Pod Vapes With The Best Battery Life [2023]


Looking for a pod vape with good battery life? I was too, so I tested a bunch in a bid to find out which pod vapes have the best battery life…

If you’re looking for a small, compact pod vape and you don’t want to be constantly worried about it running out of battery life, you need to know EXACTLY what to look for.

Most pod vapes, by design, do not feature large batteries. Normally, this isn’t a problem because most pod vapes are low power devices, so, like disposable vapes, they don’t tax their batteries too hard.

Still, some pod vapes are definitely better than others when it comes to battery life, so if you want the best possible battery life on your next pod vape you need to choose wisely.

I’ve included a selection of our current favorite pod vapes, based on their overall performance and battery life, below – some are better than others but they’ll all do a solid day of vaping.

Pod Vape With Best Battery Life

Which Pod Vape Has The Best Battery Life?

These are our #1 picks right now for pod vapes with the best battery life. They’re all different, of course, and some will even do sub ohm vaping like the SMOK RPM 5.

Most, though, are MTL pod systems which is what the vast majority of pod users are after, as it means you can run Nic Salts juice inside them.

If you’re still confused about which pod vape has the best battery life, here’s a quick rundown of everything covered above:

Key Takeaways

  • The GeekVape Wenax H1 Starter Kit has the best battery life of any compact, MTL pod system right now; it uses a 1000mAh battery that’ll deliver 1.5 to 2 days battery life, all while keeping an ultra slim, lightweight profile.
  • Larger, pod/vape mod-hybrids like SMOK’s RPM series use much larger batteries but they’re much bigger devices in general, so cannot be considered a true pod vape, per se.
  • The Vaporesso LUXE QS is another outstanding option, both for battery life and overall flavor and performance. Again, it is a true pod system with a compact, pocketable design.
  • Generally speaking, our team of reviewers tended to prefer the GeekVape Wenax H1 – so, if you want our advice, go with that one.

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