6 JUUL Tips and Tricks: How To Make It Better…

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Personally, I’m not a fan of JUUL. I’d much rather use something like the Apollo Breze Kit. Or one of these disposable vape pens – they’re cheaper and tend to vape a lot better.

Still, for whatever reason, JUUL is very popular. The JUUL brand launched with what was most likely the most extensive public relations blitz in the history of the vaping industry, and the aggressive marketing paid off. JUUL outsells other e-cigarette brands in American retail outlets by a ratio of more than three to one, and entrepreneurs around the world have built thriving businesses simply by serving the large and growing JUUL user community.

One such business is Premium Vape, and in their time serving the JUUL users of New Zealand and Australia, they’ve learned a number of tips and tricks that can make the experience of using the JUUL even better. These are a few of their favorite JUUL tips.

#1) Fix a JUUL That’s Giving You Weak Hits

When you’re using a new JUUL pod, life is golden. You’ll enjoy big hits of thick, flavorful vapor – until, suddenly, you don’t. Weak hits are among the most common JUUL problems reported by owners. If you’re not getting satisfying hits out of your JUUL, it’s likely that air bubbles have formed around one or both of the wicks in the pod. When e-liquid isn’t flowing to the pod’s atomizer coil efficiently, the JUUL’s automatic temperature control function kicks in, lowering the device’s output power to prevent a dry hit. That’s why you’re getting weak hits. Tap the pod gently to break the air bubbles. If the JUUL still gives you weak hits, try waiting longer between puffs to give the atomizer coil more time to re-saturate with e-liquid.

#2) Learn How to Refill JUUL Pods

One of the first things you’ll learn as a new JUUL user is that JUUL pods are expensive. One JUUL pod should last about as long as a pack of cigarettes, but that’s only true if you use your JUUL as often as you would smoke. In reality, though, that’s not what many JUUL users do; they simply puff on their devices all day. If you burn through your JUUL pods too quickly, you’ll end up paying more for pods than you would pay for cigarettes.

Get some bottled e-liquid and learn how to refill your own JUUL pods. It’s not too difficult; you simply pry the two halves of the pod apart, remove the rubber dam covering the e-liquid reservoir and refill the reservoir with the juice of your choice. There are some additional steps that you can take to improve the performance of your refilled pods, but they’re optional. You can usually refill a JUUL pod several times before it stops functioning optimally. At that time, you’ll need to replace it.

#3) Get to Know the Third-Party JUUL Ecosystem

One of the benefits of the JUUL brand’s popularity is that it’s allowed other companies to get in on the fun by offering their own JUUL pod alternatives and other third-party accessories. Unhappy with the battery life of your JUUL? Grab a portable battery charging case. Want to customize your JUUL and make it something completely your own? Buy a battery skin.

The best third-party JUUL accessories by far, though, are the many JUUL-compatible pods that you can find at many finer vape retailers. Third-party JUUL pods make it easy for you to enjoy flavors that aren’t available in the official JUUL pod lineup, and what’s even better is that JUUL-compatible pods almost always hold more e-liquid than official JUUL pods while costing less.

#4) Learn How to Disassemble and Clean Your JUUL

Ordinarily, cleaning your JUUL should be very easy. When you clean your JUUL, just give all of the metal contacts a quick rub using a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. That’ll help to keep your JUUL running its best and ensure that you don’t experience misfires when you attempt to use your device. If you experience a major leak, though, you may need to do something a little more drastic. If e-liquid enters the internal electronics of the JUUL, you can take the device apart by pushing the indicator light down with a pin while pushing the electronics out of the bottom of the outer casing with a flat tool. Use a cotton swab to soak up the excess e-liquid before reassembling the JUUL.

Disassembling and reassembling the JUUL isn’t difficult, but the JUUL isn’t a device that’s intended to be serviced by the end-user. There is a chance, for example, that you could break a solder point and render the device inoperable, voiding your warranty in the process. Disassembling the JUUL is something that you should only do as a last resort if a pod has leaked and flooded the device’s internal electronics.

#5) Learn How to Enable the JUUL’s Party Mode

Did you know that your JUUL may have a built-in light show? The device’s motion sensor activates it. To activate the party mode, simply puff on the JUUL and wait for the indicator light to turn white. Next, begin waving the device around. The light will flash in various colors until you hold the device still. No, JUUL party mode isn’t an optical illusion; the LED is actually changing color. It’s unknown whether all versions of the JUUL still have the party mode; it’s possible that JUUL Labs has quietly removed the feature in light of the recent controversy surrounding the brand.

#6) Learn How to Fix a JUUL That Isn’t Hitting

If your JUUL stops hitting, it’s most likely because the battery isn’t charged or because the atomizer coil is dry. Assuming your pod isn’t empty, a dry coil can happen because you’re hitting the JUUL too often or because air bubbles have formed around the wicks as described above. If you’ve eliminated those possibilities, though, you might be using a pod that doesn’t fit tightly into your JUUL.

There are small variations from one product batch to the next, and you can resolve that problem easily by placing a finger and thumb lightly over the pod’s windows when puffing. The increased air pressure makes it easier for you to trigger the JUUL’s airflow sensor when you inhale. If you experience the same problem with every pod that you use, try using a pair of pliers to compress the sides of the JUUL device slightly. Your pods will fit more tightly, and that should eliminate the issue. Don’t bend the device’s casing so much, however, that you can no longer insert the pods.

Generally, my advice would be to avoid JUUL like the plague. It’s expensive and it doesn’t perform all that well. Plus, the battery life SUCKS. If you want a portable device, you’re much better off with a refillable pod system like the ones listed inside our Best Pod Vape Guide.

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