Vaporesso COSS Review: More Innovation, Less Performance

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It’s bold, it’s innovative. But does the Vaporesso COSS actually perform as well as Vaporesso’s other well known pod vapes? Let’s find out…


Is The Vaporesso COSS Legit?

I know I’ve given the Vaporesso COSS a fairly low score and it feels like it does’t deserve it, but unfortunately poorly executed innovation does not make for a good product.

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The idea is great, probably the best we’ve seen in the last two year, but they have some work to do before the COSS will replace my pod devices.

— Red, VapeBeat Review Team

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Is The Vaporesso COSS Any Good?

  • 💡 Innovation: The Vaporesso COSS is highly innovative, featuring a unique design with a battery bank and a juice capsule system.
  • 💰 Price and Performance: Despite the innovative idea, the Vaporesso XROS Pro offers better price and performance currently.
  • 🛠️ Build and Design: The COSS has a heavy, bulky design despite the small size of the actual pod device.
  • 🔋 Battery and Capacity: The hub provides a significant battery boost and juice capacity, but the pod itself has limited specs.
  • 🌬️ Draw Experience: No airflow adjustment, resulting in a tight draw similar to traditional cigarettes, suitable for transitioning smokers.
  • 🔄 Convenience: The hub can refill the pod with the press of a button, eliminating the need to carry extra juice bottles.
  • 🔋 Battery Life: Combined battery capacity offers up to four days of use, but the pod’s battery is insufficient on its own.
  • 🌀 Performance: Overall performance is lackluster without the hub, and the coil lifespan is short.
  • 📉 Conclusion: Great concept with room for improvement in coil longevity, pod specs, and overall user experience.

Vaporesso attempt to be truly innovative with the Vaporesso COSS and as an idea, it succeeds. When considering price and performance though, you’re going to be better off going with the Vaporesso XROS Pro right now.

The idea is great, but poor coil performance and an uncomfortably heavy package ruins the experience. Even so, Vaporesso have a good foundation to build on for the COSS 2.

The Vaporesso COSS is probably the most innovate product we’ll see from electronic cigarette market in 2024. Kudos to Vaporesso for their creative juices instead of rehashing the same product over and over, a practice that has been killing vaping slowly.

Uwell is a great example, why do I need the same product with a different name every year? Sure, make a new coil, but that is not driving consumers to you.

Vaporesso have taken a step in the right direction with the COSS; it doesn’t offer anything explicitly new but, the combination of what they are offering makes the COSS a seriously tempting device for any pod aficionado.

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The Vaporesso COSS is unlike anything we’ve seen before. The COSS lives inside an Airpod looking case that acts as a battery bank.

The battery bank has a massive 1500mAh battery capacity to charge the actual device itself. Even cooler, is the 7.5ml juice capsule that lives in what Vaporesoo call “The Hub”

This design allows the actual pod device to be relatively small and light, but this is just a rouse as the total package is fairly large and heavy coming in at a pocket breaking 193.5 grams.

The POD slides neatly into the hub to hide away and can even be used while slightly protruding the hub. Getting the pod to slide up is done by pushing up a slider, which gives me fidget toy vibes.

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I mentioned a 7.5ml juice capsule inside the hub and you may be wondering what the point is. You see, the hub fills your pod with the press of a button1. It may not sound ground breaking, but honestly, I can’t understand why this wasn’t done earlier. It such a simple idea and gets rid of carrying around your stubby bottle when you’re away.

I often attend events where I may drain a 2ml pod and then fumble around to refill, this completely negates the hassle with 8.1ml of total capacity. Not to mention 1750mAh worth of battery in 1 device which should give the average vaper around 4 days worth of use on a single refill/charge.

Sure, the pod itself has lackluster specs, 250mAh battery and only 0.6ml of juice capacity, but still, this is such a great idea.


If the Vaporesso is so innovate, why the low score? Simple, as an electronic cigarette, it’s not mind blowing, in fact, it’s pretty lackluster. Take away the hub and you’re left with a device that has nearly no battery capacity and a pod that holds a touch more than a drop of juice. Pair it with the hub however, you get a whopping 1750mAh batter and 8.1ml of juice, more than double what the biggest pod systems offer.

There’s no airflow adjustment though and instead you’re stuck with a draw reminiscent of a traditional cigarette and, I guess, this is what Vaporesso intended. The COSS feels like the perfect device for transitioning smokers. Simply take it out of the hub, take a few (tight) drags and slip it back into the hub to recharge and refill. The concept is great, but more serious vapers will likely get annoyed by the hassle.

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Still, the COSS, as a package, has such a cool factor, that I just couldn’t not try it and I hope that Vaporesso manage to increase the pods’ battery and juice capacity going forward.

According to Vaporesso, the biggest selling point of the COSS is the size of the device, claiming that’s it’s their smallest and lightest to date, yet conveniently forgetting about the hefty hub you need to carry around.

Only one coil/pod is available, a 1.2ohm coil, perfect for the tight draw and while I found flavour to be above average, coil lifespan was low, often running out during the second filling of the juice reserve.


  • Size: POD – 17x9x93.5 mm HUB – 24.5x51x110 mm 
  • Wattage Output Range: 9W 
  • Materials: Zinc Alloy
  • Batterie Capacity: POD – 250mAh HUB – 1500mAh
  • Tank Capacity: POD – 0.6ml HUB – 7.6ml

Vaporesso COSS Conclusion

I know I’ve given the Vaporesso COSS a fairly low score and it feels like it does’t deserve it, but unfortunately poorly executed innovation does not make for a good product.

The idea is great, probably the best we’ve seen in the last two year, but they have some work to do before the COSS will replace my pod devices.

Improve coil longevity, offer a slightly less restrictive pod and increase juice capacity and the COSS might just be the next best thing. Until then, it’s worth it only for the cool factor….if you can stomach the $99 price tag.

My advice? Wait for version 2.0 and in the meantime, here’s the best pod vapes you can buy right now.

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