DNA, YiHi & Joyetech: Why Your Mod’s Chipset Matters

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DNA, YiHi & Joyetech? What’s the difference? Quite a bit as it goes… but don’t think you have to spring for a DNA 200 mod to get the best

In the world of vape we are always on the prowl for that perfect set up, that perfect vape juice that we can vape all day everyday. Some want the latest and greatest while others want quality over quantity.

You find yourself doing a lot of research, looking at each tank and mod. You research the batteries and what type is best for you, internal or external. There is one area, however, that A LOT of people overlook – the chipset inside the mod.
Whether that chip is any good or not is of really no real concern if you didn’t do your research into the chip. There are three top chips on the market; DNA, Yihi, and Joyetech. That’s correct, Joyetech. Joyetech chips have gotten really good and not only are the Joyetech chips good but they are also very affordable. They may not have that 97% accuracy like the DNA chip but the Joyetech chip isn’t far off.

Two excellent examples of mods that use YiHi chipsets are:

The latest Joyetech chip update allows you the option to preheat your coil in both TC or power modes. A simple explanation: I ran a dual twisted 24g 6wrap .25ohm coils on the Reuleaux RX200S at 90W and yes I had a slight ramp up time. Turned on preheat and set preheat to 100W for 1.5secs and now I had no ramp up time. I hope the above helps a bit in explaining what Preheat is. Most will use preheat for TC and bigger builds on RDAs. Joyetech chips have been making a mark in the industry and finding there way into some of the top affordable devices. Devices like the awesome Wismec Reuleaux RX200, RX200S, RX2/3, and the RX75, but there are more such as the iStick Pico along with the iStick 200W and finally the Joyetech devices. I have a DNA, a Yihi and several other devices. The one that I tend to grab for the most is my RX series mods, the RX200S and RX2/3 in particular do to the fact of the wonderful 0.96inch display. If you can’t afford a DNA device or even a Yihi device then going with an affordable device is perfectly fine. Affordable is the way to go and Joyetech has your back with an awesome selection of mods. My personal favourite being the Wismec Reuleaux RX200S.



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