How A CBD Vape Saved My Buddy’s Night Out – Spoiler: It KILLS Paranoia!!

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A quick little story about something that happened over the weekend. Basically, a CBD vape saved my buddy’s night – in the weirdest and most wonderful way! 

I had a weird experience over the weekend. Me and my buddies were BBQing, and we had a little of the good stuff in a vaporizer.

I was fine, but one of my friends got a little paranoid – he hadn’t smoked pot in a while!

And, luckily, I had a pod mod with some CBD oil in it.

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Rocking Some CBD in My SMOK ROLO Badge – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

I’d heard that it could basically remove the negative effects of pot, notably paranoia, so I figured I’d test the theory.

I didn’t think it’d work. But to my surprise it DID work.

And fast too!

Within five minutes my buddy was right as rain, giggling his ass off!

Did The CBD Vape Cure Weed Paranoia Then!? 

So how does this ACTUALLY work?

Simple, really: if your pot has too much THC in it versus CBD, it can make you a little paranoid.

Cannabis has both THC (the stuff that gets you high) and CBD in it.

But strands with A LOT of THC in it can make certain people paranoid.

This is why CBD-heavy strains of cannabis are growing in popularity in states where it is legal.

The weed we had was VERY THC-heavy, hence his paranoia.

By ingesting some CBD via my pod mod, however, he was able to counteract this by increasing the content of CBD in his system!

And this kind of blew my mind!

How A CBD Vape Saved My Buddy’s Night Out – Spoiler: It KILLS Paranoia!!Pin


I’m already a massive fan of CBD for its benefits, which include:

But this side benefit that I tested out on my buddy is easily one of the coolest things CBD can do!

The ANTI-PARANOIA compound in it is truly a wondrous thing – even when you’re not smoking weed!

Interested in CBD? I’m a huge fan of the stuff and use it regularly for anxiety and general mood elevation.

It’s also GREAT when you have a really bad hangover too.

Jesus, you must think I’m a right degenerate! I promise, I’m not!

Bottomline: this wonderful, natural compound has MILLIONS of applications and is now starting to get the props it deserves.

If you’re open-minded, I’d 100% recommend it – even if you’re in the UK. CBD is also legal in the UK too.

I initially tried CBD for migraines and anxiety… But I am constantly discovering new applications for it (like the subject of this blog post).

Hell, even top-flight athletes are now using it to recover from training.

If you decide to try this wonderful stuff, I promise you will not be disappointed 🙂

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All their CBD is organic and sourced in the US.

Just as it should be.

Check them out!



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