Freemax Gemm 25w Starter Kit: A Great First Vape!

Freemax Gemm 25w Starter Kit: A Great First Vape!Pin

Freemax is known for their durable, flavorful coil design. This past year Freemax has started to branch out into making small mods and starter kits to go with their coils and tanks. Today we check out the new Freemax Gemm starter kit.

Freemax Gemm Is The New Pod System

The new Freemax Gemm system is an awesome hybrid of a pod system, and a small mod setup. It’s main appeal is how small and light it is without being a “true” pod system. This is something different altogether and will appeal to a wide Audience.

I have been familiar with Freemax’s other products but the Gemm is totally new to me. One of my biggest gripes with the smaller pod systems is the sacrifice of flavor. Even some of the better systems like the RPM series still lacks that flavor you get with tradition sub-ohm tank.

Freemax Gemm 25w Starter Kit: A Great First Vape!Pin

Features And Design

The Freemax Gemm 25w kit screams “simplicity”. The kit is supposed to be easy to use and lightweight, with limited features without sacrificing flavor. The stats look like a run-of-the-mill pod system on the surface:

  • 25 Watts maximum power
  • 3 power modes
  • 1 button operation
  • LED battery indicator
  • Micro-USB charging
  • Two coil options
  • 2ml pod capacity
  • 1300 mah battery life
  • Comes in 3 colors

The main thing that Freemax has accomplished with their new system is the Gemm pod system. The Gemm pods look like and function just like a small sub-ohm tank. Each pod has a bottom adjustable airflow and is made of hard PMMA plastic.

What separates the Gemm from other pods is the entire pod itself is disposable. You just unscrew the pod from the 510 thread and throw it away. The pod is only 18mm in diameter and as tall as a small sub-ohm tank.

Where Freemax shines, is their coil technology. Freemax started the mesh coil craze over two years ago and have since dominated the market with their coils and tanks. Each Gemm Pod comes pre-loaded with a mesh style coil that is like a smaller version of their Fireluke tank’s coils.

The kit comes with two different Gemm Pods: One is for MTL vaping and is 1.0 ohm and the other is a DTL or “Open Lung” coil sitting at 0.5 ohms. This gives the a new vaper the option to try out both styles of vaping and each pod is suitable for any type of e-juice. The pods are clear so you can see your juice level.

The mod is a small, simple “stick style” battery that uses one button for all operations. Five clicks turns the mod on and off. Three clicks cycles through the 3 different power modes that automatically adjust for which pod you are using. Say that you are using the DTL 0.5 ohm coil. The mod automatically detects the ohm load and adjusts the power accordingly!

The mod comes in three different colors for the frame of the device. Each one retains the same gold inlay design on the side of the mod. This keeps branding to a minimum but adds a little extra “flair” to a device that would otherwise be very simple.

Freemax Gemm 25w Starter Kit: A Great First Vape!Pin

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Testing and Performance

I go into every “pod” style review with a little bit of a jaded heart. Some companies absolutely nail the idea of an ultra-portable vape device that is easy to maintain. But for every one of these good devices, there are five really terrible ones.

I was pleasantly surprised with the Freemax Gemm and I have used it for the past week or so whenever I leave the house. The mod is the lightest pod system I have ever used and only weighs 65 grams. It honestly feels like there is nothing in the mod! The tank is almost top heavy when full of juice.

Operating the mod is pretty easy with the one button operation. I tend to “set it and forget it” when it comes to wattage/power when I use a device long-term. Personally I like the highest setting as the medium/low setting seem very under powered. I tried an RDA that I was using on another mod and it fired right up! This is not ideal though, as the mod is very tiny and even a 22mm atomizer overhangs.

The real star of the show is the Gemm Pods. They are top-fill with a large fill port and a rubber stopper that keeps everything sealed tight. The drip tip on both of the pods is slightly slimmer than a regular 510 drip tip.

For what it is, the flavor is amazing! I was pleasantly surprised with both versions of the Gemm Pod. I started with the DTL 0.5 pod with freebase e-juice and used it the most this past week. The flavor is on par with larger sub-ohm tanks and I believe this is due to Freemax’s mesh design.

Over the time I have been using the kit I haven’t had any dry hits or problems with the Gemm Pods. The adjustable airflow works just like a regular sub-ohm tank and can be dialed in to your preference. I enjoyed the DTL pod wide open and i was impressed with the vapor production.

I tried the MTL Gemm Pod also, but I couldn’t really get the airflow dialed in the way I like it. The 1.0 ohm pods have what I would call a “loose” MTL even when the airflow is turned all the way down. So while I am sure plenty of people will enjoy the MTL pods, it’s just not my style.

The battery life is actually more than I expected. I got almost two days of use out of a full charge using the mod on the highest setting. The mod charges pretty fast too as I timed it at around 30 minutes for a full battery.

Freemax Gemm 25w Starter Kit: A Great First Vape!Pin

The Verdict

Freemax has quite a legacy when it comes to their outstanding coil design and I am proud to say they didn’t let me down with the Gemm Pod. The mod is small and light enough to be portable to replace your larger mod setups when you’re on the go. But you will not be losing any of the flavor of your favorite juices.

I love my larger mod setups like my dual battery Aegis. But it just isn’t practical to carry around such a large setup if I am taking a short trip to the store or going out to dinner. For these occasions I use a pod system…and i think I found a new favorite.

On the other side of that, this makes a perfect introduction to anyone just starting to vape. The mod is easy to use with only one button and a static LED screen. Likewise, the Gemm Pod is also easy to fill and use. The Gemm system never needs a coil change and is the most basic tank system i have ever used.

I know there are a ton of different pod mods out there these days. This is definitely one of the good ones for new vapers, and seasoned pros.

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