Reuleaux DNA 200 vs Reuleaux RX200: What’s The Difference — Besides Price?

Wismec Reuleaux RX200Pin

Reuleaux DNA200 vs Reuleaux RX200 in a side-by-side shoot-out to find out which is the better mod

I wanted to do something that is challenging (in a way of sorts) and in doing so I have chosen to take two of the most popular mods on the vape scene and compare them in a real life side by side, tit-for-tat style comparison.

I’m talking about Wismec’s Reuleaux DNA 200 and Reuleaux RX200. I will explain the differences between the two and the pros and cons of each setup, as well as try to outline why one is A LOT more expensive than the other, below in the following VS. piece.

UPDATE: The Wismec Reuleaux DNA 250 is Now OFFICIAL


This Wismec Reuleaux DNA 200 was a beast of a device, surpassing the Reuleaux RX200 in almost all areas of performance. But there is now a new top dog in town – the Wismec Reuleaux DNA 250.


Running EVOLV’s latest DNA 250 chipset, the Wismec Reuleaux DNA 250 is right out on the bleeding edge of vaping technology. No other chipset in the market offers as much customization options as EVOLV’s DNA platform.


Chuck in the Wismec Reuleaux DNA 250’s outstanding design and, well… you’re looking at one of the best mods on the planet right now.

I wanted to find out for myself whether the margin of difference between EVOLV’s DNA 200 chip is so great as to warrant around $100 more for the DNA model, as $100 is a lot of money to most people. I’ve been using both for a couple of weeks now.

Below are my thoughts on how they compare. I’m talking specs, hardware, performance and usability. And if you do have any questions or feedback, simply leave me a comment in the Facebook Comments section at the end of the article.

Reuleaux DNA 200 vs Reuleaux RX200: Design

There is no design difference between these two as they both look identical in the form factor department. You can notice some slight differences when doing a close up of the two devices though. The DNA200 version has Jay Bo engraved into the firing button, for instance, while the RX200 version has the same thing printed on the fire button.


When we look at the adjustment buttons you notice that the DNA 200 version’s left button has a slight indent while the RX200 model does not. Not big changes, at all. But subtle differences all the same. I mean, I noticed them, so it stands to reason you will too. For the life of my, though, I cannot fathom why such disparities would exist!?

The screens are different too; the DNA 200’s is slightly larger and recessed into the device, while the RX200 display sits flush. One more noticeable difference is the battery sled. On the DNA 200 the battery sled has round plastic protecting the positive terminals which further prevent reverse battery, a neat safety feature, to be sure, while the RX200 battery sled does not.

Wismec Reuleaux RX200Pin

The DNA 200 mod also feels more sleek in the hand compared to the matte-style paint present on the RX200 model. Again, these aren’t BIG changes or differences, certainly not enough to warrant $100, but they do make a difference to the overall look, gait and feel of the mod in the hand.

I do prefer the way the DNA 200 mod looks. You can tell, providing you look closely enough, that it is a more premium mod.

Reuleaux DNA 200 vs Reuleaux RX200: Performance

The BIG difference here — arguably the ONLY reason for some — is one of the mod’s runs EVOLV’s DNA 200 chipset which, of course, supports the awesome Escribe software. It is this chipset and its accompanying software that makes DNA 200 mods so expensive.

Escribe features tons of features and settings that let you customise every aspect of your mod, atomiser and overall vaping experience. With this software the possibilities are endless. It is also jam-packed with all the latest safety features and is regularly updated, which brings new features and capabilities to your mod.

In this respect, the DNA 200 is unmatched in the vaping arena.

The RX200 chipset is a good chip in its own right. Being fully usable right out of the box and not having to tinker with the device to get Ti and SS TC modes makes this device more suitable for those who just want a device that is ready to go right out of the box.

With the above being said, I have to say that the performance of the DNA200 is far better than the RX200. Vaping on a DNA 200 mod after using the RX200 model for almost a year is like driving in a Cadillac after having a Buick Century.

Once I got my DNA200 setup the way that I wanted it I put on my Herakles Plus with a .4ohm coil and set my wattage to 55W, which is what I vape using my other devices, and instantly no delay at all after pressing the fire button — just great flavour and vapor right off the bat.


I then put the Herakles Plus on my RX200 and ran it in exactly the same manner, but it just seemed, well, weak in comparison, so I cranked it up to 60W and that was darn close to the DNA200’s performance at 55W.

The TC on the DNA 200 took a bit of getting used to as far as setting it up and adjusting, as this needs to be done inside the Escribe software on your PC, which is a bit of a pain if I’m totally honest — what’s wrong with the ol’ three-click method?

I used a SS coil in my Herakles Plus and started vaping in SS mode on the DNA200 and wow just WOW. I have tons of experience with TC on other mods but never on a DNA and it really is true what they say — DNA TC is what TC is really all about. Other mods simply DO NOT even come close.

The performance of the RX200 is great as well. I don’t want to sound like the DNA200 blows the RX200 out of the water. Anything that I throw at the RX200 it handles without flaw. Yes there is that noticeable 5W disparity in power when vaping at the same wattage, but it is still a great little setup through and through.

The RX200 is a great device in its own right. Granted you cant fully customise it like you can on the DNA 200 version, but it is ready right out of the box and offers all the main features vapers have come to want in a device. And best of ALL it does all of this for around $100 less than the DNA 200 model.

Also, the RX200 comes in a variety of colour options such as all white, white and teal, all black, and a black and red. The RX200 has great battery life as well, so being a cheaper device doesn’t mean it offers a lower-grade experience. Both mods are superb; it’s just you can do A LOT more with DNA 200 version.

Reuleaux DNA200 vs Reuleaux RX200: Specs & Features

Reuleaux DNA 200:

  • Evolv DNA 200 Chip
  • Escribe Software
  • Fully Customisable
  • Stealth Function
  • Lock Function
  • Gold Plated 510 Spring Loaded Pin
  • Triple 18650 Cell
  • Balanced 1A Charging
  • USB Firmware Upgradeable
  • Temperature Control

Reuleaux RX200:

  • 510 Spring Loaded Pin
  • Stealth Function
  • Lock Function
  • Temperature Control
  • Triple 18650 Cell
  • USB for Updating Firmware Only

For a full feature and specification list please check out our review of both the Reuleaux DNA 200 and Reuleaux RX200 mods.

Reuleaux DNA200 vs Reuleaux RX200 Conclusion

All this comes down to price and how much you like tinkering with your mod and atomizers. If you’re the kind of person that wants the BEST and doesn’t care how much it costs then the DNA 200 is the obvious choice.

Having said that, if you’re more inclined to go with something that offers exceptional value for money you are 100% better off with the RX200 model — it costs less than $60 and has been a mainstay in Drake’s vaping arsenal for almost 12 months now.

I do prefer the DNA 200 and given a choice I would ALWAYS choose it over the RX200 model. I just like all the settings and the degree of control it gives you over your vaping experience.

Nevertheless, I have also lived happily for months with the RX200 before getting the DNA 200 model in for review.

There is a difference and it is noticeable but I just don’t know whether it is worth the extra $100 because, whichever way you slice it, that is quite a lot of money — especially when you’re talking about vaping gear.

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