How To Take CBD Oil: The Most Common Ways Detailed

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Want to start taking CBD? Not sure how to take it properly? No problem. In this guide, we’ll show you the many different ways of taking CBD oil, so you can find the best method for you…

CBD stands for cannabidiol and it is a compound derived from either hemp or cannabis leafs.

Don’t worry, though, CBD won’t get you high – you need THC for that.

And CBD does not have any THC in it most of the time.

The only time it does is if you use full spectrum CBD. Then you’ll get trace elements of THC but these trace amounts will not be enough to illicit a narcotic effect.

You also have many different types of CBD products to consider as well, from oil and tinctures to vape juice and edibles like capsules and gummies.

Me? I like CBD oil the best because it is as close to its natural form as possible. There’s less processing involved. And it is purer.

Plus, with CBD oil, you can just use to dropper as and when you need it which means it lasts longer than gummies and vape juice because, with these, you tend to find yourself overusing (in my experience, anyway).

How To Take CBD Oil – My Preferred Method

CBD oil usually comes in a glass bottle with a dripper. You take the dripper out, squeeze the end, and this sucks some CBD oil into the dripper. Place the dripper under your tongue and squeeze out the CBD.

You’ll want to let the CBD sit under your tongue for a minute or two; this helps it to be absorbed quickly by the myriad capillaries under your tongue.

And that’s it! Simple, right? As I said earlier, with CBD oil, you’ll only need a few drops as and when you need it – if you’re feeling anxious, for instance, and you’ve just done an intense workout.

Next to vaping CBD, oil is one of the fastest ways to get CBD into your system – capsules and gummies take the longest (by far).

But if you cannot stand the taste of CBD oil, you do have options when it comes to adding CBD oil into your routine. Here’s some tips on how to take CBD oil at home by adding it to things like your coffee and smoothies…

Different Ways To Take CBD Oil At Home…

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1) Add It To Your Coffee

You can add a few drops of CBD to your morning coffee or tea. I do this when I make my bulletproof coffee in the mornings. I add butter, cinnamon, MCT oil, and CBD oil.

I then blend it all up in a food processor to create a frothy coffee that wouldn’t look out of place in Starbucks.

2) In A Smoothie

If you drink smoothies – or any fruit juice for that matter – you can add CBD oil to it and drink it down. This means you will get the CBD into your system without having to taste it.

It will take longer to take effect, however, as the CBD will have to be absorbed in your stomach and this takes longer than under your tongue for obvious reasons.

3) Jazz Up Your Salad With CBD Oil

Here’s a pro tip: eat more salad – you’ll feel better, lose weight, and get loads of micro-nutrients in your system. And if you want to take your salad to the next level, try adding some CBD oil to it.

When the CBD oil is combined with olive oil and seasoning, you will not be able to taste it. You’ll just have a super-powered salad with all the benefits of CBD packed into it.

4) Add CBD To Your Beer

You can already buy a few brands of CBD-infused craft beer; I’ve tried a bunch and they’re all great. CBD can and does help with hangovers, although I’m not sure consuming them at the same time as alcohol helps.

If you cannot find CBD beer near you, just add a few drops into your drink. If you use water-soluble CBD, it’ll work even better. Then you can sit back, drink a beer, and ingest some CBD into your system.

What If You Don’t Want Oil?

If none of the above options sound appealing, there are plenty of additional ways to take CBD. As I noted in the introduction to this post, there are loads of different types of CBD available.

The best CBD oil alternatives for those averse to the taste of CBD are as follows:

  • Gummies CBD gummies taste just like candy. They’re delicious, basically. If you don’t want to taste CBD at all, CBD gummies are one of the nicest ways to take CBD.
  • Capsules Like a headache tablet, with CBD capsules you simply swallow a capsule. It has no flavor and no taste. Take it with water and wait 30 minutes for the benefits to start kicking in.
  • Creams If you do a lot of exercise and want to aid your recovery, CBD creams are great for aching muscles and speeding up recovery after a particularly brutal workout. I use it on my legs after long, hard runs.
  • Vape Pens If you want to vape CBD, but you don’t want to use it in your normal vape device, pick yourself up a disposable CBD vape pen. These are great. And vaping CBD is the fastest way to get CBD into your system.

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Need Help? No problem.

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