DO NOT Buy A Touchscreen Vape Mod Until You’ve Read This

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 05/09/17 •  3 min read

Touchscreen vape mods are like the stupidest thing EVER…

Your vape mod is not a phone, nor should it ever come close to being considered one. It is a means of vaping E Juice. That’s it. Period.

This is why I hate this trend for plopping touchscreens inside vape mods. It’s nonsensical. I know Nick enjoyed testing SMOK’s G-PRIV mod, but this is a subject I feel rather strongly about.

Putting touchscreen panels onto mods might seem like a natural progression, it makes they seem more futuristic and like your phone, but this is going way beyond the point of why you’re actually carrying the thing in the first place.

It’s for vaping. Simple. All it needs to do is regulate power, not blow up and ensure you’re vaping safely. If it does all these things, we can consider the device a success.

Adding another element into the mix that could inversely effect the performance of a mod overtime is just stupid, as it will break, either when you drop it or because it is poorly implemented, and when it does you’re left with a mod that is completely useless.

And good luck getting the manufacturer to admit it was their fault and refund you the money you paid for it; that’ll never happen – getting money out of vape companies is like sucking blood out of a stone.

Touchscreen Vape Mods Are Just Gimmicks

So don’t get sucked in by gimmicks. No one needs a touchscreen mod – no one! And this isn’t me being a grumpy old man, either. Just think about it: how many mods have you owned that have broken?

Mods are pretty simple, and they still break pretty easily. So why in hell would you strap around 16 additional levels of complexity to it? Simple: you wouldn’t – that’d be stupid because one that element breaks, the entire mod becomes useless.

Also: a mod is for vaping, it’s not for reading emails on, so a touchscreen, save for being a gimmick, is essentially a redundant feature. It’s really that simple: the entire concept is a gimmick designed to trick vapers into thinking the mod is more fancy than it actually is.

If you want a fancy mod, get one. The VaporShark DNA 250 is about as fancy as it gets. Ditto the Reuleaux DNA 250, which you can see pictured below. These mods have the best overall features and performance of any mods on the planet right now.

best-dna-250-mod best-dna-250-mod

If you value your vaping experience, you will ALWAYS look beyond silly gimmicks like touchscreens, in this context, and focus on what ACTUALLY makes a mod truly worth buying – things like power efficiency, battery performance, safety features and the chipset that powers everything along.

Drake Equation

Co-founder and Editor of VapeBeat. I make the words.

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