All In One Vape vs. Traditional Vape Mod Kit: What’s The Difference?


All in one vape kits aren’t new. Not by a long shot. But they have changed quite a bit in the last couple of years.

Back in the day, an all in one vape kit was essentially a crappy, cig-alike device usually sold in 7/11s and garages.

And they sucked. They tasted bad. And you 100% did not want to be using them.

But then things changed…

Pod mod vapes arrived on the scene, following the success of JUUL, and you now have TONS of good options for all in one vape kits.

Personally, I never recommend JUUL; it costs too much to run and the battery life sucks.

Instead, we recommend pod mod vapes that allow you to use your own E Juice and run on large internal batteries.

And our current pick for the best right now are logged here: VapeBeat’s Guide To The Best Pod Mod Vapes (That Are Better Than JUUL).

All In One Vape vs. Traditional Vape Mod Kit: What’s The Difference?

Traditional Box Mods: An Overview…

Traditional vape mods kits normally consist of a vape mod and a vape tank. They come in all shapes and sizes, but mostly you have a battery-powered mod and a tank that you fill with E Juice.

Once the mod is powered on, you can adjust the wattage, use temperature control if that’s your bag, and generally customize how your tank vapes.

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The dotmod dotbox is One of The Most Eye-Catching And Beautiful Vape Mods on The Planet. For Design, Features, and Good-Looks, Nothing Else Comes Close. It Is Rather Pricey Though…

Box mods are great for this express reason. I tend to use box mods almost 100% of the time because they offer the most power, the best battery life, and are simple to use.

Plus, you can swap around your tanks.

This means you’re not limited to the tank the mod came with; you can use RTAs and RDAs as well.

And having more choice is always a good thing.

Interested in finding out what the top-rated box mods are right now?

Check out VapeBeat’s Guide To The #1 Vape Mods On The Planet Right Now.

Pod Mods: An Overview…

Pod mods are completely different.

They’re all in one vape devices and this means less moving parts, less customization, and less control over what you’re doing.

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If You Don’t Mind Paying A Little Extra, The Lost Vape Orion Pod Vape Is A Seriously Good All In One Vape Kit. It Carries The Most Advanced Vape Chip On The Market (DNA Go) And It Looks Utterly BADASS

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it’s ideal if you’re after something simple.

But there are some caveats you need to be aware of:

  • You Need To Run Nic Salts or High PG E Juice In Them
  • Some Are NOT Refillable (Like JUUL)
  • Battery Life Varies Greatly Between Devices
  • Most All In One Vapes Are MTL Devices

The importance of Nic Salts E Juice is of paramount importance here.

You need high nicotine juice in pod mods because they produce way less vapor. In order to get a decent hit, Nic Salts are a must.

Failing that, you’ll want to use higher PG E Juice with 12-18MG nicotine.

Personally, I think you’re 100% better off with Nic Salts E Juice, as it is smoother when vaping.

The #1 Most Important Thing You Need To Know About All In One Vapes…

JUUL and plenty of other vape brands DO NOT let you use your own E Juice in their devices.

You have to buy proprietary pods direct from them (or compatible third-party options).

This is WAY more expensive than buying your own E Juice and refilling the pods yourself.

This is why all the all in one vape kits we recommenced inside our Guide To The Best Pod Mod Vapes are 100% open-systems, meaning you can use your own E Juice.

The other thing that’s super important?

Battery life! I cannot stress this enough…

All In One VapePin
The MiPod – This is Currently Our #1 Rated Pod Mod (All In One Vape) Kit Right Now. It Looks Amazing and It Vapes Brilliantly. A True Classic In The Making This One…

If you get an all in one vape with a small battery, you will 100% regret it.

The JUUL’s battery life absolutely sucks. It is terrible. Like 2-3 hours with normal vaping.

And that just isn’t good enough. Not if you’re looking to kick a smoking habit.

You need something reliable that will last a full day – or as close to a full day as possible.

For this reason, make sure you get an all in one vape with a decent sized battery like the ones listed inside our Best All In One Vape Guide. If you need even longer battery life, you can look at an external 18650 device like the Voopoo Vinci X2

Bottomline: Are Vape Mods ACTUALLY Better Than Pod Mods?

If you asked me personally, I’d say yes – they are a lot better than all in one vape kits.

And the reason for this is simple: they’re more customizable, they have better battery performance, and you can switch things up with the style of tank you’re using.

If you want a good idea of the top-rated vape mods right now, make sure you check out VapeBeat’s Guide To The Best Box Mods: Our #1 Picks For Right Now.

However… pod mods (or all in one vape kits) do have a place in the vaping arena.

They’re ideal for brand new vapers that just want to get off of cigarettes immediately.

Pod mod vapes are also A LOT easier and less complicated to use and set up than a traditional vape mod kit.

So, if you’re coming off the smokes and you want something simple, an all in one vape kit is definitely an option.

You just need to make sure you get a good one!

Fortunately, we have a guide that will show exactly what to get and you can check out it here: The Best Pod Vape Kits (Ideal For Beginners).

Need Help? No Problem.

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