Best Weed Vape With Removable 18650 Batteries: My #1 Picks For 2021

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 07/20/21 •  5 min read

As it stands, there are two weed vaporizers that run on 18650 batteries that I would recommend. And they are as follows…

I love the PAX 3. Even the PAX 2 is still great value in 2021. But for me, a weed vaporizer has to run on removable batteries – specifically 18650 batteries.

Why? Because when you use something like the PAX 3 or the god-awful FireFly 2, once the battery is dead, you have to connect to a wall charger and wait an hour or two for it to charge up.

And that means the session/party/smoke-out is over, or at least on an extended hiatus. You don’t want that. Sure, it’s a great time to sink some beers or light up the BBQ but what if you didn’t have to have downtime?

That’s where vaporizers that run on 18650 batteries come into play. With these types of weed vaporizers, all you need is a spare, fresh 18650 and you can carry on going. Me? I always have two or three 18650 batteries on charge at any one time.

Best Weed Vaporizers With Removable Batteries

1) DaVinci IQ2

For me, the DaVinci IQ2 is just about as good as it gets when it comes to portable weed vaporizers. It looks like a million bucks, it runs on a single 18650 battery (which DaVinci includes in the box, no less), and it has an adjustable airflow ring on the bottom of the device.

You have several Smart Profile modes that you can quickly switch through, each adding in more heat and, therefore, more intense vapor. The bowl is large enough for a solid session before a refill is required and it heats up really quickly – less than 60 seconds.

I own 16 or so vaporizers, and they’re all slightly different, but the one I use daily and always come back to is the DaVinci IQ2. And the reason for this is because it works seamlessly, produces amazing flavor, and it looks and feels great in the hand.

If you want the best of the best, this would be the one to go for – it is the only vaporizer I have ever used for longer than 12 months at a time. Nothing since it has been released has managed to top it. And that should tell you everything you need to know about this awesome weed vape.


If you’re after something a little cheaper than the DaVinci IQ2, the ARIZER ARGO would be my next, best recommendation. At $154 (down from $269.99), the ARIZER ARGO is quite a bit cheaper than the IQ2, but it is still a very good, reliable performer.

The design and look of the ARIZER ARGO is pretty novel too; it always reminds me of a retro piece of sci-fi memorabilia for some reason. For dry herb vaping, the ARIZER ARGO has all the performance you’ll ever need at a really competitive price.

I love the way it’s styled, I like that it has an OLED display, and I love how easy it is to use, thanks to its + or – buttons that allow you to increase or decrease the temperature in fine increments.

Like all weed vaporizers, the ARIZER ARGO does require some maintenance in order to keep it functioning optimally. This basically means you have to clean it once in a while, or else you get blockages and reduced airflow. Same goes for the DaVinci IQ2.

Like the IQ2, the ARIZER ARGO runs on a single 18650 battery, so you’re free to swap in a fresh one as soon as the battery you’re using dies. For the asking price, the ARIZER ARGO is one hell of a weed vaporizer. But that’s just how ARIZER likes to do things.

Notable Mentions

Boundless Tera

The Boundless Tera is another awesome weed vaporizer that runs on dual-18650 batteries, so you get really incredible battery life – double what you get from the IQ2 and ARIZER ARGO. This is the good news.

Best Weed Vape With Removable 18650 Batteries: My #1 Picks For 2021

The bad news is that you can no longer buy the Boundless Tera anywhere; it is literally sold out everywhere. And believe me, I’ve checked plenty of places.

If you’re lucky enough to have bought one of these, congrats – you have a killer weed vape. If you didn’t manage to get one, either the DaVinci IQ2 or the ARIZER ARGO is just as good.

Wrapping Up / Final Thoughts

And because you’re not going to use a weed vape like a traditional vape mod, one you’d use for vaping vape juice, battery life – or having dual-18650 cells – isn’t a massive deal-breaker.

Both the DaVinci IQ2 and the ARIZER ARGO are good enough in this respect, but if you want my advice about which vaporizer to go for, I’d say the DaVinci IQ2 simply because it is my favorite portable vaporizer of the past several years.

Nothing else, save for a desktop vaporizer like the Volcano, or a more expensive option like the Mighty vaporizer, comes even remotely close.

Or, if you like a good bargain, go with the ARIZER ARGO – it represents incredible value for money at its new discounted price.

Drake Equation

Co-founder and Editor of VapeBeat. I make the words.

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