The Vaporesso COSS Price is $99.99 – Here’s Why It’s So High

Vaporesso COSS Why Is It So ExpensivePin


Why The Vaporesso COSS Is So Damn Expensive…

💰 The high price tag is due to innovative features like:

  • Auto power supply system for week-long vaping
  • Smart e-liquid supply system with 8.1ml capsule
  • Coil-oil separation system for fresh puffs

💸 Innovation costs money, which is passed on to the consumer

⚖️ While expensive, the COSS’s unique features are pretty impressive in theory although the reality of using it isn’t too great

❗ However, the pod has limitations in battery life and e-liquid capacity

🔮 Future iterations may address current issues and improve value for money

When I first heard about the Vaporesso COSS, I was intrigued. But then I saw the price tag and my draw dropped: its costs $99.99 and over £100 in the UK.

For a pod vape. That, my friends, is indeed a phat price tag. But why in the heck is the Vaporesso Coss so expensive?

After testing the COSS for my review, I’ve come to understand why Vaporesso has set this price point.

Let’s unpack everything, so you can get a better idea about why the Vaporesso COSS costs 3x more than 99.9% of its competitors.

Innovation Costs Money (And The Cost is Passed On To You)

The Vaporesso COSS Price is $99.99 – Here's Why It's So HighPin

Firstly, the Vaporesso COSS offers a unique auto power supply system. The hub, which houses the pod, automatically charges the device whenever you insert it.

This means you can enjoy almost a week of vaping without worrying about recharging. The convenience of this feature alone justifies a portion of the cost.

Secondly, the COSS boasts the world’s first smart e-liquid supply system. With an 8.1ml e-liquid capsule and one-click filling, you can say goodbye to carrying around separate bottles of e-juice.

This innovation saves you time and money in the long run, making the initial investment more worthwhile.

Another factor contributing to the Vaporesso COSS’s price is its coil-oil separation system.

This groundbreaking technology prevents e-liquid from coming into contact with air, reducing leakage and ensuring consistently fresh puffs.

The only problem? The coils aren’t as good as what you get with Vaporesso’s XROS pod vapes.

Fancy. But It’s Not All Unicorns and Ice Lollies

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It’s important to note that the Vaporesso COSS does have some limitations. The pod itself has a small battery and e-liquid capacity, making it heavily reliant on the hub.

It’s coils are also no way near as good as Vaporesso’s XROS pods either.

Additionally, the overall design is a bit bulky and heavy, which may not appeal to all vapers.

My takeaway after using the COSS as my daily driver for a month? Wait for the next-generation model, and in the meantime – if you’re in the market for a new pod – get the Vaporesso XROS Pro instead.

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