What Are The Best SMOANT Mods Right Now?

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SMOANT makes some very impressive mods. But what are the best SMOANT mods right now? Here are my picks

Top SMOANT Mods 2019

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Like a lot of vape brands, SMOANT is all about delivering excellent value for money alongside great features.

The company’s mods are priced in line with releases from SMOK, Innokin, and Wismec.

And this makes them very competitive.

It also regularly scores them places inside our highly competitive Best Vape Mods Guide.

They’re also built to a very high standard, in my opinion, featuring high-end build quality, great ergonomic design, and plenty of features.

SMOANT has its own chipset as well; it’s called the Ant chip, with the latest iteration going by the name of Ant218 V2.

It’s a decent vape chip that provides accurate, reliable power delivery and decent support for TC vaping.


Like Vaporesso’s OMNI Board, you have full support for things like wattage/temperature curve modes, whereby you can set the wattage/temperature in intervals for the first 10 seconds to customize the way your mod vapes to your exact tastes.

It’s all very fancy.

The Super Innovative SMOANT Battlestar Squonker Kit – It Uses A Pump To Squonk Juice Up To The RDA. Read My Full Review For More Details

But for me the best thing about SMOANT mods is the price – they’re priced around the same price (or lower) as SMOK mods.

Also, like Snow Wolf Mods, they’re all very good looking too.

But, importantly, they don’t have any of the issues that SMOK’s mods suffer from.

And like many of the vape space’s bigger players, SMOANT also produces a variety of mods – it even does a very good touchscreen mod which you can read more about below in the review box-outs.

SMOANT isn’t as big as SMOK, nor is it as well known, but I think that will gradually change as we move through 2018/19.

You can’t ignore quality for too long, it just finds a way of making itself known on a macro scale.

This is what happened with VooPoo during 2017/18.

And Vandy Vape – a brand that is positively KILLING IT at the moment.

Both companies made excellent products at reasonable prices and vapers en masse LOVED them.

SMOANT is making all the right moves and, as you can see from the review box-outs below, the selection and styles of mods available right now is very impressive.

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