The REAL Reason Why Your Vape Coils Don’t Last

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Vape juice tastes better than ever these days, doesn’t it? E-liquid makers have come up with some pretty amazing flavor profiles in the last few years, and today, you can find vape juices that taste almost identical to jelly-filled doughnuts, icy fruit smoothies, frothy cappuccinos – you name it.

Corresponding with the rise in extremely sweet e-liquids, today’s vape coils have adopted new technologies and now generate vapor more efficiently than ever. A current cloud-chasing coil uses multiple mesh strips in tandem to create a heating surface powerful enough to change the weather in your personal space.

So, e-liquids are sweeter than ever, and coils go through vape juice more quickly than ever.

If you’ve been a vaper throughout all of these changes, you’ve probably noticed something else: Your coils burn out more quickly than ever. Sometimes, it feels like the tell-tale burnt sugar taste of a vape coil nearing the end of its life begins to creep in just when you’ve finally finished breaking a new coil in.

Coincidence? Nope – all of these things are directly related.

This is the REAL reason why your vape coils don’t last.

Sucralose Is the Thing That’s Killing Your Vape Coils

At first glance, the video above may not seem to relate directly to vaping. At the beginning of the video, the presenter drops a glowing hot metal ball into a bowl of sucralose, an artificial sweetener sold under the brand name Splenda. The sucralose immediately begins to bubble and darken before finally turning into a mass of black gunk.

You may also notice that almost none of the sucralose vaporizes. There’s no gigantic vapor cloud to be found anywhere.

Now, the next time you start to get that burnt sugar taste when vaping, and the irritation in the back of your throat becomes so annoying that you can’t take it anymore and finally have to replace your coil, take a good look at that coil before throwing it away. It looks pretty much the same as the black gunk in the video, doesn’t it?

That’s because the e-liquid you’re vaping is full of sucralose – and as the video above demonstrates, sucralose doesn’t vaporize. When you heat sucralose, it caramelizes and burns. Your vape coils could last weeks. Instead, they last days – and that’s if you’re lucky. When you vape a sweetened e-liquid, the vapor carries a tiny bit of the sucralose to your palate. The rest of the sucralose stays right where it is: stuck to your coil and slowly – or not so slowly – forming a crust that grows thicker and thicker until it’s eventually all you can taste.

A huge percentage of the mainstream e-liquid sold today is sweetened with sucralose, and sucralose is the reason why your coils aren’t lasting as long as they should.

So, that’s the problem. What’s the solution? Actually, there are a few ways to solve the problem of short coil life – but only one of them doesn’t require you to change anything about the way you vape.

Cleaning Your Gunky Coils Allows You to Reuse Them

Using a coil that’s covered in sucralose residue is an absolutely awful experience, but there is a silver lining. Under the residue, you’ve still got a perfectly good coil. Sucralose is water-soluble, and that means you can restore your coil to like-new performance simply by cleaning it.

Cleaning a gunky coil by hand isn’t a difficult process, but it is time-consuming and requires several hours of on-and-off attention on your part. We’ll explain how to clean your coils in a moment, and if it sounds like too much work, you’ll be glad to know there’s an alternative. The ROBO2020 automatic coil cleaner can clean and dry your coils for you – just add water and turn it on. ROBO2020 isn’t just an easier way to clean your coils; it also delivers far better results than you can achieve by doing the work manually.

If you prefer to do the work manually, put your dirty coils in a heat-proof bowl and fill the bowl with hot water. Keep the coils in the water for several hours, swirling them around periodically to provide agitation. You may also find it helpful to dump the bowl out and refill it when the water gets cold. After several hours of soaking, give the coils a final rinse before leaving them out for a day to dry.

Switching to Unsweetened E-Liquid Can Increase Your Coil Life

So, one way to solve the problem of coil gunk is by cleaning your coils so you can use them again. If you’re open to the idea of trying a different type of e-liquid, though, you should consider switching to unsweetened e-liquid. Although sweetened e-liquids crowd the shelves at most vape shops, e-liquids without sucralose are still out there.

How would you like to prime a coil, throw it into your tank and forget about it? How would you like to vape with absolutely no problems for weeks at a time? That’s the experience you can have with unsweetened e-liquid.

Of course, the reason why you use sweetened e-liquid is that you like sweet flavors. It might surprise you, though, to discover that many vape juices actually taste quite sweet even without sucralose. You’ll also taste those flavors much more clearly if you switch to unsweetened e-liquid because sucralose tends to cover subtler flavors.

Changing Vaping Devices Can Reduce Your E-Liquid Consumption

If you don’t want to go through the work of cleaning your coils and don’t want to change e-liquids, the next best thing that you can do is reduce the amount of e-liquid you use by switching to a device that generates less vapor.

If you switch from a direct-to-lung vaping setup with a mesh coil to a mouth-to-lung pod system, you’re going to use significantly less e-liquid than you do now. You’ll have to increase the nicotine strength of your e-liquid to compensate, of course, but the benefit of using less e-liquid is that your coils will last much longer than they currently do even if you’re still using sweetened e-liquid.

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