing blend of strawberries, kiwi, and lychee with a cool menthol exhale.

Naked 100 Brain Freeze

A fruity mix of strawberries, kiwi, and pomegranate with a blast of menthol.

7 Daze Reds Watermelon Ice

Juicy watermelon flavor with a chilling menthol finish.

Finest E-Liquid Berry Blast Ice

Mixed berries blended with menthol for a refreshing vape.

7 Daze Fusion TFN Raspberry Green Apple Watermelon Iced

A fusion of raspberry, green apple, and watermelon with a cool menthol kick.

Juice Head Freeze E-Liquid Blueberry Lemon Freeze

Tangy blueberry and zesty lemon with a menthol twist for a cooling sensation.

Nic Salts

Pachamama SYN Salts Black Ice Menthol

A blend of blackberries and blackcurrants with a cooling menthol finish.

The Finest E-Liquid Salt Nic Series Pineapple Menthol

Sweet pineapple flavor with a refreshing menthol exhale

Four Seasons E-Liquids Menthol Tobacco

Classic tobacco flavor with a cool menthol twist.

Vapetasia E-Juice Salts Iced Straw Guaw

Juicy strawberries and guava with a frosty menthol touch.

I Love Salts Blue Raspberry Ice

Sweet blue raspberry flavor with an icy menthol finish.

The Finest E-Liquid Salt Nic Series Grape Menthol

Ripe grape flavor with a menthol kick for a refreshing vape.

Vape Juice FAQs

Doozy Vape Juice Review

What is in vape juice?

Vape juice typically contains propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavorings, and optionally nicotine. These ingredients create the vapor when heated by the atomizer in an e-cigarette or vape device.

What is vape juice made of?

Vape juice is primarily made of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), along with flavorings and sometimes nicotine. PG and VG are used as base liquids, while flavorings add taste, and nicotine provides the desired level of nicotine.

How long does vape juice last

Vape juice can last for a long time if stored properly in a cool, dark place away from sunlight and heat. Generally, it’s recommended to use vape juice within one to two years of purchase for optimal flavor and quality.

How much is vape juice?

The cost of vape juice varies depending on the brand, flavor, and size of the bottle. On average, a 60ml bottle of vape juice can range from $10 to $25, while larger bottles or premium brands may cost more.

How long is vape juice good for?

Vape juice can remain good for up to one to two years if stored properly. However, its shelf life may vary depending on the ingredients and storage conditions. It’s best to use vape juice within this timeframe for optimal flavor and quality.

How much does vape juice cost?

The cost of vape juice varies depending on factors such as brand, flavor, and bottle size. On average, a 30ml bottle of vape juice can range from $10 to $20, while larger bottles or premium brands may cost more.

What is salt nic vape juice?

Salt nic vape juice, or nicotine salt e-liquid, is a type of vape juice that uses nicotine salts instead of freebase nicotine. It provides a smoother throat hit and is often preferred by vapers who want higher nicotine concentrations without the harshness.

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