Don’t Use JUUL CBD Pods – Do This Instead

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JUUL CBD pods are popular. But there is a better (and less expensive way) of getting CBD into your system. And here’s how you do it…

First and foremost, JUUL’s battery life is utter garbage. This is the #1 reason why I never recommend the device to anyone.

Second, THC JUUL pods are the reason why the vaping industry faces extinction in the USA.

Third, if you want to use CBD JUUL pods, you’ll have to use off-market ones and there is no way of vetting the quality of these pods – they could be (and probably are) dangerous.

You’ll also need to buy a separate JUUL as well, and this isn’t cheap. And even if you do have the cash to do it, you will then have to carry and charge two JUUL vapes.

JUUL CBD Pods Alternative

So what should you use instead? Simple: CBD oil. You can buy it in large bottles and take it as and when you need it. You don’t need to vape it, you can just place a few drops under your tongue.

CBD oil is less “refined” than vapeable CBD too, it is closer to its natural state, so there are fewer chemicals and this makes it infinitely preferable.

I use full-spectrum CBD most of the time; I find it to be the most effective at helping me recover from exercise, nixing anxiety, and helping me sleep better.

I use FIVE CBD mostly and the reason is simple: it makes amazing quality stuff and retails it for a decent price – $69.99 for Full Spectrum CBD Tincture with zero additives is great value for money.

I’ve used FIVE CBD pretty much exclusively for the past 12 months and I have no complaints about its products – their gummies are great. I also really like its chocolate squares too.

Why CBD Oil is Best?

Again, gummies are great. And so too are FIVE CBD’s chocolate squares. But for me – being someone that’s a serial snacker – I don’t need any help with my snacking.

As much as I like gummies and chocolate squares, I don’t like using them because if they’re there, I’ll eat them. They taste too good.

With CBD oil, you just drop some of the CBD under your tongue, leave it for a minute or so, and then swallow. After a few minutes, the CBD is in your bloodstream working its magic.

CBD oil is also cheaper than gummies, capsules, CBD pods, and creams. You use less of it, so it lasts longer. And because it is oil, you ONLY use it when you need it.

With a CBD vape, you find yourself puffing on it all day long, and this means you’ll waste loads of CBD and money.

Do You Need To Take CBD Every Day?

This is the main reason why I do not vape CBD anymore: you don’t need to take CBD every day. You only take CBD when you feel like you need it.

How do you know when you need to take CBD? I ONLY take it if I’m feeling anxious, for instance, having trouble sleeping, or when I have just done an intense workout.

CBD helps with all of the above, and lots more besides.

But the CBD isn’t cheap, so you want to conserve it for when you actually need it, not just when you feel like having a vape or a snack.

With oil, I can easily limit myself to using CBD only when I absolutely need it. I never just take it for the hell of it. And this means my CBD oil lasts for ages – months at time usually.

Whereas with CBD vape juice or CBD pods, you’d burn through it in a matter of days or a week. Doing this is fine if you have deep pockets, but if you don’t you’re going to quickly run into problems.

For this reason, avoid CBD JUUL pods, CBD vape juice, and CBD edibles like gummies and chocolate snacks. Go with CBD oil, full spectrum stuff, and you’ll save money and get the most benefits from supplementing with it.

Oh, and you can save save 35% with FIVE CBD using this code – SAVE35 – and link.

Need Help? No Problem.

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