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GeekVape NOVA Kit Review | Stunning Mod & Cerberus Tank is Brilliant

GeekVape NOVA KitPin

Is the GeekVape NOVA Kit one of the best all-in-one kits around right now? I just spent a month with it to find out…

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The GeekVape NOVA Kit is perhaps one of the most interesting vape kits I’ve tested in a good long while.

You get an eye-catching box mod, adorned with resin accents, and a very, very good mesh coil tank that goes by the name of Cerberus.

Combined, they make for a heady combination. Perhaps one of the best in the business right now.

I just spent a solid month testing out the GeekVape NOVA Kit, so read on for my full report.

GeekVape NOVA Kit Review

GeekVape NOVA KitPin
The Box


From the packaging to the overall look and finish of the GeekVape NOVA Kit, I knew I was in for a good time.

You can almost hear the quality humming inside the box before you open it.

This was a surprise kit for me as well; I didn’t know it was coming and then it just turned up on my doorstep.

I quickly unboxed it and what I found was immediately pleasing to my eyes: a traditional box mod made from metal and decked out with a stunning resin accent.

GeekVape NOVA KitPin
The Back Profile

As anyone that regularly reads VapeBeat will know, these types of mods are my favorite.

I like the way they look, the way they feel, and how sturdy they are.

Exact dimensions for the mod are as follows: 88mm x 52mm x 25mm, and it weighs in at just 120g – not bad for a chunky box mod.

You have a circular fire key on the side that sits just above the mod’s OLED display. Below this is your power keys (one for up, one for down).

GeekVape NOVA KitPin
Side Profile; OLED Display; Power Keys

There’s also a USB port for firmware updates as well, though I haven’t had any since I’ve been using the mod.

The buttons are well positioned, you can easily find them without looking, and they have a nice click and travel to them.

To me, it reminds me of the VooPoo DRAG. Only a little more sophisticated. It’s also lighter too, and that is a pretty impressive feat given the GeekVape NOVA Kit’s build materials.

I prefer it to the VooPoo VMATE, and pretty much every other mod I’ve tested this year as well.

The battery door, which is essentially the entire back panel of the mod, slips off very easily. You access it via an indent on the exterior and it just pulls off.

The GeekVape NOVA Kit runs two 18650 cells, so you’ve got plenty of battery power at your disposal, though there is no support for larger cells like 21700 and the like.

GeekVape NOVA KitPin
All Color Options (Click Here For More Details)

There are also multiple color options for the resin finish, as you can see above. My review unit is the Gunmetal and Onyx Resin version.

GeekVape NOVA Box Mod Vaping Modes

As always, you have a TON of vaping modes and features inside this handsome little chap.

The mod is powered by GeekVape’s AS chipset which delivers lightning quick power (10 milliseconds) and solid stability all the way up to 200W.

Again, like the VooPoo DRAG, this mod hits fast and hard. The benefit of this is that you can run it at lower wattages than normal and still get a seriously good vape.

The upshot of this is that you save battery life without sacrificing any flavor or performance.

GeekVape NOVA KitPin
Fully Assembled

TC is present, and so too is bypass mode. As always, I tested these as best I could, despite not using either in my normal day-to-day vaping, and they all worked fine.

Personally, I prefer wattage mode. And I think most mods – especially those under $100 – are best off being using in this mode.

The GeekVape NOVA Kit is fine for TC vaping, but I think it’s best when it is used in power mode.

Also, I don’t really like fiddling around with wattage curve modes and the like. But if that’s your thang, then the GeekVape NOVA Kit is a solid performer in this regard.

Basically, it does everything you could possibly want from a vape mod and this, to me, makes it great for novice and beginner vapers alike.

GeekVape NOVA Kit Safety Features

The GeekVape NOVA Kit packs in a raft of safety features too, which make this box mod ideal for first-time vapers.

You have the following safety features courtesy of the AS chipset:

  • Battery Reverse Protection
  • Switch Timeout Protection
  • Overheat Protection
  • Over Charging Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection

GeekVape NOVA Performance

How’s it perform? In a word: brilliantly.

I haven’t been this impressed by a vape mod since I first tested the VooPoo DRAG.

It’s one thing to look good, but when those good looks are backed up by excellent, reliable performance you know you’re on to a winner.

The GeekVape NOVA Kit does everything that I want from a mod. The menu system is easy to navigate and the vaping modes, while not to everyone’s tastes, are all present and accounted for.

GeekVape NOVA KitPin
Up Close On The Resin

I ran sub ohm tanks, RDAs and RTAs on the GeekVape NOVA and it handled them all with aplomb.

You can lock the atty resistance too, which is great if you’re using rebuildable tanks. What impressed me the most, however, was just how simple this mod is to use and live with.

It just gets on with its job with zero fuss or fanfare.

You can set it up in the morning and just forget about it. The battery life is excellent, thanks to GeekVape’s excellent AS chipset which ensures power is efficiently managed.

GeekVape NOVA KitPin
How The Back Panel Comes Off

You have more than enough power to play with (200W) and support for a variety of vaping modes and styles.

Bottomline: GeekVape hit it out the park with this one. And it did it using traditional methods. Not fancy nonsense like a Bluetooth speaker or voice controls.

It’s just a great-looking, honest-to-goodness box mod. The type of mod you buy and live with for months and months without ever getting the urge to try something new.

GeekVape Cerberus Sub Ohm Mesh Tank Review

If you thought the GeekVape NOVA mod was good… well, I saved the best for last.

The Cerberus vape tank is phenomenal for a kit tank. It basically ruined the UWELL UForce during my side-by-side test with its excellent flavor and super-long-lasting coils.

GeekVape NOVA KitPin
The AWESOME Cerberus Tank
GeekVape NOVA KitPin
The Mesh Coil

The Cerberus is a simple tank, it runs a single mesh coil, and the flavor and airflow are great. It’s simple on the outside but it REALLY performs where it counts: flavor and coil performance.

My first mesh coil lasted almost two weeks, the second one is now still going as I write this review.

I liked the Cerberus sub ohm tank so much, I’ve been using it as my daily driver since I first got this kit through in the mail.

It’s really that good.

And when you attach it to the GeekVape NOVA mod, well… you’ve got yourself one of the best vape kits on the market right now.

This one comes highly recommended 🙂 No wonder it’s ranked so highly inside our Best Vape Mods Guide.

Best Place To Buy GeekVape NOVA Kit?

DirectVapor | $71.95 (FREE SHIPPING)

(UK) HeavensGifts | £71.64

Need Help? No problem.

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