10 Reasons Why RDAs Are 100% Better Than Sub Ohm Vape Tanks


When it comes to vape tanks, nothing beats an RDA atomizer. For flavor, for ease of use, for performance… nothing else comes close. Here are 10 reasons why you need an RDA in your life right now…

Don’t Fear The Dripper!


Many new or inexperienced vapers are wary of drippers. I know this because I used to be back in the day. Plus, plenty of my friends aren’t sure about them either. And the main reason for this is twofold:

  1. They don’t like the idea of dripping
  2. They’re unsure about installing their own coils and wick

None of the above should worry you. Installing coils (especially pre-built ones) is super simple and so to is wicking.

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On top of this, most modern RDAs have big juice wells, so you’ll get between 20-30 puffs between drips. And if that wasn’t enough, nearly all “new” RDAs will squonk, so you don’t even have to drip anymore.

Bottom line: Don’t fear the Dripper!

RDAs Are Super Simple

Like a car from the 1990s, RDAs are really very simple: there are hardly any moving parts and this means hardly anything can go wrong. All you have is a deck, the tank, and some airflow slots.

Kennedy 24 RDAPin

For this reason, out of ALL the possible vape tank styles around, RDAs are definitely the easiest to live and work with. All you have to do is add the coils, then wick it, and you’re good to go. It really couldn’t be more simple…


This is KEY and it is the #1 reason why 99.9% of serious vapers use RDAs: flavor – nothing else comes even remotely close to an RDA for overall flavor performance.

If you like tasting your juice properly, you need an RDA tank in your life. Period. Nothing else will ever compare, especially if you’re talking about standard sub ohm tanks and RTAs.

Clouds & Vape Quality

Once you have a PHAT build installed and wicked, your RDA will kick out more clouds and flavor than any other style of tank.

The clouds produced by an RDA are enormous, room-filling things.

Chuck in awesome vapor quality and, again, you’ll see why RDAs are the best style of vape tank around.

Easy To Build, Easy To Wick

As noted above, RDAs are super simple to build. So much so that even a complete novice could build and wick an RTA. All you need to do is watch a YouTube tutorial and you’re away.

GeekVape LOOP RDAPin

Having said that, most modern RDAs are so simple to wick that you’ll probably be able to figure it out for yourself anyway. Still, it’s always advisable to brush up on your wicking techniques if you haven’t built an RDA atomizer before.

Less Complicated Than An RTA Tank

Don’t get me wrong, I really like RTA tanks. Done right, they’re just about perfect. But – and this is a BIG but – they can be fiddly to set up; they can leak; and they can dry hit. And none of these things are good for new users.

For this reason: an RDA is infinitely preferable to an RTA if you’re a new, less experienced vaper.

They Can Be Used For Squonking

Don’t like dripping? Want to not have to drip when you’re out and about? No worries…

Simple: get a BF RDA and a squonk mod (there are my current favorite squonk mods).

This way, you can carry around 8-10ML of E Juice and send it directly to your RDA whenever you need a top up. Simples.

RDA Atomizers Just Look Better

This is a matter of opinion, but I personally think RDAs look much nicer than standard vape tanks and RTAs. I mean, just look at the GOON RDA below…


I love the solid, flat design of RDAs. I like the way they look on my mods. They just keep things nice and compact, and for me, that’s a big plus.

Especially since standard vape tanks are getting bigger and bigger all the time.

They’re Cheaper To Run Than Sub Ohm Tanks

OK, time for some maths: a pack of 4 SMOK coils will cost you anywhere between $12 to $15. Each coil will last a week, at best, meaning you’re going through a pack a month at a rate of $15.

However, this is assuming ALL the coils work optimally, which they never do, so that figure is likely to be more like $20 to $30. And that’s quite a lot to spend on metal and cotton, right?

With an RDA, all you need is some pre-made coils ($10 – $20) which, once installed, will last for MONTHS and some organic cotton like Cotton Bacon Prime ($5) which, again, lasts for months and months.

Coils. So Many, Many Different Coils To Try…

You don’t have to make your own coils for your RDA either. Instead, you can get stuck into the ocean of awesome pre-built coils available right now from builders like MTURK and TwistedMesses. These ones are pricer, but they are definitely worth the extra outlay.

Want something cheaper? VaporDNA carries a bunch of decent pre-made Clapton and Alien coils designed for RDAs and other rebuildable tanks.

Convinced RDAs are awesome?

You bloody should be! If you are, and you want to experience ALL that flavor and performance for yourself, make sure you check out our guide to the Top Rated RDAs (As of Right Now)…

Happy vaping!10 Reasons Why RDAs Are 100% Better Than Sub Ohm Vape Tanks

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