How To Find The Best Quality Vape Juice (Our #1 Tips)


If you’re looking to vape ONLY the best quality vape juice, you need to know what you’re looking for. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly what to look for and how to get it…

OK, so you’re new to vaping and you’re wondering about vape juice. What’s the best quality vape juice? What should vape juice have in it? Does the vape juice’s origin matter? I know how confusing it can be if you’re new. But don’t stress it, we got you covered. Once you know the basics, you’ll be good to go from here on out!

Best Quality Vape Juice – What To Look For…

  • USA-Made
  • 100% Diacetyl-Free
  • USA-Sourced Nicotine
  • Acetyl Propionyl-Free
  • Acetoin-FREE

First things first: you should ONLY buy USA-made vape juice if you’re in the US, or UK-made vape juice if you’re in the UK and Europe. Why? Because buying “cheap vape juice” from places like China is the quickest way to landing yourself in some decidedly fishy waters. You DO NOT want dodgy chemicals in your vape juice, so avoid any vape juice that is not made in the USA.

High quality, USA-made vape juice DOES NOT have to cost the earth to acquire. You can pick up 120ML and 30ML bottles of great-tasting, superb quality vape juice for as little as $8.99 and $18.99.

Take our line of vape juice: we work with a brilliant, independent US supplier that crafts all of its products individually using only the best possible ingredients.

All of our vape juice is 100% diacetyl-free and only uses USA-made nicotine that is derived from US labs that ONLY produce the highest possible quality product. And because we don’t bother with retailers or B&M stores, we can keep the prices nice and low – and then we pass on the savings to you. Simple, right?

Why Does This Matter?

Pretty simple, really. You’re breathing this stuff into your lungs. Wouldn’t you want to know the people behind the company? Know that they’re using the best possible ingredients? Isn’t it worth taking the time to look into this kind thing? I think so. This is also the #1 reason why I NEVER buy vape juice via places like eBay or Craig’s List; you just never have any idea about the quality of the stuff you’re buying – so do not do this.


If you buy cheap vape juice from some random dude on Craig’s List you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll be home-made juice that has not been made in a lab. Nor will it meet any sort of safety standards. And then you get to the ingredients… what exactly is in it? You don’t know; you’re just talking that person at their word – and this is never advisable, not when it comes to vape juice.

If you want a real-world example of this just look at the whole JUUL THC pod crisis that swept across America last year. That “epidemic”, where people actually died, had nothing to do with normal vapes or vape juice. Rather, it was down to illegal (meaning, home-made JUUL pods laced with THC) pods that were killing people. And if this isn’t enough of a reason to avoid buying vape juice from dodgy places online, I don’t know what is!

What About Nic Salts?

Yep, this goes doubly for Nic Salts E Juice too – always buy high-quality, US-made Nic Salts. Anything else is just too risky. If something looks too good to be true, chances are is it – unless it’s a bonafide offer like this one (which is 100% legit and well worth your time!) In all cases, you want to make sure you buy from reputable places that have good reviews and feedback from their customers.

All of The Above Applies To CBD Vape Juice As Well…

CDB is getting massively popular in the USA and UK. But you do need to be careful where you’re getting it from – you want 100% legit stuff. Cheap knockoffs are not only dangerous but lack actual medical-grade CBD, so it’s also a massive waste of money too. As with most things, when something becomes popular, everybody jumps on the bandwagon – and this includes scammers and companies that DO NOT care about quality or your health.

As always, please, make sure you ONLY buy good-quality CBD vape juice. It’s important that you get US-made CBD vape juice that has ALL of its ingredients sourced from inside the USA. You DO NOT want to buy cheap, counterfeit CBD products from overseas (like China) for less. You might think you’re getting a good deal, but you aren’t – you’re just buying unknown chemicals and breathing them into your body.

When it comes to quality, you should only ever buy high-quality CBD vape juice.

Bottom Line?

I set up VapeBeat as a blog back in 2015. Back then, it was tricky to find relevant information about good quality vape products online; everything was either too pushy or just completely off the mark (or too complicated). I wanted to make a site that worked for vapers of all levels – from seasoned pros to those that are brand new to it.


In 2019, we partnered up with a US juice company and launched our own vape juice store. Inside, you’ll find tons of vape juices, lots of five-star reviews (we have over 1500+ at last count), CBD vape juice, and Nic Salts vape juice. Basically, everything you need to vape safely and happily. And the best part? The prices – we sell 30ML and 120ML for $8.99 and $18.99, respectively.

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