FreeMax Mesh Pro Review | The KING of Mesh Vape Tanks

By Drake Equation •  Updated: 09/11/18 •  6 min read

The FreeMax Mesh Pro is the latest mesh coil vape tank from guys that brought us the FireLuke Mesh. But is it any good?

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Read on for my full review of the FreeMax Mesh Pro vape tank.

FreeMax Mesh Pro Review

FreeMax Mesh Pro

The Box


The FreeMax Mesh Pro is freakin’ HUGE, as The Donald would say. In fact, I’d go as far as saying it is probably the biggest tank – size-wise – that I have ever owned.

It keeps much of the styling of the FireLuke Mesh, things like the resin finish and smooth, rounded accents, only in a much larger form-factor.

FreeMax Mesh Pro

Inside The Box – What You Get (Sadly, There’s No Triple Mesh Coil)

The design of the tank is very nice though. I’m definitely a fan. I love the resin accents used throughout the design, and the slide-to-fill port at the top is a dream to use.

The FreeMax Mesh Pro is 28mm wide and can hold up to 6ML of E Juice (if you use the bubble glass it comes with); without the bubble glass, you’re looking at 5ML.

The 510 pin is gold plated for better connectivity and you get a proper massive 9mm wide drip tip, which like the rest of the tank is adorned in resin.

FreeMax Mesh Pro


Physically, the tank is a stunning setup to behold. It’s big and commanding and people will almost certainly comment on it.

In fact, it’s nearly as tall as half the mods I ran it on!

I put it, briefly, on top of my OBS Draco mod (it’s a tube mod) and it looked ridiculous!

FreeMax Mesh Pro

Rockin’ It On My OBS DRACO

Whack it on a chunky box mod, though, and it looks slick AF; I really do love its design language and while I’m not 100% in love with the size, I don’t personally mind it too much.

FreeMax Mesh Pro Coils

The big news here is the coils; there are four brand new coil heads.

You get the top two in the pack, while the BIG BOY (AKA: the triple mesh coil) has to be bought separately.

You can also run FireLuke and FireLuke Pro coil heads on it too, as well as the RTA deck (though I haven’t used this).

FreeMax Mesh Pro

How It Compares To FireLuke Mesh

The coils are all proper flavor monsters. I’ve tested both the kit coils and they blew my socks off; they wick super fast, never spit, and they last for a very long time.

Another cool thing about the FreeMax Mesh Pro’s coils is that you can switch between E Juices when the tank is almost empty and the flavor switch is rapid.

One minute you have strawberry watermelon, the next custard.

The switch happens so fast it’s crazy. I haven’t come across a coil that switches as fast as this before.

It’s kind of remarkable.

The stock coils are very good, in my opinion. They give great flavor that is precise and full-bodied. They also wick really fast too, providing your prime the mesh coils correctly.

FreeMax Mesh Pro Triple Mesh Coil

But NONE of them can hold a candle to the triple mesh coil.

That thing is a freakin’ MONSTER unlike anything else I have ever vaped. It basically wipes the floor with the stock coils (and pretty much any other mesh coil on the market right now).

The flavor is ridiculous. It’s like a different tank when you load the triple mesh coil in it – and the stock coils are no slouches either!

FreeMax Mesh Pro

Standard Glass Tank (5ML); Bubble Glass Nets You 6ML

The longevity of the coils is very good too; you’re looking at a solid 7-10 days before the flavor starts dropping off.

Keep it within its performance curve and you’ll get even more.

Bottomline: these are long lasting vape coils – maybe some of the best around right now.

The ONLY downside of the triple mesh coil is that it isn’t included in the kit.

You have to buy it separately.

But trust me, once you’ve vaped it, you won’t care… you will buy them.

FreeMax Mesh Pro Performance – How’s It Vape?

The FreeMax Mesh Pro, like any sub ohm vape tank, is only ever going to be as good as its coils.

And in this context, you have some of the best mesh coils in the business right now (most notably the triple mesh coil).

The airflow is nice and airy, though you can close it off for a tighter draw.

Personally, I like it wide open. This seems to be how the tank naturally wants to vape.

The flavor is brilliant too. Out of all the mesh coil tanks I’ve tested, I’d say this one is going to take some beating.

FreeMax Mesh Pro

Chunky Tank, Chunky Mod

Even more so when you load up one of those triple mesh coils.

With the stock coils in the FreeMax Mesh Pro is very good. With the triple mesh coils, it is exceptional, in a league of its own.

For this reason, it was an obvious shoe-in for our Best Vape Tanks Guide.

Basically, if you’re after a sub ohm tank that kicks A LOT of ass and produces some of the best flavor around, the FreeMax Mesh Pro should be high on your hit list.

It’s markedly better than the FireLuke Mesh and pretty much everything else on the market right now, including the Falcon Tank (controversial, I know).

But for me, it is the combination of intense, precise flavor, great design, and the fact that you can get around two weeks from each coil head before it craps out that makes the FreeMax Mesh Pro so special.

I’m calling it: the FreeMax Mesh Pro is probably the best sub ohm tank we’ll see in 2018.

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