Vaping & Heart Health – What You Need To Know (NEW STUDY)

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How does vaping affect your heart and circulation compared to smoking? A new study highlights one of the #1 key benefits of switching to vaping…

In light of everything that is happening in America right now, you could be forgiven for thinking that vaping is no better than mainlining heroin into your eyeballs. But as is often the case, thanks to a heady mix of lobbyist group interference and general misinformation, things aren’t always as they’re portrayed in the mainstream media.

Over in the UK, the government and national health agencies – the NHS, Public Health England, and The Royal College of Physicians – have been pro-vaping since day one. You can buy ecigs in hospitals and doctors will happily assist current smokers to make the switch. And the reason? Because vaping is 97% safer than smoking.

And best of all, the UK has the science to back up this support, as well as record-low smoking rates across the board. If you’re worried about switching to vaping, do not take what you’re being told by the MSM as gospel. There is a political war going on in the US now over vaping, and it has nothing to do with your health and/or well being – it’s about money.

How Does Vaping Affect Your Heart?

Every week, new stories come out about vaping being worse for you than smoking. These studies often rejigged and taken out of context, are great for clickbait articles on sites like MailOnline. But as most will now know, clickbait articles are seldom factual. Instead, they go for SHOCK and AWE in order to get your click and convert your traffic by showing you ads.

For instance, a recent study by the University of Dundee, which looked at how switching from smoking to vaping affected heart health, concluded with some very positive facts about why all smokers should be looking to switch to vaping. During the study, the heart health of the subjects improved (within a month) once they’d switched to vaping.

On top of this, their blood vessel health improved too. By how much? Well, the average heart health score for a non-smoker is 7.7 and the average for a smoker is 5.5. Once the subjects had switched to vaping, their heart health score went from around 5.5 on average to 6.7 on average – within one point of a non-smoker. And this happened INSIDE A MONTH.

“This represents a significant improvement in vascular health. We also found that in the short term at least, regardless of whether the e-cigarette does or does not contain nicotine, a person will see vascular health improvements compared to smoking a traditional cigarette,” said the study’s lead author, Professor Jacob George.

How Did The Study Work?

Obviously, when you’re performing a study such as this you require stringent methods to obtain the best possible results. This study features 114 participants with no history of heart disease. They all smoked at least 15 cigarettes a day. The 114 subjects were then split into three groups:

#1) 40 That Continued To Smoke As Normal
#2) 37 People That Switched To Vaping (w/ Nicotine)
#3) 37 People That Switched To Vaping (But With No Nicotine)

The only group that saw no change in their heart and blood vessel health, unsurprisingly, was Group #1 – the smoking test group. Groups #2 and #3 all saw dramatic improvements to their heart and blood vessel health.

Professor Jeremy Pearson, Associate Medical Director at the British Heart Foundation, said,

“Our hearts and blood vessels are the hidden victims of smoking. Every year in the UK, 20,000 people die from heart and circulatory disease caused by smoking cigarettes – that’s more than 50 people a day, or two deaths every hour. Stopping smoking is the single best thing you can do for your heart health.

“This study suggests that vaping may be less harmful to your blood vessels than smoking cigarettes. Within just one month of ditching tobacco for electronic cigarettes, people’s blood vessel health had started to recover.”

How To Switch From Smoking To Vaping

Facts are one thing, but actually successfully switching from smoking to vaping can be extremely challenging – there’s just so much choice and information to get your head around. I know this first hand and it is one of the #1 reasons why I started VapeBeat in the first place: to help new vapers make the switch over to vaping successfully.

If you’re a current smoker that is looking to quit, my advice to you would be to start with something simple – a good disposable vape is perhaps the easiest of all ways to do this. I’m a seasoned veteran when it comes to vaping and even I still use disposable vapes from time to time. My current #1 picks for the best disposable vapes are listed below:

[ninja_tables id=”11534″]

If you want something that is still simple to use, but is refillable, so you can add your own E Juice to it, I’d start off with a simple pod vape like the UWELL Caliburn – it’s small, lightweight, and it draws just like a cigarette. The UWELL Caliburn is a great little device that is loved and used by millions of vapers. This is why it has sat in such a prominent position inside our Guide To The Best Pod Vapes.

All our other #1 recommended pod vapes are listed in the table below:

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Just remember: when you’re starting a new habit like vaping, it pays to keep it simple. You can get a more advanced device, like a tank and a vape mod, once you’ve successfully transitioned away from smoking in full.

Need Help? No problem.

We’ve helped millions of people get started with vaping. If you have any questions or just want plenty of actionable advice, hit the button below – it’s a direct line to Drake.

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