What’s The Best Vape For Quitting Smoking? An Expert’s Opinion…

What’s The Best Vape For Quitting Smoking? An Expert's Opinion...Pin

If you’ve tried vaping before and failed, you might be thinking there is no such thing as “the best vape for quitting smoking”…

Well, I got news for you: there is!

There are plenty of awesome options out there, and why you failed in the past has nothing to do with the vapes themselves.

You failed because you didn’t have the right information.

Once you have the right information, quitting smoking with a vape is easy…

You just have to know exactly what you’re looking for because not all vapes are created equally – some are great, others utterly suck.

The Best Vape For Quitting Smoking – What You Need To Know!

Most Beautiful Vape ModsPin
The Beautiful dotmod dotbox – One of My All-Time Favorite Vape Mods; It’s Pricey But It Looks & Performs Unlike Anything Else!

This is where VapeBeat comes into the mix – we know what the best vapes are because we’ve tested hundreds of devices and tanks since 2014.


And we did this in order to find the best of the best when it comes to usability, performance, and value for money.

That way, our readers (our community) always know what’s hot and what’s not.

The best products we’ve tested are highlighted inside our A-List Guides which you can check out below:

👉 The Best Vape Mods (The Best Dual/Triple Battery Vape Mods)
👉 The Best Vape Tanks (Traditional, High-Power Sub Ohm Tanks)
👉 The Best MTL Vape Tanks (Tanks That Draw Like A Cigarette)
👉 The Best Pod Mods (Devices Like JUUL)

Use these guides to see what the best products are in each category – we update them regularly too.

As soon as we test something new that is good, something that meets and exceeds our strict testing standards, it is added to one of the lists.

If You’re Completely New To Vaping, Read This First…


We have a ton of guides on how vapes actually work, as well as what vapor actually is, so I won’t bore you with the details of that here.

Instead, we need to isolate what kind of vape you want.

This is key to making a successful transition from cigarettes to vaping.

The #1 Most Important Thing For New Vapers

Do you want a vape tank that draws like a cigarette? If so, you need to get either a pod mod vape (this is what JUUL is) or an MTL vape tank.

An MTL vape tank is a refillable vape tank that has a tighter, more cigarette-like draw.

These tanks and devices are designed to closely simulate the sensation of smoking, only they’re 95% safer and taste way better.

Best MTL Vape TanksPin
The Innokin ZENITH Vape Tank – Arguably The Finest Non-Rebuildable MTL Tank You Can Buy Right Now. Easy To Setup, Perfect MTL Draw + Great Value For Money

This is key because if you get a normal sub ohm tank, a tank that requires you to inhale in a completely different manner to how you smoked, chances are you will not like it – it’s just too different.

If this sounds like you, and you want something that closely resembles how you pull/draw on a cigarette, you have two options:

  • MTL Tanks – these can be rebuildable (RTAs) or come with pre-made coils like a traditional sub ohm tank.
  • Pod Mod Vapes – these are all-in-one devices like JUUL. However, unlike JUUL, the ones that we recommend are actually really good (and you can add your own juice which makes them cheaper to run).

These devices and tanks are designed to draw like cigarettes; that is why they’re so popular with new vapers.

For a detailed breakdown of the best options in both these categories, check out our following A-Lists:

➳ Best MTL Vape Tanks

➳ Best Pod Mod Vapes

What If You Want A Vape Mod & A Tank?

Simple. Get one!

They’re infinitely preferable anyway, so long as you get a suitable option for your needs.

Most vape mods run on external batteries, so you will have to buy some 18650 vape batteries and an external charger to run them.

Once you have these, you’re all set up for very good vape mod battery life.

What’s The Best Vape For Quitting Smoking? An Expert's Opinion...Pin
The Innokin PROTON Kit – A Truly Epic Vape Kit That Comes With A Brilliant Tank.

You can get vape mods with internal batteries; these are great if you don’t want to be messing around with batteries and chargers.

All you have to do is plug it into a wall charger using a USB cable, just like you do with your phone.

And the vape mods with internal batteries we recommend all have Quick/Fast Charge, so they will charge from dead to full in less than 40 minutes.

We also have an A-List for these devices too: The Best Vape Mods With Non-Removable Batteries.

A Quick Word On Vape Mod Settings (Spoiler: Keep It Simple)

A vape mod has plenty of settings, as well as things like temperature control, though for 99.9% of users, running it in wattage mode will suffice.

For instance, I vape 100% exclusively in wattage mode.

I like to keep things simple, and you should too at the beginning.

Most of the time all these settings are just bells and whistles, things that are used to market a device.

All you need is 100W of power (maximum) and a decent vape chip inside to regulate everything.

All of the vape mods inside our Best Vape Mod Guide carry exceptional chips that pack in the latest and greatest performance and safety features.

Is That Everything I Need To Find The Perfect Vape Kit?

If you follow all of the above you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. The main thing to get right is the tank.

If you want a similar sensation to a cigarette, you 100% need to get an MTL Vape Tank (or a pod mod).

Our Best MTL Vape Tank Guide includes options for both rebuildable (where you make your own coils) and non-rebuildable tanks.

If you’re new, you’re probably best off with a non-rebuildable tank like the Innokin ZENITH MTL tank.

The Totally AWESOME MiPod – A Hugely Impressive Pod Mod That is Vastly Superior To The JUUL. It Is 100% Refillable, So You Can Use Your Own E Juice And It Has Great Battery Life

If you get a pod mod – something like the MiPod for instance – the device is an all-in-one unit, so you don’t need to worry about vape batteries or tanks.

Just make sure you get some decent Nic Salts E Juice if you go the pod mod route – this is key.

Normal E Juice does not work properly in them.

For more information on Nic Salts E Juice, check out the following:

Best Nic Salts Brands Guide: The #1 Nic Salts Brands & Flavors

And that is literally it! Follow these steps and you’ll find what you’re looking for…

If you have any additional questions, you can always reach out the VapeBeat Team via Facebook.

Need Help? No Problem.

We’ve helped millions of people get started with vaping. If you have any questions or just want plenty of actionable advice, hit the button below – it’s a direct line to Drake.

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