What CDB Does Joe Rogan Use?

What CDB Does Joe Rogan UsePin

Joe Rogan has one of the biggest podcasts in the world. He’s also responsible for a lot of peoples’ interest in CBD. But what does the man himself use?

I listen to the JRE pretty regularly. I like the guests he has on and Joe’s demeanor in general – he’s a cool guy. Over the years, his podcasts have pointed me in the direction of so many cool things it is impossible to list in one place.

Mostly books. Because of The Job Rogan Experience, way back in 2015, I also got into CBD. At the time, I was having some slight issues with anxiety, so, rather than taking beta-blockers, as my doctor advised, I figured I’d give CBD a whirl, see if it helped.

Again, it was a comment made by Joe Rogan about CBD that tempted me to give CBD a try. Here’s what he said: “I didn’t even know I had anxiety until I started taking CBD” – this was during the JRE episode with Tool frontman, Maynard James Keenan.

But What CBD Does Joe Rogan Actually Use?

Joe talks about CBD a lot, and as someone that listens to most of his shows, I still had no idea about what his favorite brand was. I decided to do some digging but I could not find anything concrete. Until the other day…

Turns out JRE is sponsored by one company; cbdMD – a US-based, high-quality CBD company. cbdMD also sponsors a couple of other podcasts too: Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and Your Mom’s House.

What CDB Does Joe Rogan Use?What CDB Does Joe Rogan Use?

I didn’t find this out, however, until well into my CBD journey – like a good five years into taking the stuff. Since then, I’ve tried and tested hundreds of CBD brands – from vape juice oil to edibles and oil.

My current favorite brands are listed here.

cbdMD Review – Is it Legit?

At the start of 2020, I decided to see what the deal with cbdMD was, so I ordered about $300 worth of CBD gear from them – edibles, oils, tinctures, and some skin-based stuff.

The CBD industry at large is a bit like the wild west. There is ZERO regulation at the moment and plenty of cowboys. I have used some truly terrible stuff over the years, poor quality stuff that clearly wasn’t CBD – just flavored oil with CBD extract.

This is why it is super-important to ALWAYS go with legit companies. How do you know a CBD company is legit? One of the easiest ways to tell is to check the company’s site – dodgy companies are fairly easy to spot.

cbdMD bundlePin
The Perfect CBD Bundle To Get Started With – Inc. Oil (For Under Tongue), A Topical (Post Workout), and Gummies (For Eating) – VIEW DETAILS HERE

They won’t list ingredients, they won’t have a proper address, they might have a bunch of TV and/media sites linked on their home page, claiming positive coverage, but a simple Google search will reveal this is complete bunk.

Even good-looking websites can sell dodgy, low-grade stuff. It is always best to stick with trusted, vetted CBD brands. This way, you know you’re getting quality stuff – but remember quality comes at a premium.

If you’re paying WAY below the market average for CBD, chances are its GMO or, worse, synthetic CBD that isn’t natural or sourced from the USA. With CBD, cheap is never good. The good stuff is always reassuringly expensive.

On cbdMD’s site, you’ll see that not only are its labs FDA approved, but it also has a super-detailed FAQ section and lists ALL the ingredients used in its products – all USA-grown and non-GMO.

And they do a range of CBD products too – from CBD bath bombs to topical and CBD for pets. Yes, your dog can take CBD. If you have a pooch with anxiety, CBD is a great way to help them calm down, as you can see HERE and HERE.

Better Sleep, Less Anxiety = Happier Days

I started taking CBD for anxiety back in 2015. I no longer suffer from anxiety and, although my case was mild, just some tightness in the throat and nervous energy, it was still pretty alarming. CBD helped me manage it better.

Since then, however, I have noticed a bunch of other side benefits from taking CBD. My moods were WAY more balanced; no more losing my shit as soon as something went wrong. Instead, I just remained calm and in the moment.

Another? It helps MASSIVELY with cravings. If you’re trying to quit smoking, CBD oil has been shown to reduce nicotine cravings by as much as 40%. I vape, obviously, so I haven’t tested this out personally, but it is certainly good to know for when I do eventual stop.

In another test, conducted in 2014, where CBD was injected into mice with Alzheimer’s Disease, the compound was shown to reduce symptoms associated with the disease. It also reduced social withdrawal and improved their facial recognition skills, thanks to CBD’s neuroprotective properties.

Most people – myself included – take CBD for anxiety, or for improving their mood. But there are a ton of side-benefits associated with the compound that science is only just beginning to discover.

Even THC, the compound in cannabis that gets you high, is now being shown to have dramatic effects on all manner of ills and diseases. As someone that has smoked pot for A LONG TIME, I’m well aware of the benefits of weed. But, again, it is nice to see science finally coming around to its benefits.

CBD For DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

Since lockdown, I’ve been working out quite a bit and, as a result, have experienced my fair share of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness).

I tried cbdMD’s skin products for this, applying it to potential sore spots immediately after my workout and before bed, and, to my surprise, it worked.

No more DOMS or, following really intense workouts, massively reduced DOMS. Like from a solid 10 to a totally manageable 6 or even 5 (on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 meaning I CANNOT WALK).

cbd for DOMsPin

My current lineup of CBD skincare products is THIS and THIS. Both are excellent options, not only for your skin (I use them as a moisturizer too) but also for muscle aches, cramps, and DOMS.

The main benefit of CBD skincare products is that you don’t need to ingest them orally or via a vaporizer. This means literally ANYONE can use them. However, topical CBD isn’t as fast-acting as vaped CBD or CBD that is taken under the tongue via a dropper.

Topical CBD can also transfer from your skin to someone else’s – a child or a pet, for instance – so this is something you will definitely want to keep in mind. Personally, I’ve never had any issues with either of these things (I have a Jack Russel and a 14-month-old son), but it is worth noting if you’re new to this CBD thing.

Why I Don’t Vape CBD Anymore

I vape quite a bit. I have a site dedicated to helping people quit smoking by using vaping devices. But since about 2016, I have stopped vaping CBD. The reason? Simple: I find that orally taking CBD is far more effective. It acts quicker and, generally speaking, is more convenient.

Also: when you fill your vape tank with CBD, you’re literally vaping CBD all day long. Do this for a week or two and you’ll burn through your CBD far too quickly – and CBD vape juice is not cheap.

I also don’t like mixing my CBD with nicotine either. Or running multiple vape setups. I have A LOT of vape products in my office, but I tend to only use one or two devices at a time. Usually a pod vape and a vape tank/vape mod combo.

I now exclusively use CBD tincture oil to get CBD into my system. I use far less this way, get the desired effects, and have saved myself a small fortune in the process. I literally use a couple of droppers a day. And that’s it. My 30ML bottles, when used in this manner, usually last over a month.

Benefits of Taking CBD Orally

  1. CBD Oil is Cheaper – CBD vape juice, while popular, is a very expensive way to get CBD into your body. You’re paying a premium for the CBD and then another charge for the vape juice itself. This is why CBD vape juice is so expensive. My advice? Keep your CBD and vape juice separate.
  2. Orally Ingested CBD Acts Fastest – Sublingual medications (when you apply the stuff under the tongue) are the quickest and safest way to get stuff (CBD) into your bloodstream. Usually within 10 to 15 minutes. Vaporizers are the fastest by quite a margin, but not everybody vapes or has access to a vaporizer.
  3. You Don’t Need To Have A Vaporizer If you don’t vape and you don’t own a vaporizer, using CBD oil and/or tinctures is a great way of getting CBD into your system without having to use or invest in a vaporizer. It also keeps your lungs free from any potential toxins and damage too.
  4. Loads of Flavors To Choose From – If you find the taste of CBD a little funky, most places sell CBD oil in a range of flavors. I personally don’t mind the taste of pure CBD oil, though I admit it took my quite some time to acquire a taste for it. If you cannot stomach it, go with a fruity or sweet-flavored CBD oil instead.
  5. Available In High Doses – CBD tinctures are cheaper than edibles and vape juice. For this reason, plus the fact you’ll use less of it, you should always go with the highest possible concentration. I like 2000MG or 5000MG. When I use these higher-strength CBD oils, I’ll take maybe one dropper a day. And that’s it. In the long run, this saves me a ton of cash (even if the higher strength stuff is more expensive to buy).

Anything Else I Need To Know?

Nope. That’s about everything, I think. Joe Rogan is sponsored by cbdMD which means he likely gets a TON of free stuff from them. For this reason, it is likely that Joe Rogan’s most used CBD is from cbdMD.

And if you’re interested in check out CBD for yourself, you can view cbdMD’s entire range of products HERE. If you’re new to CBD, I would strongly recommend you start with some CBD tincture oil, the stuff you drop under your tongue. Or a bundle of products, so you can see which works best for you.

This is the one I have been using for the last 6-9 months.

What CDB Does Joe Rogan Use?Pin

This is the type of CBD that has always given me the best results. I like edibles too, but they’re too slow acting. Topical CBD is great if you’re into sports and/or work out a lot and want to get rid of aches and pains, as well as DOMS.

But for most people, the best – and most cost-effective way – of getting into CBD and accessing its benefits will be with a CBD oil that you can drip under your tongue. Right now, this is my go-to CBD oil – the one I use most days.

It’s pricey but a bottle of this stuff tends to last me around 2 months; you won’t need to use it every day and, because it is a high strength, the effects will be felt almost immediately. As noted earlier, I always use the highest strength possible because it means I need to take less CBD to get the best results possible.

And this, over the course of a month or six, saves me a mountain of cash compared to use cheaper, low-strength CBD oil.


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