Aspire Paradox & 9nth MTL Tank Review: Amazing. In Every Way…

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Aspire, an old hand at the vaping game has gone with a new approach and the results are magnificent. Moving on from the POD and AIO market, the Aspire Paradox and 9nth MTL tank deliver a vaping experience rivalled by few. If Aspire can nail this level of quality consistently, we may just have a new favourite manufacturer.

Aspire Paradox Verdict – 95%

Aspire Paradox ReviewPin

Aspire Paradox Pros:

  • Absolutely gorgeous
  • Solidly built, will take a beating
  • USB C charging
  • Adjustment buttons are hidden away neatly

Aspire Paradox Cons:

  • It’s heavy

Aspire are well known for their all-in-one devices, most notably the EGO series and Aspire Breeze. Not only that, but the Nautilus coils are highly regarded in the MTL realm. It comes to reason that Aspire wanted to probe the MTL market further and as such, the Paradox, a single 18650 mod, and 9th tank were born.

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Aspire Paradox ReviewPin

Created hand in hand with the Italian Engineering House “NoName”, the Paradox takes on the minimalist styling they are known for. Milled out of a solid block of Zinc Alloy, the Paradox exudes class. There’s no immediate sign of any buttons, interface, or ports and instead, it’s hidden neatly behind a zinc-alloy plate that doubles up as the firing trigger.

The cosmetic panel is held on tightly by three phenomenally strong magnets, hiding all buttons, ports and the screen. The monochrome UI is what you come to expect from old school mods with all parameters clearly listed on the screen. Underneath the screen, you’ll find up and down adjustment buttons and a Type C charging port. The actual fire button is found right at the top of the hidden panel and can absolutely be used as-is without the alloy panel.

As with the mod, the controls feel solid, clicky and well thought out. It all feels like a lot of effort was put into the design and elevates the Paradox over the sea of products streaming in.

Apart from the plastic control panel, the only non-alloy part on the Paradox is the rubber hand grip to ensure the mod does not slip out of your hand easily.

Keeping with the minimalist theme, NoName has taken the same design elements and applied it to the 9th tank. There’s no frills on the 9th and as such, it complements the Paradox perfectly, right down to the colour scheme.

What makes the 9th interesting is that it not only uses Aspire premade coils (which are fantastic), but also allows you to drop your own build in with the help of the included RBA. It’s your typical Kayfun styled deck, but here, airflow can be adjusted underneath the coil via replaceable 510 pins. Airflow can also be adjusted via the AFC ring, but bottom coil adjustments is what really matters in MTL.

The biggest disappointment of the 9th tank is the plastic threaded fill cap and while it is extremely smooth, I’m slightly worried about longevity.


Aspire Paradox ReviewPin

Best Place To Buy – UKECIGSTORE | £59.99

The Paradox perform as old-school as it looks. It’s a no-mess, no fuss mod and fires over and over again without a hitch. The Paradox only offers VV, VW and bypass; there’s no fancy power modes to be found here, allowing Aspire to focus on power delivery and power delivery only. Power is smooth, right up to the 80w max even if the single 18650 starts struggling above 50w, which further confirms that the Paradox was always an MTL device first, at least in my eyes.

If I’m nitpicking, I’m not a fan of screw in battery caps, especially if your battery is exposed as on the Paradox. Some people love the design and it does help with battery rattle, I despise it.

Speaking of MTL, this is where the 9th performs at its best. While it allows for a very very loose restricted lung hit, both the pre-made coils as well as the RBA perform at their best with a tight draw. And what a tight draw the 9th does give with the smallest insert. Even with the airflow control at its widest setting, the draw is as tight as a Kayfun at its smallest setting, just the way I like it. I’m glad too, as this was where the Cog RTA was supposed to stand out, but instead fell flat with its non functioning air control, good job to Aspire then.

Flavour too is excellent, perhaps slightly down from the Cog RTA, but an easy compromise to make and as such, the 9th is now my go to MTL tank.


  • Size: 78 mm x 42 mm x 28 mm
  • Weight: 164gr
  • Materials: Zinc Alloy
  • Batterie Capacity: Single 18650
  • Tank Capacity: 2ml

Aspire Paradox ReviewPin

Aspire Paradox + 9th Conclusion

The Aspire Paradox, paired with 9th tank was the biggest surprise of 2020. Aspires products are generally of good quality, but this, this is just something else. The pièce de résistance in their line-up even if it is completely out of target market. I have no reservations of awarding the Paradox and 9th tank the best product combo in the mid-range segment for 2020, perhaps even 2021.

Best Place To Buy – UKECIGSTORE | £59.99

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