Why Your E Juice Tastes Harsh (And How To Fix It…)

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If you’re new to vaping, you might not be aware that the type of E Juice you use can affect the way your vape tastes.

I made this mistake back in the day too, so don’t worry – it’s an easy one to make.

First, you need to establish whether or not it is the juice or your tank’s coil – it could be a dry hit, for instance.

What’s a dry hit?

Simple: a dry hit on a vape is when you get a burnt taste while vaping.

If this happens you have a burnt atomizer – meaning: it’s not your juice’s fault; it’s the coil!

If it doesn’t taste burnt, but it is still too harsh you have the wrong mix of E Juice inside your tank.

Bottomline: if the E Juice tastes like ass or the E Juice is way too harsh and it makes you cough, then you need to change a few things.

The first is simple…

Make Sure Your E Juice Has Correct PG/VG Ratio

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PG and VG (as well as nicotine) are the main constituents that makeup E Juice, alongside flavorings.

PG and VG have different effects on the smoothness of your E Juice. And the differences, once you know them are simple to remember:

✎ High PG = More of A Throaty, Harsh Hit (Best For Pod Mods & MTL Tanks)
✎ High VG = Smoother Hit (Ideal For Sub Ohm Tanks & RDAs)

So… if you’re rocking a standard sub ohm tank, like the UWELL Valyrian, for instance, you’ll want a heavy VG mix – something like 80/20 (VG/PG).

This will ensure the E Juice is super-smooth on the inhale and packed with flavor.

Best Tanks For High VG E Juice

Again, this is pretty simple: if you’re using a tank that is direct-to-lung (DTL) and vapes at high wattages, meaning 99.9% of RDAs, RTAs, and standard sub ohm vape tanks, you’ll want high VG E Juice.

Why’s this?

Simple: it’s smooth and full of flavor.

If you try high PG juice on a dripper or inside an RTA, you’ll end up coughing your guts up.

It’s just too harsh!

This is why high VG juices are more popular than high PG juices – most people use sub ohm vape tanks, RDAs, or RTAs.

OK, So What’s The Point of High PG E Juice Then?

High PG E Juice has a place in the vaping world. And it is very useful when used inside the right tank.

If you’re using higher PG E Juice – say, 50/50 or 60/40 mixes – you’re going to get massive flavor and a really satisfying throat hit.

However, you only EVER want to use this type of juice inside mouth-to-lung vape tanks (MTL) as that’s what higher PG juice is designed for.

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MTL tanks are designed to more closely resemble the sensation of smoking; they draw just like a cigarette.

For this reason, high VG juice doesn’t really cut it – you need something that hits your throat.

This is where high PG E Juice comes into its own.

You get tons of flavor and a satisfying MTL throat-hit.

If you’re interested in this style of vaping, make sure you check out our Guide To The Best MTL Vape Tanks (Rebuildable & Non-Rebuildable).

A Quick Recap… On Why Your E Juice Tastes Harsh

✎ Higher VG E Juice  = Sub Ohm Vape Tanks, RDAs, RTAs, RDTAs

✎ Higher PG E Juice = MTL Vape Tanks, Clearomizers, & Pod Mods

2018’s Most Popular E Juice Brands & Flavors (Macro-Study)

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Wanna Know What The Most Popular E Juice is Based On 100,000s of Sales? Read This: 2018’s Most Popular E Juice Brands & Flavors

If you’re looking for top-quality E Juice, and you want to know what’s most popular right now, you have got to check out this little study we put together…

In a bid to find out what the most popular brands and flavors were during the past 12 months, we did some data mining with one of the biggest US retailers.

This helped us to isolate and rank the 18 Most Popular E Juice Brands & Flavors For 2018.

If you’re ever unsure about a new flavor, or you’re struggling to find a new E Juice, use this list of 2018’s Most Popular E Juice Brands.

It’s based on hundreds of thousands of sales, so it basically highlights the best E Juice brands around right now based on consumption.

That’s why we decided to do it.

We wanted to know what people were vaping on a macro-scale.

The results were super interesting too, as you can see in the 2018’s Most Popular E Juice Brands

I’ve tried most of them, but there were I few that I hadn’t. Following the publishing of the data, I went out and checked out the flavors I hadn’t tried and, you know what?

They were AWESOME!

Check out the full post here: 2018’s Most Popular & Best Selling E Juice Brands.

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