The Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini Battery Life is WHACK – Get This Instead

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I love the XROS series of pod vapes from Vaporesso, but after testing all of them the XROS 3 Mini is definitely the weak line – here’s why…

Vaporesso’s XROS series of pod vapes is a pretty multifaceted affair at this point. There’s multiple options coming in a range of shapes and sizes. I’ve tested all of them now and I have some thoughts… 

Don’t worry, nearly all of my thoughts on Vaporesso’s XROS pod vapes are good.

In fact, as of right now I’d consider myself something of a fanboy – I recommend them to anyone who’ll listen (and that’s quite a few these days, thanks to this blog). 

Vaporesso XROS 3 Battery Life – It Ain’t Good

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All of Vaporesso’s XROS pod vapes are excellent. 

They’ll do weeks at a time between pod changes, the flavor you get from them is incredible, easily the best on the market right now, and they’re so simple to use anyone could pick one up and instinctively know what to do. 

But I do have an issue with the Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini and it relates to its battery life. 

Basically, if you’re a heavy vaper (like myself), the XROS 3 Mini, while it does provide amazing performance and flavor, just doesn’t have the battery power to go the distance. 

In my experience – I used one for a solid couple of months – it seldom broke the five hour mark which isn’t ideal. 

My solution? I had a bunch of VooPoo gear in for testing at the time, so I was subbing out the XROS 3 Mini for one of those while it charged back up. 

And make no mistake: you WILL have to recharge the XROS 3 Mini once or twice a day if you’re a moderate to heavy user.

Here’s a rundown of a typical day for me: 

  • Wake up at 6am. Coffee. Make the kids breakfast. I’m vaping here and there but nothing major. 
  • Around 9am I start working. The frequency of vaping now goes up 10 fold. 
  • By 1pm, the XROS 3 Mini is dead. Charge it for 30 minutes. Repeat. 

The Solution? Get The Vaporesso XROS Pro 

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After a few months of using the XROS 3 and then the XROS 3 Mini, I was sold: the pods were unlike anything else I’d tested before – they last for orders of magnitude longer than anything else I have tested going all the way back to 2015 when I started VapeBeat. 

Basically, I wasn’t going to quit on Vaporesso’s XROS pods just because the battery life wasn’t up to scratch. I figured I’d get two if needs be, run them side by side, one charging while the other’s in use. 

But then the Vaporesso XROS Pro dropped and I immediately bought one.

Why? It’s bigger and it has a bigger battery (1200mAh vs 1000mAh in the XROS 3 Mini). And to my utter delight, it managed to do a considerable amount more vaping between charges. 

How good is the Vaporesso XROS Pro’s battery life? It’s not in vape mod territory – it’s not even close to that. But compared to the XROS 3 Mini, it is like night and day. 

Where my XROS 3 Mini would crap out after maybe 5-6 hours of usage, I’m consistently getting 8-10 hours from the Vaporesso XROS Pro with similar usage patterns. 

And that is why I now use the Vaporesso XROS Pro more or less exclusively. It has been my daily driver since it first came out and, given the current level of competition on the market, I don’t see myself switching it out for something else any time soon. 

Vaporesso is just LEAGUES ahead of everybody else with its coil tech. 

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