Sigelei 213 Review: Impressive Stuff ALL ROUND

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Sigelei is BACK with the Sigelei 213 box-mod, a new set-up that promises MASSES of power, oodles of design and plenty of features

If you’ve been vaping for a while the name, Sigelei, will likely ring a bell. The hardware-maker has made quite a name for itself in the vapeshere during the past several years, producing some very sought after box-mods.

I have owned a few Sigelei mods in the past (the 30W mini, 50W V2, 50W, 150 TC and the Fuchai). I NEVER had an issue with any of them. In fact, you could go as far as saying I am a BIG fan of Sigelei. So when the Sigelei 213 landed on my doorstep, well, I was a happy boy.

I’ve been testing the Sigelei 213 for a couple of weeks now, getting accustomed to its nuances, seeing what it can do, how much it can handle. It’s been an interesting couple of weeks too. Read on to find out if the Sigelei 213 is ALL it’s cracked up to be.

Sigelei 213 Review: Design

The black box and packaging the Sigelei 213 comes in is typical of the brand’s love of DARKNESS; everything is black and well organised and all the pertinent details and features are embossed on the back of the box. It looks professional and very legit, just as you’d expect from a big player like Sigelei.

Inside, you’ll find the warranty manual, authenticity card, user manual, USB (for charging) and of course the star of the show, the Sigelei 213. The Sigelei 213 itself is extremely lightweight and I really do love the design and attention to detail that has gone into realising this thing — it looks wonderful from all angles.

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The battery door on it is very similar to the Cuboid, but I’m kind of tempted to say that the one of the Sigelei is implemented slightly better. You might disagree, it is kind of subjective, I guess, but after switching back I did miss the way the Sigelei operated in this context.

The chassis of the mod is very sturdy; it feels rock-solid in the hand. The buttons are very clicky with great tactile feedback and when you’re holding the thing in your hand there is not a single rattle. Solid. Solid, stuff.

Sigelei 213PinPin
Sigelei 213

With connections, you’re looking at a 510 spring-loaded stainless steel setup with a copper 510-connection pin that worked with every tank I own — and I own about 10. The screen is very bright and, because its OLED, it can be used outside without any issues.

Sigelei 213 Review: Features and Specs

The Sigelei 213 is similarly sized to the Cuboid, which was great for me as that was the mod I was using prior to testing. The Sigelei 213 is ever so slightly shorter, though, and measures in at: 88mm x 44mm x 29mm.

The Sigelei 213 also has MASSES on power and will run from 10-213W, which will cover everyone from absolute beginner to seasoned pro. And, like a lot of high-end setups now available, the Sigelei 213 will fire down to a 0.1ohm resistance as well.

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Sigelei has introduced a few new tricks to the 213’s OLED display too, which is now broken up into sections, with each covering off a different feature of the device. This is actually one of my favourite bits of the 213, as it let’s you see exactly what is going on with everything all the time.

When it’s powered on and set up properly, you can see the atomizer resistance, output voltage, output current, battery status, battery life indicator, output wattage and output temperature. Basically, EVERYTHING you could ever need.

The Sigelei 213 supports a bunch of TC wires such as Ni, Ti, SS304, SS316, SS317, TCR and TFR. In addition to all of this you get all the safety features of a regulated devices, which means you won’t be getting your face or legs blown off, despite what the Mail Online says.

Sigelei 213 Review: Performance

The Sigelei 213 is a great all-round performer. Running in wattage mode, when I press the fire button I get on demand power. Ditto for TC mode. Yes, TC mode has a ramp up but that’s where the wonderful preheat feature, which heats up the coil faster, by firing at a slightly higher, preset temperature than your current setting, comes into play. Preheat also works in all modes as well, not just TC.

The dual battery kept me going for just over a day of normal vaping at 70W on a .25ohm coil. Everything I put on top sits flush and looks nice. Even with dual 18650 cells the Sigelei 213 is light. I threw on my 25mm Herakles RTA and there is no overhang at all. Everything looks extremely tight. Awesome stuff once again from Sigelei.

Remember the OLED display we were talking about earlier? Well, what I forgot to mention is that it also relays information on how much charge is left inside each battery cell, so you can see if one isn’t pulling its weight.

Sigelei 213 Review: Conclusion

There are TONS of mods available on market right now. Innovation in this space has been off the hook during the past two years and we’ve seen HUGE leaps forwards with respect to design, overall functionality, power and features.

For this reason — and a whole lot more — Sigelei HAD to come to the table with something impressive. It also needed to look good and pack a wallop in the power department. Well, I am pleased to report that the Sigelei 213 does ALL this and a whole lot more.

I love this mod. It has tons of useful features, one of the best OLED displays I’ve tested to date and, most importantly, it looks shit-hot — the design work here is just wonderful. I love all of its little features and quirks, the pre-heat function, and the fact you can stick it in any mode with any type of tank and still get the same stellar performance.

We don’t say this often, but this mod will definitely take some beating!

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