Has Squonking KILLED The RDTA? Pretty Much…


Has Squonking KILLED The RDTA? Pretty Much – But This is ACTUALLY a Bad Thing. It’s Just The Natural Way of Things In The Vape Market

When was the last time you heard about a new RDTA tank?

I love a good squonk.

But before that, I used to love RDTA vape tanks.

Mostly for when I was out and about, as they had more juice capacity than an RDA.

But that’s all over now.

And the reason is squonking.

Squonking basically killed the RDTA.

Not au fait with squonking? Check out our guide to squonking for more details – What Is Squonking?

I own and run a bunch of squonk mods, but I think one of my favorites (especially if you’re a beginner) are listed below:

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The RDTA Tank’s #1 USP is Now Moot

Historically, the big USP of running an RDTA was the extra juice capacity it gave you.

You got all the RDA-good stuff, alongside additional juice capacity.

This was a very good thing. Hence why RDTAs, for a brief period, were all the rage.

But that USP is no longer, well… a USP.

A squonk mod can carry anywhere from 5ml to 7ml of E Juice, so you can now take an RDA anywhere and never have to drip.

Not even once.

This is basically the main reason why no one’s making RDTA tanks anymore.

The squonk mod came, saw, and DESTROYED the RDTA.

MTL Vaping is COMING Back Though

Find Out If Kayfun Tanks Are Worth $100+

In the RDTA’s absence, however, we are seeing A LOT more MTL vaping tanks hit the space.

And most of them are rebuildable MTL tanks too, which is awesome.

One of my current favorites is the Innokin ARES tank.

It’s a proper banger in the flavor department and it’s priced pretty well too – around $35.

Or, if you’re feeling flush, the Kayfun 5 – though it is proper pricey ($119.95)!

Do I Miss RDTA Tanks?

Topside DualPin
My #1 Fave Dual-18650 Squonk Mod Right Now: The TopSide Dual

Not really, no.

I still have about five in my draw and none have seen any action for a good long while.

This is mostly down to two factors:

  1. the amount of new RTA tanks hitting the market.
  2. and, of course, squonk-ready RDAs

For my money, an RTA or a squonker RDA, deliver way more performance and flavor than an RDTA, anyway.

For this reason, the departure of RDTAs from the limelight kind of feels organic. It wasn’t this big dramatic thing or anything.

They just kind of drifted away like a fart in the wind.

But that’s OK. These things happen. Innovation can be a cruel mistress. Just ask BlackBerry.

Check out VapeBeat’s picks for the best squonk mods as of right now.

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