Do CBD Gummies Actually Work? My 2 Cents…

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CBD gummies are a tasty and easy way to get some CBD in your system. But do they actually work or are you better off with some CBD oil instead?

When it comes to CBD, you have plenty of options with respect to getting it in your system. You can smoke it, vape it, dab some under your tongue, take it in capsule form, rub it on your body via a cream, and even drink it.

But what about CBD gummies? Are they any good? Do they work? As someone that is lucky enough to get sent A LOT of CBD gummies every year to review, I’ve eaten my fair share of CBD gummies and while I do prefer to vape or use CBD oils, I do think CBD gummies are a great option for certain people.

What Are CBD Gummies? And Do They Actually Work? 

If you don’t know what CBD gummies are, allow me to explain: you know chewy candy sweets? Well, CBD gummies are exactly the same – only here you have active CBD inside your sweet treats. CBD gummies come in different strengths, most are around 10-20MG per gummy, so to get your money’s worth you’ll need to eat a few at a time.

Like a handful, or so. But this can soon get expensive. CBD gummies aren’t exactly cheap, so if you’re going to be munching them down by the handful, you’ll soon end up demolishing an entire boxful. And that kind of thing can get expensive quickly – especially when you’re looking at $30 bucks for the cheapest option.

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I Prefer CBD Oil To CBD Gummies – You Use Less & This Saves You Money In the Long Run (This is The One I Use FYI)

If you do decide to go the CBD gummies route, I’d recommend you get the strongest option possible – 1500MG, like these is fine – because, this way, you won’t need to eat as many to get the same effect. With CBD, it is always better to get the highest possible strength, finances allowing. High strength CBD products are more expensive than low-strength ones.

But the devil’s in the details here: with a high strength batch of CBD gummies, where you get 30 in a pack, you’ll need to use far less at 1500MG than you would if you bought the cheaper 300MG option. And if you need less, the gummies will last longer, saving you money in the long run.

These are the ones I use. I use. In fact, ever since mid-way through 2020, this is the ONLY brand I have been using – their product is great, completely non-GMO, and is the highest quality I have personally used.

It also happens to be Joe Rogan’s preferred choice of CBD too.

What Happens When You Eat CBD Gummies?

First off, CBD gummies WILL NOT get you high. CBD products do not contain any THC, the active ingredient in cannabis that makes you feel high/stoned. So if you’re worried about “getting high” on CBD, don’t – CBD cannot get you high. It is impossible.

CBD also shouldn’t show up in drug tests; in order for CBD to show up in a drug test, the person/entity would have to specifically test for CBD. And no one – not even the federal government – does that yet, so you’re all good. OK, but what actually happens when you ingest CBD gummies?

Like anything you eat, the gummies get chewed up and swallowed. They then move down your throat into your stomach. From here, it moves through your digestive tract and then, via the kidneys, CBD is metabolised and starts entering your blood stream and you’ll start to feel the benefits.

Are CBD Gummies Better Than CBD Oil?

In terms of effects, they’re exactly the same. But CBD oil is absorbed a lot faster by your body, as it enters your blood stream immediately from under your tongue, whereas CBD gummies have to navigate your windpipe, gullet, and then, finally, your stomach.

What is The Fastest Way To Get CBD Into Your System?

Vaping or smoking CBD is, by far, the fastest way to get CBD into your system, as it enters the blood stream almost instantly from your lungs. This is why smoking weed gives a quicker high than eating it, although eating cannabis gives a MUCH stronger overall high.

With oil and/or vaped CBD, you can expect to feel the effects (well, benefits) within 10 minutes and those benefits will last anywhere from six to eight hours. With CBD gummies, so, orally ingested, you’re looking at anywhere from 30 minutes to six hours – it all depends how much you took and how full your stomach is.

With topical CBD, you’re looking at 60 minutes – or thereabouts – before you’ll feel any of CBD’s magic. This is fine though. Topical CBD is used mostly post-workout, on sore muscles, so this is fine as you’ll most likely be eating and relaxing. Or, if you go to bed after applying topical CBD, you can reap the benefits while you sleep and, if your workout wasn’t too intense, escape the dreaded DOMS the next day.

So, yeah, to recap: CBD gummies work just fine but the effects aren’t felt as fast as CBD oil or CBD that is vaped or smoked. Again, with CBD gummies, you’ll want to go high when it comes to strengths. If you cheap out and buy the lowest strength, the effects will be weak, you’ll run out rapidly, and then, learning from your mistake, you’ll buy stronger stuff the next time.

Had you bought a 1500MG box of CBD gummies the first time, like these ones, you’d still be on your first box and that, obviously, means you would have saved some cash! Simple, right?

Good CBD Brands To Check Out


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