Best UK Vape Retailers – My Picks For 2020

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If you’re in the UK and you’re after quality customer service and great product selections, check out my picks for the best UK vape retailers

Who are the best UK vape retailers as of 2018? This is a good question and it is something I am asked about quite often. Our brothers and sisters have it pretty sweet in the US, with an abundance of excellent vape retailers. But who’s the cream of the crop?

As you’d expect, there are A LOT of vape retailers operating online in the UK. In the past six years or so, I’ve frequented most of them for either E Juice, tanks, or mods. Some were great, others not so much.

The best UK vape retailers – the ones I ALWAYS go back to are often hidden inside Google – so I figured I’d do a post on my personal favourite places to buy my vape gear in the UK.

We also have a piece on the best brick and mortar vape shops in London too.

Best UK Vape Retailers – What Do I Look For In A Good Vape Retailer?

Simple: a great selection of products, lots of E Juice lines (with shortfill options), plenty of RDA and RDTA options, and, above all else, brilliant customer service and decent returns and warranties for the products I purchase.

I’m only writing from personal experience here, so if I missed a retailer you really like, don’t take it personally – I never write/blog/review anything I haven’t experienced personally. Feel free to give me a heads-up though via the contact forms below! I’m always looking for new, awesome retailers.

Best UK Vape Retailers – My Picks For 2018


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Visit The Store – CLICK HERE

I found Vape Super Store pretty recently, and its selection of E Juice and RDAs impressed me right off the bat. The website itself is well designed and easy to find your way around. Pricing isn’t too bad either – pretty much par for the course when compared to the competition.

They also have a pretty decent sales section with hundreds of products, ranging from E Juice to mods and tanks. If you’re short of any accessories, Vape Super Store has you covered. In the accessories section you’ll find all the tools you need to keep your vape setup running in tip top condition.

They offer free delivery on everything over £20, as well as a points system, whereby you earn points every time you purchase something. In the long run, these points can be used for discounts and money off purchases.

UK Ecig Store

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Visit The Store – CLICK HERE

UK Ecig Store is one of the oldest names in the game. It is also easily the biggest UK vape retailer – by quite a margin. This means the site is pretty sophisticated. They have massive sales all the time and excellent deals for E Juice (£19.99 for 100ml of E Juice, for instance).

I bought one of my first ever mods from UK Ecig Store, way back in 2010, and since then I’ve watched the company grow and develop into an absolute BEAST. They carry pretty much everything, so if you’re in the market for new gear, UK Ecig Store should definitely be high on your hit list.

They have a great returns policy, decent customer service, and offer free delivery on all orders over £20. My personal favourite thing, however, is that you can get advice, live, from one of the sales people on-site via the IM plugin in case you need help or advice on your purchase.

Vape & Juice

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Visit The Store – CLICK HERE

Vape & Juice has fast become one of my first go-to retailers whenever I’m after a new RDA – they have a MASSIVE selection of options. They also have a very sizeable selection of E Juice to choose from as well.

Vape & Juice carries a lot of brands, so if you’re interested in picking up Vandy Vape and VGOD products in the UK, Vape & Juice should be your first port of call.

Vape & Juice also have brick and mortar stores in a few locations around the UK, though I haven’t been inside one. I do 99.9% of my vape shopping online and one of the big things that sets Vape & Juice apart from the crowd in the UK is that they offer free shipping.

Vape & Juice carry TONS of mods and tank and E Juice, so if you’re looking for something specific, especially if it’s an RDA or RTA, be sure to check these guys out!

Vape Club

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Visit The Store – CLICK HERE

Vape Club’s website isn’t quite as nice or sophisticated as Vape Super Store or UK Ecig Store’s, but it is still definitely worthy of being on this list.

Vape Club has a MASSIVE selection of vape products, including E Juice, accessories, tanks, mods, and batteries. They also have a pretty cool sales section, where you can pick up TONS of cool gear at heavily discounted prices.

Like UK E Cig Store, you can chat to a sales rep via IM if you have any questions about your purchase. Vape Club carries pretty much every major vape brand in operation right now, so it’s a great place to browse around if you’re not looking for anything specific.

Vape Club offers free first class delivery on ALL orders over £20 and their returns and warranties are pretty rock solid too.

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