Best Vape Mod Starter Kit: Everything You Need To Know

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What’s the best vape mod starter kit – or, should I say, starting point?

This is a good question. But there’s more to it than simply arbitrarily naming a few mods.

If you’re new to vaping, you need to understand a few things about the scene and the technology.

This is important stuff we’re talking about here. This is your health. This is your life. This is your finances. And this article is designed to be the ultimate guide to vaping (meaning it should cover everything you need to know).

It is now 2017. I set VapeBeat up in 2014 after discovering what a life-changing technology ecigs and vaping devices were. As a constant smoker for 15+ years, I’d given up on ever quitting — I’d resigned myself to an early death and decades of smoking.

And then I bought my first ecig and my eyes were opened.

I didn’t NEED to smoke anymore. And not only that — I didn’t WANT to either. Vaping was infinitely preferable. It tasted better. It was A LOT cheaper. And it is dramatically better for your health, lungs, skin and social life — upwards of 95%, according to medical studies.

THIS is why 6.1 MILLION Europeans stopped smoking in 2015/16. It is also why YOU need to stop smoking RIGHT NOW if you’re still addicted to the stinkies (cigarettes).

BOX-OUT Table of Contents

Vaping and eCigs: Why It’s Better Than Smoking
Vaping: A Beginner’s Guide
Box Mods, Mods & Vape Tanks
Vape Tanks: Everything You Need To Know
The Best Quality E Juice
Best Online Vape Stores
How To Connect With VapeBeat

Vaping — and ecigs — can be quite a daunting prospect at first. I know how confusing all the jargon can be first-hand! There’s also so many products to choose from! And this is what makes making the switch from cigarettes to vaping, for some, a little tricky.

This is why I set up VapeBeat, though. I wanted to simplify vaping, make it easy to understand, and point you guys — our readers — towards the best products, e juices and retailers in the business.

I put together this resource page for those who are new to the world of vaping. It is designed to take you, step by step, through every aspect of getting set-up with your first vaping gear, covering all the best and most trusted online retailers, the different types of mods available, the best e juices and the best tanks.

Right! Let’s do this…

Best Vape Mod Starter Kit – Why Its Better Than Smoking

What are the health implications of vaping? This is the first question EVERY potential vaper asks themselves, and given the amount of rubbish printed by the mainstream media this is hardly surprising.

Before buying my first ecig I did a TON of research on the subject. I don’t like being told what to think and I seldom trust anything written in newspapers. For this reason, back in 2014, I set about tracking down and studying all the medical studies on vaping and e juice I could find.

The results of my studies are published here — The War on Vaping is About Money — Not Your Well Being.

And below you will find other studies, more recent studies, on the positive effect vaping is having on millions of peoples lives everyday:

So, yeah, that’s the science behind why EVERY smoker should now be vaping with a view to quitting altogether. And now we get to the fun part — getting your first vaping setup!

Vaping: A Beginner’s Guide

Want to find out if vaping is for you? Well, the simplest and easiest way to do this is to get yourself a starter kit — these are fully-loaded setups that come complete, require zero assembly and often come with a couple of bottles of free e juice.

For a quick breakdown about vaping in general, check out our vaping 101 article — Vaping 101: EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Vaping Before You Start

I put together a Guide To The Best Vape Starter Kits, which you should definitely check out. This covers all budgets, styles and kinds of vaping hardware from pen-devices to higher-powered mods.

Best Vape Mod Starter Kit – Box Mods, Mods & Vape Tanks

If you’d prefer a powerful mod device and want to jump straight in the deep end you will definitely find what you’re looking for here — Best Box Mods 2016.

ultimate guide to vaping

And if you’re still unsure about what type of box-mod you’re looking for you might want to read this piece by Nick — How To Find The Perfect Box-Mod For Your Needs: Buyer’s Guide

And if you’re looking to spend BIG then you’ll definitely want to check out The Best DNA 200 Mods As of RIGHT NOW.

Best Vape Mod Starter Kit – Vape Tanks

However, if you go the box-mod route, you will need to buy a tank separately. The tank is basically where you put your juice and what you actually vape from. Vape tanks come in all shapes and sizes and styles, but if you’re just starting out I’d recommend you go for a sub-ohm tank as these are the least hassle to work with.

ultimate guide to vaping

Check this article out to find out the difference between three popular styles of vape tanks — Sub-Ohm Tank, RTA, and RDA Tanks EXPLAINED.

Also: These are The Best Vape Sub-Ohm Tanks You Can Buy Right Now

We also have guides for The Best RTA Tanks 2016 and The Best RDA Tanks 2016.

Best Vape Mod Starter Kit – The Best Quality E Juice

This aspect of vaping is VERY important. E Juice is the stuff you breath in and is how you get your nicotine fix. For this reason — and a bunch of others ones — you ONLY ever want to buy high quality stuff from reputable brands and manufacturers.

ultimate guide to vaping

Our Best E Juice 2016 feature contains all the best e juice brands we’ve tested in the past 12 months. These e juices are of the highest quality, use the best ingredients and cannot be beaten with regards to flavour.

E Juice will be your biggest expense while vaping, but like a lot of things in life it is worthwhile investing in quality stuff as this is what you’ll be inhaling into your body on a daily basis.

Best Vape Mod Starter Kit – Best Online Vape Stores

Now you have an idea about the type of gear you’ll need, the next question is where do you get it from? Simple: buy it online, or, if you’re lucky enough to have a bricks and mortar vape shop nearby use them.

ultimate guide to vaping

I tend to do all my shopping online — clothes, shoes, food, vaping gear. It just suits my lifestyle better. But who are the best online vape retailers? I asked the VapeBeat staff the same question and together, with our 20+ year’s worth of vaping experience, we came up with the following list — The Best Online Vape Stores.

These retailers are AWESOME. They have great prices, tons of products and, most importantly, excellent customer service. We only recommend products and services we use ourselves and in our collective experience these retailers listed in The Best Online Vape Stores are the best by quite a margin, so be sure to send your business there way!

Connect With VapeBeat!

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Don’t be a stranger, come and say hello, we love connecting with readers and fellow vapers. Make sure to like, follow and connect with us on our social feeds. Your support means everything to us — and we always love getting feedback, positive or negative!