Best CBD Oil For Vaping: 2020’s #1 Picks For Quality, Purity & Flavor

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 10/25/20 •  7 min read

CBD Oil is a fantastic substance. And you can vape CBD too. Derived from the cannabis plant, it brings TONS of useful applications to my life (and it won’t get you high!!)

Best CBD Oil For Vape Tanks

Our #1 Pick For Flavor
Best Full Spectrum CBD Blend
GRN CBD Vanilla Custard CBD Vape Juice
500MG to 1500MG
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Best For Sub-Ohm/RDA Tanks
Best For Value For Money
Pink Koi CBD Vape Juice
100MG, 250MG, 500MG & 1000MG

Best CBD Oil For Under The Tongue

If you don’t want to vape your CBD, the best way to consume CBD oil is by dripping it under your tongue. Personally, I much prefer this method for ingesting CBD.

I do vape, but I like to keep my CBD separate. And the main reason for this is cost – if you vape CBD, you’ll burn through it in no time. Whereas with CBD oil for under your tongue, it’ll last a lot longer as you consume way less.

CBD is expensive, so you want to save it for special occasions – after a workout, when you’re super-stressed, or when you’re hungover. I like my CBD oil strong – 2000MG to 5000MG – because it means I use less and the bottle lasts me longer.

What CDB Does Joe Rogan Use?

I also ONLY use high-quality, full-spectrum CBD oil that is non-GMO. In the past 18 months, I’ve personally tested around 60 CBD brands. But right now my #1 choice for quality and potency is CBDmd – aka Joe Rogan’s CBD of choice.

CBDmd has an extensive range of CBD products – from bath bombs to topicals and creams. But it is its full-spectrum CBD oil that I like the most. I use this one – it’s amazing. As of right now, CBDmd is our #1 pick for the best quality CBD on the market.

There are cheaper alternatives, sure, but these lack the quality and potency. And because I only use my CBD oil every few days, I can make one bottle last upwards of a month.

For now, this is the only CBD oil I am using. I’ll update this post when I test something better. Until then, if you want the best CBD oil for taking orally, I’d 100% advise you to pay CBDmd a visit and pick up some of its high-strength, full-spectrum CBD oil.

You can check out the full range here.

Will CBD Get Me High?

First things first: vaping CBD oil DOES NOT get you high.

It is derived from the cannabis plant. But it is NOT the same as smoking and/or vaporizing actual cannabis.

In order to get high, you need THC to be present.

There is ZERO THC in CBD oil.

This is why it is legal.

I got into CBD oil kinda by accident, but also because I’m an information junky and I’ll try anything once if it gets me results.

A few years back I started suffering from migraines and anxiety, a lovely combination.

It sucked. Big time.

Best CBD Oil For Vaping: 2020's #1 Picks For Quality, Purity & Flavor

Why CBD ROCKS! (Image Source)

I think most of it was down to my lifestyle at the time; lots of partying and lots of drinking, as well as lots of exercise, lots of working, and no meat (I was a vegan back then).

The doctor says I burnt myself out. This was my system’s way of telling me to slow down.

Sick of feeling like crap all the time, I reeled in my more outlandish habits and focussed on relaxing more.

Nothing really happened until I fixed my diet though; I started eating proper protein again – only organic, grass-fed stuff, mind – and things started to improve.

I felt stronger and recovered better after exercise.

But I still had pangs of anxiety that simply would not quit.

CBD and Anxiety

I had no history of it, no prior experiences with, no mental illness, no nothing, basically.

It just turned up out of the blue and kicked me in the nuts.

And it kept on doing it for the best part of a year.

This was before I started VapeBeat as well, so circa 2015.

Does CBD Work For Anxiety? 

Kinda. It definitely helped me A LOT – and there is a lot of science to support this.

The Permanente Journal published a study reporting that 79% of participants experienced a reduction in anxiety. Hence, these preliminary results on the positive effects of CBD have made mental health advocates to consider CBD for anti-anxiety effects.

Even though the way CBD works to treat anxiety isn’t fully understood, it hasn’t stopped millions of people in need of symptom relief from using CBD. It is reported in a 2019 Gallup Poll that 14% of Americans use CBD – Health Europe

CBD basically helps in the production of anandamide, which is the brain’s bliss molecule.

And I think we could all do with a bit more of that in our lives!

I started taking CBD back in 2015, and it’s a habit I’ve kept up ever since.

I don’t bosh it all day long, but I’ll have some in the morning and some in the evening.

How I Take CBD Oil?

Some like to use pod mods for CBD, and that’s cool. But the thing is, once you’ve loaded a pod mod with E Juice it is next to impossible to get the liquid out again. So, if your coil goes you’ve wasted a ton of CBD.

Also: CBD isn’t cheap, either. You don’t want to be wasting any – not even the smallest drop. For this reason, I now always use a dripper RDA for my getting my CBD in.

Recoil Rebel RDA

I like to use RDAs with my CBD vape juice. That way, I get the best possible flavor

This way, I never waste any CBD, get massive flavor, and once the CBD is gone, I can switch back to E Juice and go about my day. If you don’t use RDAs, I’d advise you to get one for the sole purpose of consuming CDD E Juice.

My top picks for RDAs right now are listed below:


best rda

District F5VE Layercake

(Best For BIG Builds)


best RDA


(2020's Finest Flavor Monster)


top rda tank 2019


(Amazing Deck & Flavor)


best single coil RDA


(Best For Mesh & Flavor)


If you’d like more information on each of these rebuildable drip atomizers, please check out our Top RDA Tank Guide.

How Does CBD Make Me Feel?

Happy, basically. A lot more content with things. It’s odd because it’s not a “high” per se; it’s more of a grounding-type feeling.

You feel more “in-sync” with yourself, and there’s a really nice, mild euphoric feeling as well.

I mean, it’s not like your stoned, you just feel more wholeness and content.

It’s hard to explain, but it is a lovely feeling.

CBD and Exercise

This one is weird. I’ve found that vaping CBD oil before I work out and right after seems to help.

I thought this was just anecdotal, just me being something of a freak.

But after some Googling, I discovered that many top-flight athletes use it for recovery and focus when training.

Best Place To Buy CBD Oil?

There are A LOT of options. Like, way too many to list.

I’ve tried a bunch between 2015 and now, but my regular suppliers – the brands I use and trust – are the ones listed at the top of this post.

I’ve included them again below to save you scrolling back to the top of this post again.

Our #1 Pick For Flavor
Best Full Spectrum CBD Blend
GRN CBD Vanilla Custard CBD Vape Juice
500MG to 1500MG
We earn a commission if you click this link – commissions help keep this site going.
Best For Sub-Ohm/RDA Tanks
Best For Value For Money
Pink Koi CBD Vape Juice
100MG, 250MG, 500MG & 1000MG

Let me know how you get along with CBD; you can shout me on Twitter (@vapebeat).

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