Finding The #1 Menthol Vape Juice Blends (A Guide…)


Fans of menthol vape juice often get neglected by most major vape juice companies, and this sucks – but there is hope for menthol lovers…

Back when I was a smoker, I only smoked menthol cigarettes. Hand-rolled, menthol cigarettes. I just to catch a lot of flack from my buddies about this and half the time most of them would rather go without a smoke than have one of mine. Such is the divisive nature of menthol vape juice

We’re a unique bunch, us menthol lovers. That fresh, minty zing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But for us, it is just what the doctor ordered (so to speak) and vaping (or smoking, if you’re still on the analogs) just wouldn’t be the same without it.

But it DOES create a problem when it comes to vaping: most major vape juice companies DO NOT focus on menthol vape juice. In fact, most – like 80/90% don’t even do a menthol flavor, so what exactly are we menthol fans expected to do?

Roll over and die? Use different flavors? Never!

A Place For Menthol Vape Juice Lovers

Back when I started scouting juices for our store, I had a couple of things in mind: 1) I wanted a solid collection of tobacco vape juices, good ones, ones that you could vape all day long, including sweet ones and RY4s; 2) I also wanted to make sure my menthol-loving brothers and sisters were catered for.

That’s why, unlike inside most stores, you will find quite a few menthol and tobacco vape juices in our store. And the reason? Because I like menthol and tobacco vape juices – this is why Top Brass and TrailBlazer are pretty much the only things I vape these days.

It’s also why we have a straight-up Tobacco Menthol Nic Salts vape juice option inside our Nic Salts collection. I used to smoke menthol cigarettes, so the itch for one is still present. When it strikes, I crack open a bottle of Tobacco Menthol Nic Salts and fill up my tank. Two hits later, I’m completely satisfied. Itch, zero; me, one!

The warm tobacco notes combine with the icy menthol hit to more or less replicate the exact sensation you get from a proper menthol cigarette. And it isn’t just me that digs this flavor, either. Plenty of our customers love it too, as you can see below:

I don’t see many tobacco menthol flavors out these days and this one did not disappoint. I use this flavor in my Infinix pod and the taste is true to the description. The tobacco is very tasty and the menthol isn’t overpowering – Sofia.

I usually stay away from tobacco and menthol flavors. This one surprised me and I am really enjoying it when I switch to my pod – Chris Hotopp

Top Vape Juice Menthol Blends

But what if you like menthol but don’t want any tobacco spoilin’ the party? No problem. Vape juices like Icebound, a mix of menthol with ripe blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries is a perfect all day, fruity vape.

And then we have Menthol Breakdown, a heady mix of mixed, wild berries with a hint of menthol that is perfect for use inside sub-ohm tanks, RDAs, and RTAs. In fact, this is one of my most-used fruit flavors from the store. I always have a bottle lying around in case I’m in the mood.

Hell, we even have a menthol CBD vape juice – just in case you want to get your chill on while having a vape.

Fruity Vape Juices With A Menthol Twist

At the end of the day, most people HATE menthol cigarettes and menthol vape juice. But from experience – and my own personal tastes – I know that what “most people” think is a terrible way of looking at things. I mean, I like metal and sludge metal but my better half cannot stand it. You also won’t hear the Melvins on the radio, either. But does that mean they’re not popular? Hell no!

It’s the same with menthol vape juice. Yeah, it’s hard to find the good stuff. But once you do it’s usually well worth the wait. And just because it isn’t as popular as dessert-based or fruit vape juices doesn’t mean you should no longer vape the stuff if you enjoy it!

This is why we pride ourselves not only on our selection of menthol vape juices but also on the quality of the flavors and the associated blends. And, yes, for having the foresight to break with convention and make a CBD menthol vape juice!


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