Is JUUL Too Expensive To Run Long-Term? (SURVEY)

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Are you a JUUL’er? Have you been using one for a long period of time? If so, we’re interested to know your thoughts!



Why Do We Care If JUUL Is Too Expensive?

Simple: we want to provide the best information possible for our readers and the team, at large, feels that JUUL is often too expensive to run for most people.

JUULpods cost $15.99 per pack, with each JUUL Pod lasting for about 200 puffs – the same as a 20 pack of cigarettes.

In practice, and during our time with JUUL, we found that we went through JUUL Pods too quickly which resulted in spending more to keep the device functioning.

JUUL Multipack

There are cheaper ways to run the JUUL, of course. The most obvious being that you DON’T run JUUL Pods at all.

ZIIP pods are a great alternative and around $5 less per pack – they’re also bigger and come in more flavors.

JUUL Pods Are Proprietary (And That Means No Re-Filling!)

Another issue we have with JUUL is that its pods are NOT refillable. This means once they’re done, they’re done for good.

Unless you take a screwdriver and manually refill them with your own E Juice, as shown in this video.

JUUL Pods run Nic Salts E Juice, so you’ll want to make sure you use Nic Salts Juice if you try and attempt this.

The nature of the pods, however, does not make life easy for those looking to get around JUUL’s propriety system.

Cheaper Alternatives To JUUL

There are plenty of better options to JUUL in our opinion, and the best we’ve tested are laid out inside our Best Pod Vapes Guide.

All of the vapes listed in that guide are 100% refillable, which means they’re A LOT cheaper to run in the long-term.

They all possess vastly superior battery life; in some cases, you’re looking at 200 to 300% better!

Being Expensive Is Why JUUL is Worth $16 Billion…

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JUUL is now worth an estimated $16 billion.

This makes it the biggest vape company in existence, the Apple of the vape space, if you will.

JUUL is also now in the process of getting into bed with Big Tobacco, another move that hasn’t gone down too well with vapers.

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