Smok Thiner 25W Review: This Looks Surprisingly Familiar…

Smok Thiner 25W Review: This Looks Surprisingly Familiar...Pin

It seems like Smok releases a new mod every few weeks, and sometimes they happen to look a whole lot like another piece of kit. But just because they may look similar, doesn’t mean they are the same at all. Today we check out the new Smok Thiner.

Smok Thiner: Strange Name, Familiar Design

Smok Thiner 25W Review: This Looks Surprisingly Familiar...Pin
The new Smok Thiner Pod System

If you are like me, and you are familiar with some of the more popular vape designs, the Smok Thiner is going to be oddly familiar looking to you. Perhaps because it looks nearly identical to a very popular product. But since I like to give Smok a fair shake whenever possible, we will do a deep dive into the new Smok Thiner.

But let’s address the elephant in the room. The new Smok Thiner looks a lot like the Sourin Air. I remember the Sourin Air as one of the first pod mods on the market, right about the time that salt nic became a popular trend. It was a cool idea for it’s time, and looked like a little credit card. It became one of the best-selling pod kits ever.

But The Sourin Air came out 4 years ago, and the pod technology back then, was certainly in it’s infancy. Since then, we have seen every major player in the vape world release a pod system, to varied results. Smok has been one of the companies in the forefront of pod design, and love it or hate it, Smok is here to stay!

The Smok Thiner: Features, Specs, and Design

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The overall look of the new Thiner, is the only thing it has in common with with Sourin. I was surprised with how many features Smok managed to pack into such a small package. I usually do not have high hopes for Smok products (Remember the ALIEN?).

But to be honest, the company has been uncharacteristically impressive over the past few years with it’s small device lineup. Products like the RPM Series have really started to change the public opinion of Smok. But competition is much stiffer these days! There are TONS of great starter kits out there!

What’s In The Box?

A few of the features are borrowed from other devices in the newer Smok lineup. Let’s take a look at the Thiner features:

  • 700mah Battery Life
  • 5W-25W Power
  • 1 Amp Charging
  • USB Type C Charging
  • .69 Inch OLED Display Screen
  • Single Button Adjustment
  • 4ML or 2 ML Pod Capacity
  • 8 Second Cutoff Time


The new Smok Thiner uses the same chipset that the recent Smok products have used, to great results in my opinion. The screen looks a lot like the newer Smok Nord devices, and operates on the same principal. It has a single button that operates the wattage power settings, which makes the device simple to “set it and forget it”.

Like the Nord, it also has similar wattage settings. You should never need more than 25 watts of power for the Thiner pods. The Smok Thiner Kit comes with one 0.8 ohm mesh pod. I find that these run really well at 15 watts, but even at full power it would be hard to burn one out on accident.

This makes the Thiner a little bit “idiot proof”. It also has overcharge protection and lots of safety features. This is ideal for people just starting to get into vaping.

The pods come in two different sizes for TPD compliance. The American version has a full 4ML capacity, which is a lot for such a small device. The TPD version of course is 2ML, which is still enough to get you through the day with higher level nicotine liquids. The mesh coil inside the pod lasts much longer than the older style “round wire” coils, and the taste is definitely superior.

In fact, my biggest gripe with most of these smaller devices is the lack of flavor. But the tiny mesh coil in the Thiner pods has some really impressive flavor. Not to mention, the vapor production is a little more than you would expect from such a tiny device.

Likewise, the 700mah battery life should last you most of the day as well. But should you have to charge the Smok Thiner throughout the day, the 1 amp USB-C charging is REALLY quick. You can also charge the device and use it at the same time, which is an added bonus!

The Smok Thiner: Final Verdict

If you are looking for a ultra-portable device, the Smok Thiner is an awesome choice. It is literally the size of a credit card, and it has the power to last all day if you are out and about. Even if you should need to charge it, the 1 amp charging should is pretty quick.

This would be a great kit for people that are new to vaping, or an experienced vaper that needs something for “on the go”. As someone who used to shun pod vapes, I certainly use them when I am out and about, and especially in the car! Sometimes you need something simple and small to get you through the day.

If Smok keeps cranking out products like the Thiner, and the recent Arcfox 230…people might start changing their minds about Smok! Since Smok is one of the original vape companies from way back when, I would love to see a comeback. Maybe 2021 is the comeback year for Smok!

If you want the best prices, with free shipping, head over to Direct Vapor and get your Smok Thiner!

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