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So… this is my first time writing about my vaping experiences, so far so I guess it’s only right I start at the beginning.

A few years ago I decided to start vaping as I noticed my teeth were changing color due to smoking.

And this was reason enough to kick the habit.

I went to my local vape store having no clue at all about what I needed but came out with my first mod and my first juice.

The first juice I ever got was an almond and caramel flavor; I think it was 3mg.

I didn’t want anything too strong, just enough to get me off the stinkies.

I loved the flavor and even started replacing sweet food with vaping. I actually couldn’t believe just how tasty it actually was compared to smoking.

I heard a lot of people talking about vaping, but I just assumed it’d be very similar to smoking but the difference was like night and day!

Sweet E Juice Helps With Sugar Cravings


If I fancied something sweet after food, I’d simply use my vape to get the caramel taste and fix my sweet tooth, so not only did vaping help with my smoking it also helped with my diet.

After a while of vaping, I got a mod and tank upgrade to a purple Asmodus mod. It was a massive upgrade for me, and I loved it.

I think the Asmodus has a great color range to chose from and you can easily get tanks from other companies to match the color perfectly.

Finding The Perfect E Juice Flavor

During this period, I started experimenting with E Juice flavors. Once a week I would buy a new juice to try.

Eventually, I found my palette changing; instead of sweet flavors, I started vaping more fruity flavors. I do still like dessert flavor E Juice, but I am now 100% more into fruity E Juices.

There are so many different combinations of fruit flavors, flavors using fruits I hadn’t even heard of before, so this was a really cool experience, as I found new things I liked.


Back when I smoked, I was a menthol kind of girl. It was all I ever smoked, and this is why I also like to try a lot of menthol-based flavors too.

Not straight-up menthol, that’d be gross. I mean fruit and menthol flavors; these are possibly some of my favorite types of E Juices.

It was around this period I learned about E Juice composition; how VG and PG effect the flavor and how the E Juice hits.

Depending on what device I’m using, I’m mostly a high-VG vapor. Though I do like higher PG mixes for my pod mods and MTL tanks.

The First E Juice I Proper Fell In Love With?

Simple: Five Star Ejuice! Their lemon and lime flavor blew my socks off.

To me, it reminded me of those ice lolly balls that you can buy. So tasty! I loved it and over the proceeding years I have vaped gallons of the stuff

Why I Prefer Vape Tanks To Rebuildable Tanks

I’ve always been someone that uses tanks. I watched so many videos on coils and building and was always too scared to try it in case I built it wrong.

I also found traditional vape tanks more convenient for work. It took me a while to find a company that made the exact tank I was looking for; there was just so many to choose from.

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UFOHM E Juice – $19.99 to $24.99 Per 100ML

I like Aspire tanks a lot. The coils and style of the tanks fitted my exact criteria at the time; the tanks vaped great and the coils were consistent and lasted a long time. For this reason, I used Aspire tanks pretty much exclusively for a number of years.

In the past few years since I first started vaping, I am lucky enough to have been able to try a whole wide range of different juices from different companies in different countries.

US vs UK E Juice – How They’re Different

I have tried many from the USA and from my home turf in England. Also companies from Austria and Germany and even Sweden.

And you know what? They’re all different. I guess it’s how they’re made, but I was quite taken aback by just how different vape juice from the UK compared to, say, the USA.

American E Juice is VERY strong in the flavor department, for instance, whereas places like Canada tend to have more natural-tasting flavors.

I really love Canadian fruit flavors actually; they almost taste like the real thing.

Why Chocolate E Juice Is Impossible To Get Right

I think one flavor that is very hard to get right is chocolate.

I have tried many different ones and I find that if the chocolate flavor is mixed with another potent flavor such as nuts or a fruit like strawberries then it worked a lot better.

I am a huge chocolate lover, but when it comes to vaping I really did struggle to find a chocolate flavor that actually tastes like chocolate.

The Future of Vaping?

In the last few years, I have seen vaping rise in popularity, as more and more people use it as a tool to quit smoking.

The USA seems to have taken a different approach to the UK in how it views vaping. Things like the proposed flavor ban are rather alarming.

Banning something that has helped millions of people quit smoking does not make sense.

Bang Juice ($15.99 Per 30ML) – An AWESOME E Juice From Germany

The rules seem to be very different between the US and UK – even with cigarette regulation.

In England, cigarette packs are now all the same color, there is zero marketing and promotion allowed, and the packs basically tell you that they’re going to kill you.

In the US, however, you’ll see 7/11s across the country promoting offers on cigarettes; things like bulk-buying to save money. It’s pretty crazy when you’re used to how things are in the UK.

My hope for the US is that it wakes up to facts the UK and Public Health England already know – that vaping is not a scourge on society, but a tool, a damn effective one, for helping millions of people quit smoking.

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