Which Vaporesso Is Best – My 2 Cents

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Killer MTL draw. Pods that last weeks at a time. Market-leading flavor? Yep, this is definitely the best Vaporesso vape you can buy right now…

Vaporesso makes loads of vapes. But its most popular? The XROS series pod vapes which – in my professional view – are currently the best pod vapes on the market bar none. 

I’ll expand on this in a bit but for now, if you just want the answer quickly, the best Vaporesso pod vapes you can buy is the Vaporesso XROS Pro, followed by the Vaporesso XROS 3

The Vaporesso XROS 3 Mini is great but its battery life isn’t as good as the XROS 3 or the XROS Pro’s – they’ll do a solid few hours more, several or more in the case of the XROS Pro. 

Need more information? Check out my Vaporesso XROS 3 vs Vaporesso XROS Pro for the main differences.

Vaporesso’s XROS Pods – The Best In The Business

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They all run the same pods too, so you’re getting that killer MTL draw, ultra-long-lasting pods, and (again, in my humble opinion as someone that tests vapes for a living) the best flavor of any pod vape on the market right now. 

Two things: reliability and longevity.

Vaporesso, either through sheer engineering wizardry or insane, high-level quality control, most likely a combination of the two, has managed to create a series of pods that, in my view, are more or less unbeatable right now. 

How Long Do XROS Pods Last? 

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I regularly run my XROS pods for multiple weeks at a time – sometimes longer. 

I have never had a dud pod that either wouldn’t wick properly or lost its flavor after a couple of days. 

And XROS Pods Never Leak

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They don’t leak. Ever. And the flavor is absolutely off the charts compared to anything you’ll get from VooPoo, UWELL, SMOK or any other big name vape brand you can think of. 

This is why, on the site and in the newsletter, I always tell our readers to get the Vaporesso XROS Pro

As pod vapes go, the XROS Pro is the one to beat. I’ve tested a load of pods this year and I ALWAYS go back to the XROS Pro

Why? It’s brilliant. It is incredibly simple to use, making it ideal for beginners, it is cost effective, and its pods last for weeks at a time. And the MTL draw? It’s sublime. 

And the net result of this? Your juice tastes better for longer and you spend far less money on pods that you would had you gone with SMOK or another pod vape brand.

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