Best Mesh Coil Tank 2022: The #1 Options

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 01/24/22 •  8 min read

All the best mesh coil tank options, RANKED N’ REVIEWED, for your viewing pleasure. Say goodbye to flat flavor and coils that burn out too quickly! It’s Mesh Coil TIME!

Best Mesh Coil Tank 2022

  1. Freemax Fireluke 2
  2. Freemax Fireluke 2

    Rocking some of the most impressive mesh coils in the business, the Fireluke 2 by Freemax is a firm favorite of ours. This tank is beyond impressive, it kicks out RDA-grade flavor and the coils last for weeks between changes. The tank itself is essentially flawless, so if you’re looking for a new flavor banger to add to your collection, this is it.

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  3. SMOK TFV9 Tank
  4. SMOK TFV9 Tank

    The SMOK TFV9, for this reason, is a brilliant option for anyone that wants massive clouds and huge flavor. This tank is designed to be run at high wattages, so if that’s your thang, the SMOK TFV9 is the one to go for…

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    We earn a commission if you click this link – commissions help keep this site going.

Are Mesh Coils Better?

If you’re using sub-ohm tanks to vape, you 100% should be using one that supports mesh coils, as they’re vastly superior to standard coil systems.

Whether you’re talking about flavor or the longevity of the coil head itself, mesh coils are infinitely better than their standard sub-ohm tank counterparts. And the reason for this is simple: the design of the coil head, the layout of the coil material, allow for a more even and balanced vape.

They also deliver better flavor too which is always a bonus.

This is why most of the tanks in our Best Vape Tank Guide are mesh coil tanks.

So if you’ve been using standard coils and felt a little shortchanged by them, it is definitely advisable that you try mesh coils.

Most “new” vape tanks now support mesh coils as well, all you have to do is select the mesh coil option when you buy one.

Which Is Best Overall?

When you test as many vape tanks as I do – mesh coil or otherwise – you get to know, almost intuitively, whether a tank is going to be good or not from the very first hit. And in my experience, pretty much anything from Horizon Tech from the last several years has always made a great first impression.

The Horizon Tech Falcon King is currently ranked as the #1 best vape tank inside our best vape tank guide. And the reason? It is a brilliant mesh coil tank that is not only expertly designed and 100% leak-proof, but it has some of the best mesh coils on the market. These coils deliver unprecedented flavor, as good as any RDA, and the coils themselves last for weeks at a time.

When I’m using a mesh coil tank, which isn’t that often these days, this is the ONLY tank I have been using as a daily driver for the past 12 months. It really is that good. This is a sentiment shared by the team as well – we’re all converts to Horizon Tech’s way of doing things. I do like the Freemax Fireluke 2 and Mesh Pro too. But I do think the Falcon King has a slight edge in the flavor department.

And for me, flavor – as well as coil longevity – is the most important thing when considering a new mesh coil tank. As of right now, so early-2022, there isn’t a better mesh coil tank on the market than the Falcon King. It is well priced, it delivers exceptional flavor, and its coils are more or less unbeatable in every regard.

What more could you want from a mesh coil tank!?

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