How To Use The Davinci IQ – Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

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The DaVinci IQ is a marvel of engineering under the hood. And the result? It’s one of the top portable vaporizers on the planet. But the brilliance of this device resides in how easy it is to use…

Regular readers will know that I am a HUGE fan of Davinci IQ. For me, it is the #1 portable vaporizer on the planet right now. It looks great, it performs brilliantly, it runs removable 18650 batteries, and it produces great-tasting vapor.

The PAX 3 is good. But I prefer the DaVinci IQ. Why? Find out inside our Davinci IQ vs Pax 3 Comparison. Today we’re going to be talking exclusively about the Davinci IQ, how it works, and how you get the best possible performance from it.

Let’s do this!

How To Use The Davinci IQ For Maximum Performance

How To Pack The Davinci IQ Bowl

The Davinci IQ features a fairly sizeable bowl (or oven). You can get a fair amount of weed in it, easily enough for a solid couple of sessions. And because the IQ uses a ceramic oven, the flavor you get from your herbs is always super-tasty.

I like to grind mine down, but keeping it fairly coarse. If experimented with finely grinding it to chucking in large chunks of bud; coarsely ground is the way forward, if you want thick, flavor-packed vapor. Adding it to the Davinci IQ is a cinch too. Just pop open the bottom, fill her up, and you’re done.

As I said: the Davinci IQ is super-simple to use. There is ZERO learning curve. Just add your cannabis, turn it on, setting the power, and you’re good to go!

Why The IQ’s Pearl is Important

When you open the oven door (it’s located on the bottom of the device), you see a circular pearl attached to it. This “pearl” is super-important, as it acts as a wedge against whatever you put in the oven, so you can put in small or large amounts and it still vaporizes the same.

I lost my pearl, I have no idea how, but it really affected the performance of the Davinci IQ. Don’t be like me, don’t lose your IQ’s pearl. I ended up buying a new pearl via Amazon and it cost me $12! Just be mindful that it is securely screwed into place. Do this and you’ll have no issues.

You CANNOT Run Concentrates In The Davinci IQ

DaVinci wanted to make the best possible dry herb vaporizer possible when it was designing the Davinci IQ. For this reason, it built the vaporizer around dry herbs – and nothing else. This means you cannot run concentrates in the device.

Personally, this doesn’t bother me. I’m not a fan of concentrates anyway; I prefer the taste, look, and feel of the real stuff. Call me old school, but that’s just the way I am! Why mess with a winning formula!?

How To Inhale Correctly on The Davinci IQ

You can hit the Davinci IQ however you like; dealer’s choice, and all that. But in my experience, there is an optimal way to take hits on the Davinci IQ and it isn’t sucking as hard as you possibly can…

What you want to do is this: once the Davinci IQ is fully heated, imagine you’re sucking up some super-thick milkshake. Take long, slow draws. Doing so ensures you get maximum vapor and maximum flavor.

Davinci IQ Smart Path Explained

The LED on the front of the Davinci IQ shows how much temperature the device is outputting. Four is the highest and one is the lowest. You can flick through these settings simply by adjusting the power rocker on the side (this is why I do).

However, because Davinci is very fancy engineering company, it has also made these Smart Paths fully editable, meaning you can create your own inside the phone app.

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How you do this is simple: go to the Smart Path One, for instance, and change the temperatures to what you want, save it, and move onto the next one.

Once you’ve done this, the Smart Path settings will be changed and your new temperatures implemented. You can now use the physical power rocker on the side the IQ to switch through them. As I said: pretty fancy!

Personally, I don’t bother with any of this. I tend to start out on 2 and work my way up to 4 (the maximum temperature setting), as I work my way through the bowl.

Is The Davinci Phone App Worth It?

If you want to mess around with the Davinci IQ’s Smart Path settings, customizing them to your exact tastes, then you’ll need the phone app which is available for both iPhone and Android handsets.

Inside the app, you can control and alter pretty much every aspect of the device’s performance and output. There’s so much stuff to look at, tweak, and play around with that you could spend hours tinkering!

If you like that sort of thing, the Davinci App it’s great. I downloaded it, used it once, and then didn’t touch it again. I prefer the on-device controls; they’re just as accurate and it’s more my style.

How To Use Boost Mode on The Davinci IQ

The Davinci IQ has this thing called Boost Mode, and it’s really cool. Boost Mode on the Davinci IQ basically ramps up the power to the absolute maximum setting for the biggest possible hit and vapor. Activating Boost Mode is simple too: just hold down the power button.

For example: you can start the Davinci IQ nice and low on, say, setting number two, and once it’s heated up, hold down the power button to activate Boost Mode, which will skyrocket the temperature in increments to 470ºF.

Once you let go of the power button, Boost Mode stops and the Davinci IQ reverts back to its original setting. In this case, Setting 2. It’s a great feature, especially when you’re coming to the end of a bowl and you want to max it out before refilling the IQ again.

What About The Flavor Chamber?

Again, this isn’t something I tend to mess around with. But it is a very cool feature. At the top of the device, inside the mouthpiece, you’ll find a vented tube that can be pulled out, this is the Flavor Chamber.

You can add other herbs to the chamber to add flavor to your vaping sessions or, if that’s not your thing, you can use it to collect the oil from the weed you’re currently vaping, which can then be added to your next bowl for a more potent hit.

And That’s About It For Tips…

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As I noted throughout this user guide, I really do love the Davinci IQ. I own a bunch of portable vaporizers, desktop vaporizers too, but the Davinci IQ has been the one I always turn to whenever I need one.

I prefer its design and how it vapes to the PAX 3, as well as the fact that it runs 18650 batteries. The benefit of this is that you can have a few on charge and then swap out the dead batteries for fresh ones without any real downtime. With the PAX, you have to wait until its fully charged again – and this takes like 90 mines.

I got my Davinci IQ direct from DaVinci for $274.99. Why go the direct route? Simple: Davinci has the best price and you get a 10-year warranty.

Need Help? No Problem.

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