Best Online Vape Shop: The Best Retailers From Around The Globe

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The internet. It’s a big place. A place full of retail websites, like ASOS and Amazon and ALL of them are vying for your custom. Whether it’s shoes, handbags, groceries or vaping paraphernalia — you’ll find multiple, competing websites that want YOU to shop with THEM. And you should always be on the look out for the best online vape shop or retailer. When you find one, you got yourself a friend for life.

Most retailers do schemes, newsletters and offers in order to curry your favour and make you a returning customer. But all these will do is snag you attention. In order to turn someone into a returning customer you NEED to offer excellent pricing, great products and, above all else, great customer service.

Online retailers need to be approachable, understanding and knowledgable about what they’re selling. This goes doubly for those in the vaping space simply because there are so many products, variables and tastes to consider when dealing with a potential customer. Sadly, a lot of retailers fail in this regard which is what inspired us to put together an A-List of the best vape retailers currently out there.

But what are we basing this on? Several simple factors:

  • Design — The actual website itself and overall ease of use (payment methods, navigation around the site, etc)
  • Product Portfolio — They need to have the latest and greatest products in stock and readily available, as well as lots of essentials and accessories as well (batteries, drip tips, chargers, coils, etc,.)
  • Price — They GOTTA be competitive in this regard. This is a must. Any retailer that overcharges for goods that can be had for cheaper elsewhere does not deserve your business.
  • Customer Service — Basically, making sure they’re not money-grabbing bastards that give ZERO shits about your consumer rights.

We’ll be adding to this list over time on an ad hoc basis. We haven’t used EVERY vape retailer out there and new one’s appear every week. For this reason, we will be adding new retailers every now and then, just to keep things up to date and point you in the direction of good companies that deserve your custom.

Best Online Vape Shop US 2016


Started in 2015, Direct Vapor is easily one of our favourite vape retailers in operation. They’re friendly, approachable and have some of the best gear in the business on their site.

The Direct Vapor website is super easy to use with everything broken down into sections. The layout is modern, very clean and is super simple to navigate around. Basically, it’s a pleasure using the site and browsing what’s available.

The pricing is excellent too, as is free shipping on all orders. Beyond this I like the way they market themselves as well; the Direct Vapor Instagram is awesome, they do awesome deals all the time, and always give you plenty of heads-up when new products are landing.

  • Design: 10/10
  • Products: 9/10
  • Customer Service: 10/10
  • Price: 9/10


If you build your own coils, run an RDA, RTA or RBA and you don’t frequent COIL MASTER, well, you sir, are missing out. Not only is Coil Master perhaps the finest retailer of all things vape-builders require, but it also has some of the best prices, customer service and product lists out of anyone.

The Coil Master website is also a pleasure to deal with. The design is beautiful and everything is laid out simply and effectively. I discovered Coil Master last year and I haven’t used anyone else since. They do wire, they do cotton, they do everything you need to build stuff.

If you haven’t already checked them out, be sure to bookmark them and send some business their way once you need to stock up and anything from wire, to carrying kit, to tweezers. They also do AWESOME sales all the time as well. I cannot stress how good these guys are at what they do. Passion is one thing, but passion and an unshakeable commitment to quality is quite another.

  • Design: 9/10
  • Products: 10/10
  • Customer Service: 9/10
  • Price: 9.5/10


I like VaporDNA and use them often. We get a lot of our gear via these guys because A) they pretty much stock EVERYTHING and B) they have excellent customer service and delivery times.

I prefer the look and feel of Direct Vapor, if I’m 100% honest, and tend to do most of my buying through those guys. But when I’m in a pinch — i.e. when I cannot find what I’m looking for — VaporDNA is always my second choice. They have a great range of products and some of the most competitive pricing out there. I also LOVE their deals section, which features tons of absolute steals.

I don’t love the look and feel of their site, though. To me it looks a bit dated. Still, they always have everything I want and they’re customer service and pricing are great. For this reason, they’re one of the best in the business. So just excuse my unshakable bias for well-designed websites.

  • Design: 7/10
  • Products: 10/10
  • Customer Service: 8/10
  • Price: 10/10

Viper Vape

Viper Vape is another retailer A LOT of you will already be familiar with. These guys run a great website, chock full of tons of great products and juice brands. I stumbled across these last year and have been using them ever since.

They’re always running big sales and some, like the one running right now, offer up to 50% off hardware and juices, making it a great stop for anyone looking for excellent value for money. The site is well designed too with simple navigation.

I always find what I’m looking for on Viper Vape. The only downside is that I ALWAYS end up spending WAY more than I originally planned too. But this is just a hazard of shopping on a beautifully designed, well put together vape website.

  • Design: 7/10
  • Products: 10/10
  • Customer Service: 8/10
  • Price: 10/10

Vapor Beast

Vapor Beast is a awesome website, perfectly suited to novices and seasoned vapers alike. They stock EVERYTHING and I really do mean EVERYTHING. I’ve honestly never gone to this website and left without finding what I was looking for — and there are very few websites you can make that claim about.

I love their range of juices; it’s vast and interesting and caters to all needs, tastes and budgets. They retail all the latest and greatest hardware from DNA200 mods right down to mech-mods and starter kits.

The also do some pretty awesome deals. I regularly check, like, on a daily basis, to see what’s on offer. This is a great place to find juice or hardware for next to nothing.

  • Design: 9/10
  • Products: 10/10
  • Customer Service: 9/10
  • Price: 8/10


VaporFi has a lot of pedigree in the vaping space. It makes all of its own gear and juices inside the US. We’ve tested a bunch of their mods and a few of their juice lines — Grand Reserve being the most impressive.

As a retailer, VaporFi is more on the premium boutique-end of the spectrum. The gear is of the highest quality and for this you will pay a little extra. But that is no bad thing, as any Apple or BMW consumers will tell you; sometimes premium is the way forward.

VaporFi has TONS of gear from ultra-powerful mods right down to basic starter kits. The VaporFi website is very well designed and simple to use. They also run the occasional sale every now and then, so it is worth keeping an eye out for those when they happen.

  • Design: 9/10
  • Products: 7/10
  • Customer Service: 9/10
  • Price: 7/10

Best Online Vape Shop UK 2016

UK Ecig Store

If you’re in the UK or EU, you also have plenty of options when it comes to online vape retailers. One of the most tried and tested, however, is the UK Ecig Store. These guys have been in operation since, well… forever.

They have an extensive selection of hardware, accessories and E-Liquids at a variety of prices, ranging from high-end right down to budget. If you’re in the UK and you vape and you DON’T know about the UK Ecig Store what the hell have you been doing!? I dropped into their flagship Wembley store on my last trip to London and had a wonderful experience.

The website is easy to use and has just gone through a big redesign and looks all the better for it.

  • Design: 9/10
  • Products: 10/10
  • Customer Service: 9/10
  • Price: 8/10

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