GeekVape FRENZY Review: The Most Versatile Pod Vape You Can Buy

GeekVape FRENZYPin

The GeekVape FRENZY is an AIO pod kit that looks equal parts SMOK Trinity Alpha and Lost Vape Orion DNA Go. It can do MTL and DTL vaping, as well as temperature control. But is it any good?

GeekVape FRENZY Quick Verdict – (95%)

GeekVape FRENZYPin

GeekVape FRENZY Pros

  • Gorgeous Zinc Alloy Chassis
  • MTL & DTL Coil Heads
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Temperature Control & Variable Voltage
  • Simple To Use
  • Outstanding Battery Life
  • Near-Perfect MTL Draw


TL;DR Verdict: The GeekVape FRENZY looks and feels a lot like the Lost Vape Orion Go/Q. It’s a similar size, it’s smart-looking, and it carries the same style removable pod system.

The STAR of the show, however, is its versatility; it runs two types of coil heads – MTL coils and DTL coils. If you’re running MTL coils, the FRENZY runs in temperature control mode. Bang in the mesh coil and it switches over to variable voltage.

You have adjustable airflow too, so you can really dial-in your draw. The MTL coil head’s draw is near-perfect with its tight, restricted draw. Even with the sub-ohm mesh coil, you can adjust the airflow to make it either more open or more close off.

The flavor is great. And the power switcher on the side, which features three settings (high, low, and middle) really does make a difference to the vaping experience. The compact nature of the device, combined with its versatility, makes the GeekVape FRENZY one of the most impressive pod vapes on the market right now.

The device itself is stunning. Composed of zinc alloy and featuring resin accents, the GeekVape FRENZY is definitely one of the best looking pod vapes I’ve tested in the past year or so – even though it does borrow a lot of its design quirks and styling from the Lost Vape Orion.

Bottomline? I’m super impressed with this pod. And for the price, it serves up A LOT of features and performance. I got mine via VaporDNA where it retails for $29.95 – that’s cheaper than both the Lost Vape Orion, the SMOK Trinity Alpha, and the Orchid Ultra.

Full GeekVape FRENZY Review

GeekVape FRENZYPin


As noted in the TL;DR section, the GeekVape FRENZY is a fantastic-looking pod vape. The styling, while familiar, is totally premium. The zinc alloy chassis feels fantastic in the hand, and the resin accents on the front and back of the device finish the aesthetics off perfectly.

I prefer the way it looks to the Orchid Ultra and the SMOK Alpha Trinity; it just looks more compact and more premium, despite being cheaper than both. The FRENZY feels robust and solid in the hand. Everything comes together simply too, including the coil heads.

The GeekVape FRENZY has a top-loaded pod like the Lost Vape Orion. It features removable coils which are simple to prime and install. The drip tip is NOT removable, but this doesn’t matter – it fits and works great. And below the pod, you have an adjustable AFC which lets you tighten up or loosen the draw.

In the hand or the pocket, the GeekVape FRENZY takes up very little room, making it an ideal choice for stealth vapers. The spartan finish on the device, combined with a single power button, keeps everything nice and tidy. The complete look, in my opinion, is more visually impressive than the more expensive Lost Vape Orion.

Chuck in the fact it does PROPER MTL vaping, and will also run mesh coils, and you’re in a very good place. I love the adjustable airflow, as wells the difference the power settings make. With the GeekVape FRENZY, you’re in control of what you’re doing. And for fans of MTL vaping, I don’t think there are many better options around right now.

Specs & Features

  • 86.1mm by 37.0mm by 15.7mm
  • 3ml Maximum Capacity
  • 0.7ohm Mesh Coil & 1.2ohm NS Coil
  • Magnetic Connection
  • 4mm Bore Proprietary Drip Tip
  • Built-in 950mAh Battery
  • AS Micro Chipset

As you can see above, the FRENZY is packed with a lot of very impressive specs and features. For me, the big ones are the battery – it’s a 950mAh cell that’ll deliver ALL-DAY vaping with zero problems.

The other? The AS Micro chipset, which is what makes the variable voltage/temperature control possible with this pod vape, as well as its ability to intelligently switch between the two modes, depending on what coil head you’re using.

GeekVape always over-delivers with its products; it surveys what’s going on in the market, designs with this in mind, and nine-times-out-of-ten comes to the table with something incredibly impressive. The GeekVape FRENZY is no exception to this rule. It has everything – and more – that you could want from a pod vape device.

Coil Head Performance & Flavor

The MTL coil heads the FRENZY runs are the exact same ones that you’ll find since the GeekVape Flint kit, and that means one thing: a beautifully tight, flavored-packed MTL draw. As an MTL lover, the GeekVape FRENZY is one of the purest MTL vapes around right now.

The draw is near-perfect, plus you can adjust it further with the AFC, which lets you get it down to you exact setting with ease. I like to leave mine wide open, however, as it is plenty tight-enough for me as is. But the fact you can go further is definitely a huge USP for this device.

GeekVape FRENZYPin

The 0.6ohm mesh coil head delivers a similar vape, one packed with loads of flavor. And because it’s sub-ohm, you can run higher VG E Juice in it, though I would always stick to Nic Salts and/or 50/50 E Juice with at least 6mg of nicotine for maximum flavor and performance.

In my experience, the coil heads last a good long while; you’re looking at around a week and a half from the MTL coils and about the same for the mesh coils. Not the best. But it’s definitely acceptable, and the flavor you get during this time is brilliant.

I think the UWELL Caliburn delivers slightly better flavor, and its coils do last longer, though you cannot adjust anything on Caliburn nor does it support DTL, sub-ohm coils. I own and use both. I adore the Caliburn, as most of you will know all too well, but I really enjoy the versatility of the FRENZY.

Battery Life

Battery life is excellent. Inside the GeekVape FRENZY, you have a massive 950mAh internal battery powering everything along, ensuring all-day battery life, regardless of how heavy your vaping habit is.

I do wish it ran USB Type C, like the SMOANT PASITO, as this brings without fast charging and host of other benefits, but, alas, it does not.

GeekVape FRENZYPin

Either way, with a battery that size, you’re never going to have to worry about battery life, especially if you top it up once for 30 minutes or so during the day.

Bottomline? The GeekVape FRENZY has great battery life, so if battery power is a concern, this pod vape comes highly recommended!

Should You Buy The GeekVape FRENZY?

GeekVape FRENZYPin
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I’ve had a blast testing this pod vape out over the past couple of weeks. The GeekVape FRENZY is easily the most versatile pod mod I currently own; it runs MTL and sub-ohm mesh coils, it has an adjustable AFC, and it has variable voltage and temperature control. What more could you want?

It also serves up some of the best MTL vaping experiences in the business right now. And as an MTL aficionado, I really do appreciate the work GeekVape has done here – the draw is basically flawless. I’ve been running Tobacco & Peanut Butterscotch from the VapeBeat E Juice Store in mine and it tastes freakin’ DELISH!

But the best thing about the GeekVape FRENZY is the price – at just $29.95 from VaporDNA it is one of the best value pod mod systems around right now.

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