Why The Hell Does The FDA Want To Ban Flavored E Liquid?

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The FDA is at it again – and this time they’re looking to ban flavored E Liquid which is a truly insane move, even for those guys

There aren’t many things I get really angry about in life, but when I heard about the FDA potentially looking at banning flavored E Liquid, I have to admit: I got pretty livid.

This whole nanny-state approach to everything in modern life is becoming extremely tiresome. Even more so when things far worse – fast food, GMO, candy, soda – seemingly get a free pass, despite rising levels of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

And make no mistake: sugar is a far bigger killer than nicotine.

I say, nicotine because I am ONLY referring to nicotine here; not cigarettes.

But that should go without saying.

Smoking is bad. It needs to be stamped out. And that is what vaping is doing, slowly but surely.

And this is why we’re seeing more and more big tobacco companies entering the space.

So why does the FDA want to ban flavored E Liquid?

The usual reason: kids – apparently, vaping brands using things like sweets for their E Liquid makes them more attractive to children. The FDA has now waded in, flexing its legislative muscles with hints of a ban on flavored E Liquid.

“Certain flavors are generally recognized as appealing to youth, such as gummy bear and cotton candy, while others, such as coffee and cinnamon, may not be as obvious,” says the document. “In this notice, FDA would request information on how best to regulate flavors in tobacco products to limit appeal to youth and prevent youth initiation and use of tobacco products.”

I have a suggestion: why not just make them illegal for kids to buy?

Oh right… they already are!

So, why oh why, are we even having this debate?

Why is the FDA not doing what the UK is doing and actively embracing the ONLY thing in modern history that has actually taken on big tobacco and won?

I Don’t Trust The FDA – Not One Bit

My interest in the FDA, as well as my lack of trust in them, is not based on vaping.

No, I haven’t been a fan of these guys for a very long time.

Why? Simple: they espouse this holier than thou standpoint and then back things like GMO, aspartame, Monsanto, and pretty much everything else wrong with modern food.

Smoking vs Vapor – Main Differences

If health and wellbeing is there number one concern, why aren’t they following Europe’s lead and BANNING GMO foods, which have been shown time and time again to cause all kinds of illnesses in humans?

Simple: they don’t really care about you – it’s ALL about money.

And I think this is what’s happening with its approach to vape.

Big tobacco is flexing its muscles, using its lobbyists, to push through an agenda that will help it regain control of its lost customers.

Banning flavored E-Liquid will hit thousands of businesses hard, force many out of business, and leave the market decimated.

The FDA’s stance on vaping should be simple enough: vaping is safer than smoking, you’re best off doing neither, but if you have to huff on something to get through the day make sure you choose e-cigarettes. That’s what they’re doing in the UK and it’s working great.

Is Big Tobacco in Play Here?

Grab your tin foil hat! And think about this: big tobacco has lost MILLIONS of its customers over the past few years.

And the vast majority of them have defected to vaping because it’s safer (and tastes better).

Big tobacco is keen on getting into the vape space; a fact all the major players in the tobacco space have made no secret of.

But they’re big tobacco, they’re seen as evildoers, harbingers of misery and death.

From a marketing perspective, this is bad branding.

Now, the quickest way into the space would be to acquire successful brands.

I’m actually really surprised by just how little of this is actually going on right now.

The other? Destroy the brands in the space through regulation, sponsored by your buddies in the FDA, and then take over.

This could be called a coup. Or neo-corporatism.

Whatever, it stinks to high-hell of backdoor shenanigans.

Bottomline is this: They want their customers back, and they have the money to buy in and market the HELL out of their products.

Big Tobacco RETURNING To F1

Case in point: Phillip Morris may return to sponsor the Ferrari F1 team, using it as a platform to promote its smokeless products.

But it is harder to make it as a vape brand these days, as there is just so much choice.

The market is free, open, and still rather immature – it lacks the “corporate-ness” of big tobacco and other big industries and this is where things could get dicey, as smaller brands with less resource are easy prey for mega-corporations.

And half of the meddling that’s going on in the US right now just seems to play straight into big tobacco’s hands.

None more so than this ban of flavored E-Liquid.

And make no mistake: a ban on flavored E-Liquid would kneecap the entire vaping market in the US.

So be sure to do your bit in the fight – mail your elected representatives, support your local vape shops, and help educate people.

Fingers-crossed sense prevails.


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