How To Buy CBD In The UK: A Quick ’N Easy Buying Guide

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How To Buy CBD In The UK – where I get mine, how I use it, and the results I have gotten. Is CBD just what the doctor ordered when it comes to anxiety, headaches, and pain management? 

Interested in CBD? Wanna buy CBD? Unsure how to proceed?

Fear not, you’re in the right place.

I have plenty of experience with CBD, and so too will a lot more people in the coming months and years.


Simple: it’s a marvellous (and completely legal) supplement that more and more people are using for things like pain management, anxiety, and migraines.

And this isn’t some New Age bullsh**t, either.

Most of the cool stuff you’ve heard about CBD is actually true; it’s great for anxiety, relaxation, sleep, pain management, and keeping migraines at bay.

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CBD is NOT Cannabis Like You Think of Cannabis

I know what you’re thinking: CBD is weed; and that’s what druggies and stoners smoke.

CBD will not get you high. Not even a little.

THC – the stuff that ACTUALLY gets you stoned – is not present in any commercial CBD products.

This means you get all the benefits of CBD, just without getting stoned out of your brains.

And this is what makes CBD products so popular; you can use them at work or when you’re out and about without feeling any ill effects.

Why I Use CBD Products?

I don’t use them religiously, but back in 2016/17, I went through some issues with anxiety.

It kinda just popped out of nowhere and took me completely by surprise. I went to the doctors and he prescribed me some beta blockers!

Not wanting to take these rather potent pharmaceutical drugs, I explored other, more natural approaches.

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THC vs. CBD (IMG Source)


I kept hearing about CBD oil and CBD products.

I’ve smoked plenty of weed in my time, so I was kind of taken aback that an active ingredient found in the cannabis plant could actually help with anxiety!

Normally, whenever I used to smoke pot, it was the other way around.

Feeling like my back was against the wall, I decided to give the CBD a whirl.

Best Place To Buy CBD In UK?

I got myself a CBD vape pen, a disposable one, as I didn’t want to spend £50-£60 on something that didn’t actually work.

To my surprise, it helped immensely.

My sleep improved that very night and during the course of the next few days, the tightness that had been present in my throat and chest for months started to wane.

CBD and Slight Euphoria – An Awesome Byproduct!

But before that, I noticed little things. A slight euphoria for one that was so subtle I almost missed it; it just felt like I was in a really good mood.

I did a quick Google on this, as it was a rather lovely side-effect, and found this post on Reddit, where a guy experiences similar things when he takes CBD.

I just want to clarify: this is NOT the same as being high – not even close.

It reminded me of when I was a kid and really happy and content. Only this time I was running some errands in the car, rocking out to Guns ’N Roses.

The first inkling that something was up was that I couldn’t stop smiling. I also remember thinking how pretty the sky and clouds looked.

Either way, it really helped. And this, along with the longer term effects, has more or less made me a CBD convert!

This was 18 months back.

Since then, I’ve upped my exercise (more cardio) and given up my vegan diet (I now do keto) and I haven’t had any symptoms of anxiety since.

So, yeah, I can pretty confidently say that CBD has helped me A LOT.

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Where To Buy CBD In The UK?

If you’re in the UK, you have LOADS of options when it comes to places that sell CBD oil.

But I tend to use CBD Asylum for mine, as they do a range of products including E Juices.

They also have a wicked disposable CBD vape pen (£24.99), which is ideal if you just want to test the waters.

Hope this helped!

I hope this article has helped you develop a better understanding of CBD oil and CBD products in general.

Got any questions, hit me up on Facebook or Twitter (@vapebeat).

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