How To Vape (If You’ve Never Done It Before…) – My #1 Tips!


If you’re looking to quit smoking and want to give vaping a try, this article will show you how to vape properly (and where to start)…

If you’ve been thinking about quitting smoking and want to see if vaping can help, you’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how to vape – as well as what to get in order to get started properly.

First, let’s cover off the basics. This way, you’ll know what you’re getting into and how it all works…

The Inhale (Vapes vs. Cigarettes)

All cigarettes draw (inhale) the same. It’s tight, it tastes pretty gross, and it’s hot. A vape is slightly different, obviously, but not in a bad way – it tastes better, delivers much the same sensation, but, importantly, it doesn’t fill your lungs with tar-ridden smoke. Instead, you inhale the vapor.

There are two different styles of draw for vape devices:

1) MTL (Mouth To Lung) – If you want a vape that draws like a cigarette, as most new vapers do, an MTL tank or vape kit is where you want to begin. MTL vape tanks have tight draws that are designed to closely mimic the sensation you get when taking a pull on a cigarette. I use MTL tanks pretty much all the time these days, as I prefer the draw and I like using Nic Salts vape juice (more on this in a bit, though).

MTL Vape Guide:

2) DTL (Direct To Lung) – DTL tanks are those vapes you see people using that kick out TONS of vapor. DTL tanks (RDAs, RTAs, Mesh Coil Tanks, and Sub Ohm Tanks) hit differently to cigarettes and MTL tanks, as you breathe the vapor straight down to your lungs, sort of like the way you use an inhaler. It takes a bit of getting used to, and you HAVE to use high VG vape juice for this, otherwise, you’ll end up coughing your guts up.

DTL Vape Tank Guide:

Different Types of Vapes


Back when I started vaping, circa 2013, the most popular types of vapes were vape tanks and box mods. Nowadays, though, most new vapers are using pod vapes, and the reason is simple – they’re much simpler to use!

Pod vapes – like 80-90% of them, anyways – are MTL devices, meaning they pull just like a cigarette. They produce less vapor, do not require external batteries, and, generally speaking, are much cheaper to buy. A standard pod vape will set you back around $20-$30, whereas a vape mod and a vape tank could cost upwards of $150.

More experienced vapers, or those that have been vaping for years, tend to use rebuildable tanks (RTAs, RDAs) and vape mods. A small niche of vapers like to use RDAs and Mech Mods, though if you’re a beginner you’ll want to say well clear of mech mods – they can be super dangerous, as they’re completely unregulated.

Right now, these are the main types of vape devices you can buy:

What Vape is Most Like A Cigarette?

Closed pod system flavors – so anything by JUUL or Blu, for instance – will be illegal to buy in the USA from the end of January 2020. For this reason, as well as the fact that refillable pods are WAY better, you’re 100% better off going with a refillable pod vape if you’re looking for a vape that inhales like a cigarette.

How To Set Up The UWELL CaliburnPin

Right now, my #1 recommendation for the vape that hits most like a cigarette would have to be the UWELL Caliburn; it’s a tiny device that is 100% refillable and the flavor is off the charts. This device has been my go-to pod vape for almost 18 months now – nothing else comes close for ease of use and flavor. Just make sure you get some good quality Nic Salts vape juice to run in it.

What Vape Juice Should I Use?

If you’re going to use a pod vape like the UWELL Caliburn, you’ll want to use Nic Salts vape juice. And the reason is simple: if you’re coming off of cigarettes, high VG vape juice with 3 to 6MG of nicotine won’t cut it – you’ll need something stronger to stop you going back to the smokes.

This is where Nic Salts vape juice comes in; it’s stronger but because it is made from salt crystals, it doesn’t taste harsh like traditional, high-nicotine vape juice does. If you smoke a lot, you’ll need nic salts vape juice that is relatively high in nicotine content – I use these Nic Salts flavors and have done for around the last two years.

However, if you go the sub-ohm vape tank and vape mod route, DO NOT use Nic Salts vape juice – it’s way too strong for that style of tank. Instead, you’ll want to use good quality, US-made high-VG vape juice – do not scrimp on vape juice either, you need to use good quality stuff!

So, To Recap…

You’ll need, either:

Or, If You Go The Sub Ohm Tank Route:

And that’s it, you’re pretty much ready to start vaping! Simple, right?

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